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  • NO TIME TO DIE:  Why You Cannot Kill Off James Bond.  Or could you?

    No Time To Die is now scheduled for a November 2020 release, after the April 2020 delay due to the worldwide pandemic.  

    Plenty of speculation of what will happen in the film – we have about 6 podcasts out on No Time To Die already!  The biggest
    question is:  What will happen to Bond?   […]

  • The Lost and Overlooked Bonds

    James Bond has been big for decades!  Spies still rule movies, and James Bond still rules spies!  There have been six actors who have played James Bond so far in the EON Production James Bond 007 movies.  Hundreds of articles and polls rank these actors as to who is the best, with rankings from one […]

  • 10 Spy Movies for Kids and Your Whole Family

    Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many of us are sheltering at home.  Therefore, we’re all looking for ideas of things to keep our children busy.  So, why not let them watch some spy movies made for kids?

    To help with this, we at Spy Movie Navigator have looked at the movies available that are kid-friendly […]

  • 2020 Spy Movie release schedule – April 3 Update

    The 2020 Spy Movie release schedule has been totally shaken up due, in part to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Here at Spy Movie Navigator, we are keeping track of the spy movies scheduled to be released in 2020.  It is possible some of these will slip out of 2020 due to the pandemic.

    Keeping up with […]

  • Cracking the Code of the No Time To Die Oscar’s trailer

    Official Academy Awards TV Spot – released February 9, 2020

    Podcast Available.

    Join us as we’re Cracking the Code of Spy Movies – In the new No Time To Die trailer that aired as an ad during the 92nd Academy Awards on February 9th, several new things are revealed, so let’s take a quick look.

    We’re just going […]

  • Reel Art Collectibles – This Guy Has Movie Memorabilia Covered!

    Reel Art Collectibles
    6727 Stanley Avenue
    Berwyn, IL USA
    STORE: 708-637-3244
    OWNER (CORY): 708-288-7378

    By Dan Silvestri/



    If you are into movies and movie collectibles, then Reel Art Collectibles is the place you want to know.   Cory Glaberson, who owns the place, is the guy you want to know! He has all kinds of movie memorabilia for lots of genres, […]

  • James Bond is Like Coca-Cola, Which Is Why For Him, This Is No Time to Die

    This article is based on the podcast Spy Movie Navigator did with the same name.   You can listen to this podcast here: (link). 

    This article is based on the podcast Spy Movie Navigator did with the same name.

    With No Time to Die on the horizon, there is lots of speculation about whether James Bond will […]

  • Charlie’s Angels (2019) – A Quick-Fire Look

    A quick look at Charlie’s Angels (2019) from Spy Movie Navigator

    Spy Movie Navigator recently published a podcast discussing the 2019 movie Charlie’s Angels. You can get that podcast here (Link) This article is a synopsis of that podcast..

    At Spy Movie Navigator, we’re releasing these Cracking the Code of Spy Movies Quick-Fire episodes shortly after we see […]

  • New James Bond-focused book: His World Never Dies: The Evolution of James Bond, by Dave Holcomb

    His World Never Dies: The Evolution of James Bond, by Dave Holcomb

    This is a very good book that treats the whole concept of Bond from a unique vantage point. Dave weaves a story on how Bond has evolved over the decades with some unique insights, a treatment of sexism and race, and a very interesting […]

  • How Events in the Real World Affect What Goes Into Spy Movies!

    Have you ever thought about how events in the real world and other movies could affect and work their way into some of our favorite spy movies?  Well, think about it a minute because that’s what we are going to explore today on Spy Movie Navigator.  Download our podcast for more details.

    At Spy Movie […]

  • James Bond is to Spies What Sherlock Holmes is to Detectives

    James Bond is to Spies What Sherlock Holmes is to Detectives!

    Sherlock Bond?   James Holmes?  James Bond is to spies what Sherlock Holmes is to detectives!  Let’s journey into this dark London world together and see what clues we can find!  Download our podcast!

    At – the Worldwide Community of Spy Movie Fans –we’re going to […]