Spy Move News Article Feb 16, 2021 No Time To Die, M:I 7, Disney, Streaming, Black Widow More!

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Here’s our February 16, 2021 edition of Spy Movie News with updates on spy movies and TV series, Black Widow Mission: Impossible 7No Time to Die, a Jinx script?, Tom HollandRalph Fiennesa Disney studio shuttered The Gray ManJack Ryan and more!   Let’s go! 


 Movies get made into series and series get made into movies.   This time, the industry is retreading two movies from the 1990s and 2000s into series. 


The spy movie True Lies has been given the first pilot order of 2021-2022 for CBS.  This is the second attempt to get a pilot made of a tv show based on the movie.  Fox made a pilot commitment in 2017.   The movie was a fun spy movie with Jamie Lee Curtis’ character, Helen, finding out that her husband Harry, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger was an international spy.  You can read more about it on Variety.com in this article.  


The Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie movie about assassins hired to kill each was released in 2005.  It has been announced that Mr. & Mrs. Smith will be brought out as a 2022 series by New Regency and Amazon Prime Video.  This series will have two of the hottest names in the industry starring and executive producing the series. Donald Glover and Phoebe Waller-Bridge are both signed up in these roles.  Mr. & Mrs. Smith was a fun movie, and with Donald and Phoebe involved is likely to be a fun series too.  You can read more about this in this article on Variety.com


In our last Spy Movie News, we reported that the Marvel CEO, Herb Schribner hinted that Black Widow could possibly debut on Disney +.  Well,  Not so fast.  According to an article on Variety.com, Disney CEO Bob Chapek in discussing Black Widow says, “We are still intending it to be a theatrical release”.  However, he did not say if they are still planning the scheduled May 7, 2021 release date.  If it does release to theaters on May 7, it would be the first tentpole movie to release this year.  “We’re going to be watching very carefully the reopening of theaters and consumer sentiment on going back to theaters,” he added.  


Cinemablend Says This Is What They Know About Mission: Impossible 7 

 According to this article on CinemaBlend.com, we know this about Mission: Impossible 7: 
  • The current release date is November 19, 2021.  As we all know too well, due to the pandemic, any movie release dates could change. 
  • Mission: Impossible 8 will follow a year later with a targeted release date of November 4, 2022. 
  • Christopher McQuarrie is directing both M: I 7 & 8, although in 2018 he was quoted as saying he’d “rather have leprosy” than direct M: I 7.  So that was either a negotiating strategy or maybe it was like Daniel Craig’s quote about doing another James Bond movie back in 2015 when he said “I’d rather slash my wrists than play James Bond again” as he was just tired when asked right after production wrapped. 
  • Of course, we know the cast no surprise with most of the filming finished 
  • It will likely get a PG-13 rating like the earlier Mission: Impossible movies 


An article on CinemaBlend.com tells us that Mission: Impossible 7 has filmed in the same United Arab Emirates desert that Star Wars: The Force Awakens shot its scenes of Jakku.  It has a picture of Simon Pegg, who plays Benji in the MI series, sandboarding on the desert.  Simon appeared as Unkar Plutt in The Force Awakens so he’s now filmed two movies in the same desert.  But . . . Well, this article on DailySabah.com reports that Mission: Impossible 7 was just filming in the United Arab Emirates as we said – until February 12th 2021 when the UK issued new travel restrictions for people coming into the UK from 33 “red listed” countries – meaning that starting February 15th – anyway coming into the UK must quarantine for 10 days and pay 1750 pounds for hotel accommodations to quarantine them.   The crew and cast basically demanded to be returned home before this went into effect.   And they were returned home over the last weekend.   They expect, of course, because of this, more delays – but they will continue filming in England.  Mission: Impossible 7 is still scheduled for a November 2021 release.    


