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  • Spy Movie News Article – Sept 15 2020: RED NOTICE, FIVE EYES, M:I 7, THE DUKE, TENET, NTTD

    Here’s our September 15 2020 edition of Spy Movie News with the latest updates on Mission: Impossible 7, Red Notice, Five Eyes, TENET, The Duke, NO TIME TO DIE, and some Idris Elba and spy industry news. 

    Please note, this article was created from our Spy Movie News podcast.  If you want to listen to it, instead […]

  • Spy Movie News Article – Sept 1 2020: NO TIME TO DIE., M: I 7, TENET, THE KING’S MAN

    Here’s our September 1st, 2020, edition of Spy Movie News where we are Cracking the Code of Spy Movies with the latest updates on TENET, Mission: Impossible 7, and NO TIME TO DIE,  plus we look at some industry trends.

  • Spy Movie News – Tenet, The King’s Man, Black Widow, & Red Notice – 8/11/2020 Update

    This article will update the status of the movies The King’s Man, Tenet, Black Widow, and Red Notice.  We last talked about these movies our related article inApril. We’ll also look at a couple of industry changes that will likely have an impact on movie going for the foreseeable future.

  • SPY COFFEES for Spy Fans and at a Discount!

    Like coffee?   And you’re a spy fan!  We have a find for you!  SPY COFFEES!  Try some – you will like it!  And, because you are on our website, shhhhhh – we will give you a SECRET CODE in this this article to get you 20% off! Just click on Find Out More.

  • NO TIME TO DIE:  Why You Cannot Kill Off James Bond.  Or could you?

    With the upcoming release of NO TIME TO DIE, there are lots of rumors about what will happen in this movie and the direction EON Productions will take James Bond going forward. Check out our thoughts these issues.

  • The Lost and Overlooked Bonds

    There have been six actors who have played James Bond so far in the EON Production James Bond 007 movies.  Hundreds of articles and polls rank these actors as to who is the best, with rankings from one to six. This article will spend some time concentrating on the 2 actors who often don’t rank very high in those polls. We call them the Lost and Overlooked Bonds as we think they did a great job.

  • 10 Spy Movies for Kids and Your Whole Family

    Here are 10 kid-friendly spy movies. As we all seem to be sheltering in place, these are some safe spy movies your family will enjoy.

  • 2020 Spy Movie release schedule – April 3 Update

    The 2020 spy movie release schedule has been dramatically shaken up by the pandemic. We discuss the current release dates as of 3/28/2000.

  • Cracking the Code of the No Time To Die Oscar’s trailer

    We’re Cracking the Code of the NO TIME TO DIE trailer aired during the 92nd Academy Awards on February 9th, several new things are revealed.

  • Reel Art Collectibles – This Guy Has Movie Memorabilia Covered!

    Reel Art Collectibles is movie art collectibles by the 1000s, spy movies & more! Cory is the guy to know as he can source memorabilia for you.

  • James Bond is Like Coca-Cola, Which Is Why For Him, This Is No Time to Die

    In 1985 Coca-Cola changed their formula for Coke. Is James Bond like Coca-Cola? He we see why, for him, this is No Time to Die.

  • Charlie’s Angels (2019) – A Quick-Fire Look

    Let’s Crack the Code of the 11/2019 movie release, Charlie’s Angels. Our Quick-Fire content focuses on relationships with other movies.

  • New James Bond-focused book: His World Never Dies: The Evolution of James Bond, by Dave Holcomb

    We discuss the book “His World Never Dies: The Evolution of James Bond” and talk with it’s author, Dave Holcomb. Cool stuff for a Bond fan.

  • How Events in the Real World Affect What Goes Into Spy Movies!

    Real world & spy movies – how things in the real world affect and work their way into spy movies. We provide Insights into a variety of real-life stuff.

  • James Bond is to Spies What Sherlock Holmes is to Detectives

    James Bond is to Spies what Sherlock Holmes is to detectives – we examine Holmes versus Bond, and how Fleming and Doyle wrote their stories