 No Time To Die

Well, technology waits for no one.  The Nokia product placements in No Time To Die are now . . . old technology!   In this article on GSMarena.com, they claim that the Nokia spots, now featuring the Nokia 8.3 5G phone must be reshot – as their 2019 phone is not looking so shiny and new in 2021.  What about other sponsors like Adidas, Bollinger, Omega watches and so on?    We will see – these are unprecedented times and unheard of delays in releasing movies.   So,  this different approach may be required.   Makes sense. 

Jinx Script Online? 

 After Die Another Day was released, there was supposedly a spin-off in development based on Halle Berry’s character, Jinx.  That movie was never released, but according to this article on CinemaBlend.com,  a script attributed to Neal Purvis and Robert Wade has surfaced.    The movie was reportedly going to tell the pre-Die Another Day backstory on Jinx.  It supposedly was to have Michael Madsen as Damian Falco as her handler.  That would have been interesting to see.  Maybe it would have been better than our opinion of Die Another Day.  The article mentions that there are now rumors of spinoffs of the characters Moneypenny and Nomi.  This could get interesting.

Ralph Fiennes Would Like to Continue As M After No Time To Die 

Mike Reyes has this article in CinemaBlend.com in which Ralph Fiennes says “If anyone from Eon Films is listening, I’m very keen to continue training the new Bond.  I love playing M, and I love being part of the franchise.”   Given how well he plays the role, and wit the history of the James Bond movies keeping the main supporting actors while the James Bond actor changes, we hope Eon listens to him and keeps him.     

Tom Holland Would Love To Play James Bond 

24-year old Tom Holland talks about how he would love to play James Bond in an article on movieweb.com.  The article, while talking about Holland’s age mentions that Henry Cavill, when 22,  first auditioned for the role of Bond for Casino Royalebut lost to Daniel Craig.   The article suggests Holland, being so young, may be better suited for The Kingsmen series which has used younger actors in its leading role.  We think, who knows, by the time the next Bond movie after No Time To Die finally releases, maybe Holland will be in his 30s.   He’s played Peter Parker in the Spiderman movies and was the voice of Walter in the spy movie for kids, Spies in Disguise.  So, he may be too famous for EON to consider him for the role as some of their choices for Bond have been less famous actors.   

Will Future James Bond movies End Up On a Streaming Service? 

We mentioned in our December 29, 2020, Spy Movie News that MGM might be looking to sell.  So, with the pandemic delay costing MGM around $1 million a month in interest, it is rumored that MGM is looking for a buyer.  A couple of articles have updated information on this.  This article on CinemaBlend.com discusses this rumor and points to an article on Forbes.com which says that MGM wants $9-10 billion and Forbes doesn’t think they will get it.  MGM has tried selling itself twice before.  However, the current rumors are that Amazon Studios might be interested.  Both articles point out that Eon Productions can throw a wrench into any sale.  If a service like Amazon bought the franchise, Eon Productions would wanto be able to have an exclusive all of the Eon Bond movie, past and future.  Currently, multiple platforms have streaming rights to the various previous Bond movies.  We here at Spy Movie Navigator will continue to monitor the situation and let you know if anything changes. 

James Bond First Edition Books For Sale 

This article on MovieWeb.com points out that a collection of the first edition of James Bond books is selling for more than $600,000.  Ten of the books have personal inscriptions from Ian Fleming.  Even though we at Spy Movie Navigator are not in the market for these first editionswe did visit the Reading Room in the Lilly Library at Indiana University – Bloomington Indiana to read their collection of the original Fleming manuscripts, including Fleming’s hand-written notes (like Moneypenny’s name change) – exciting!  The Reading Room at the library is closed until the end of the year for renovations and you need a reservation to view the manuscripts.  However, if you have an opportunity in 2022, it is worth a visit for any James Bond fan.  Yes, you won’t own the books, but you won’t have to shell out $600,000 to read them either (there is no charge to read them in the reading room).  We have a 2-part podcast on our trip that you can find on this link on our website.   


Disney has decided to shut down the animation studio Blue Sky Studios.  Blue Sky was responsible for the Ice Age seriesThe Peanuts Movie as well as one of our favorite spy movies for kids,  Spies in Disguise, which was released after Disney bought the studio as part of its deal with 21st Century Fox in 2019.  This news saddens us, as we had hoped that Spies in Disguise could have been turned into a series of movies.  The characters of Walter and Lance could have evolved to a Q and Bond-type of relationship in future movies.  The gimmick of Lance turning into a pigeon worked for Spies in Disguise, but wouldn’t have to be repeated in future movies.  However, Walter’s gimmicks could be there to help Lance out.  Oh well, another good idea shuttered as the original movie only grossed $171 million worldwide against an estimated $100 million budget.   It's frustrating to see that a movie that only made $71 million over it budget is considered unworthy of a follow-up. This article on HollywoodReporter.com gives more details.

FACE/OFF (2?) 

Paramount Pictures is bringing out a new Face/Off and has signed Adam Wingard to direct and co-write the movie.  In this February 11th article on Movieweb.com, it is implied this will be a remake.  The original 1997 movie starred John Travolta as an FBI agent and Nicholas Cage as the villainIt was an interesting, albeit improbable plot, but an entertaining movie with Travolta and especially Cage’s performance.  Not many people can play a lunatic better than Cage in our opinion.   Seeing Travolta playing the lunatic Cage’s character was fun.  However, in this February 12th article on Movieweb.com, Wingard states that this wont be a reboot or a remake, but rather a sequel to the movie.  Given how the 1997 Face/Off ended, it will be interesting to see how Wingard makes this a sequel.   

The Gray Man 

In our December 29th Spy Movie News, we talked about how COVID-19 was delaying production of the movie The Gray Man.   Now, in this article on Movieweb.com, more information about the movie is coming to light.  Production has been pushed to March.   This movie supposedly has a $200 million budget and stars Chris Evans as the CIA agent, Gray Man,  who tracks  Gentry, played by Ryan Gosling.   Ana De Armas, of No Time To Die and Knives Out fame, has also joined the production.  She starred in Knives Out with Chris Evans who was the bad guy.  The Gray Man is based on the novel by Mark Greaney and is being directed by Joe and Anthony Russo.  Joe Russo says “This is being conceived as a series of films, and again, potentially branching out, we could follow other characters, but we're not gonna answer every question in the movie.”  The Russos call this a “ modern interpretation of a spy thriller’ inspired by the Bond franchise   


This article on HollywoodReporter.com discusses a judge’s dilemma trying to untangle the mess of who owns the rights to the Jack Ryan character that was created by Tom Clancy. Instead of the judge deciding, this will either go to trial or be settled.  The judge says that a reasonable jury could differ on what the evidence suggests.  However,  as the article puts it “A dispute with the publisher. A Divorce. A Death. A Copyright Termination” all contribute to the problem.  We’ll be watching this one as it is a legal nightmare based on the history of agreements and even the rights to the character are being challenged by Clancy’s ex-wife, Wanda King. 

Five Eyes 

In this Deadline.com piece, Hugh Grant, who we reported in the last Spy Movie News was, more than likely,  joining the Five Eyes team speaks here of his role in “The Undoing” and his respect for Guy Ritchie who is directing Five Eyes.  He said, “ He changes the titles of his films every Tuesday but for the moment it’s called that,” Grant said, adding that his role will be “quite different” from the last Ritchie film he did, The Gentleman.  That wraps up our Spy Movie News for February 16, 2021.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@SpyNavigator) and InstaGram too!  Subscribe right now to our Cracking the Code of Spy Movies show on your favorite podcast app!  

Spy Movie News Article 1/26/21: No Time to Die, M:I, Black Widow, The King’s Man, and More

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Here’s our January 26 2021 edition of Spy Movie News – a new spy thriller starts production, more Bond rumors and No Time to Die release date, Mission: Impossible robots, The Kings Man, Black Widow, Five Eyes, Red Notice, Industry News, and more!……  Let’s go!


No Time to Wait for April – No Time To Die Slips again

Well, amidst lots of worry and drama, it appears, at this time, No Time to Die is scheduled for release now in October 2021. Check out @007 on Twitter for the official announcement. Our Opinion: We think Eon and the studios are right. The world is not ready for a theatrical release. Too much risk – health wise for viewers, financially for Eon and the studios.

James Bond Replacement – more rumors!

Well, the IrishPost.com suggests that Irish star of Peaky Blinders, Cillian Murphy could be the next James Bond! The article of January 20, 2021 suggests that his odds of playing Bond has been slashed from 16 – 1 to 10-1! Of course, he is Irish, and if selected he would be the second Irishman to play Bond – Pierce Brosnan of course being the first. The same article says that the other Peaky Blinders star, Tom Hardy, still holds a promising 2-1 odds on favorite to play Bond. See all the details on IrishPost.com/news! Additional potential Bond’s are mentioned in a January 2021 GQ Magazine article – like Michael B. Jordan (an American), Sam Heughan, Michael Fassbender and others! Read about it here on GQ-MAgazine.co.uk. Well, Eon Productions and the studios might have more time to decide as No Time to Die slips to October 2021, and most certainly no announcement of the next Bond will take place before its release.  


In an article on CinemaBlend.com, Bourne Identity director, Doug Liman says “After the Bourne Identity came out, the next James Bond to come out was Casino Royale, which totally copied the tone of Bourne. I had a very surreal thing where I was sort of making Bourne because I really wanted to make Bond, and then Bond copied Bourne.” Also for those who don’t remember, Liman will be directing the upcoming Tom Cruise movie in space. You can read the whole article here on CinemaBlend.com.  


OK, we all know that Tom Cruise got upset last month on the set when he felt some of the staff were not adhering to their stick Covid safety protocols – it is reported he saw a couple of people close together at a computer screen. Well, his rant is well-known. So, is he trusting the crew now? Well, in this January 20th article on SpotBoye.com it is reported that Cruise how has robots watching the crew, and these robots can also scan the crew for Covid – 19. Wow. Ah, but this SlashFilm.com article set the record straight and says basically there are automated Covid testing machine robots on site.     Our opinion: They are state-in-the-art on safety and cruise wants to keep it that way. We give him a lot of credit for driving the safety issue so consistently – it means lives and continuation of production saved. All good. Mission Impossible 7 is scheduled for release November 19 2021 in the US.  


The King’s Man release date, having slipped from September 2020 to February 2021, to March 2021 and now to August 20 2021 according to CinemaBlend.com. Like so many other movies scheduled to 2020, then rescheduled many times., The King’s Man joins suit. Let’s hope the second half of 2021 sees a rejuvenation of the theater release of so many movies we have been waiting for. See this CinemaBlend.com article for the details.

Speaking of The King’s Man . . .

ScreenRant also reports that seven Kingsman movies are currently in the works with Marv Group and director Matthew Vaughn! See this article on ScreenRant.com for the details!  


In this short article at DeSecret.com, by Herb Schribner, he talks about the Marvel CEO hinting that Black Widow could possibly debut on Disney+ Of course the CEO says he basically doesn’t have a crystal ball – so we will wait for more news.  


Streaming Through Hollywood

Speaking of streaming, a January 21st 2021 article in the Wall Street Journal suggests that streaming has hit Hollywood fast. Changes in the management ranks are in the works, as they look for execs with business development, technology and strategy backgrounds to basically deal with the new world of movie watching. They are keeping an eye on Apple, Amazon (Prime) and Netflix to see how much they are investing in their movies and shows and how many subscribers they, HBO, Disney+ and others are capturing – and how long exclusive releases in theaters might continue. Nice read – check it out here at the WSJ.com. Wow – the world is changing.

Has the COVID-19 pandemic brought out a new use for theaters?

With the dearth of movies that are able to be shown in theaters or them being shut by decree, one movie theater in North Carolina here in the US is being used as a vaccine distribution center, allowing the local administration from a few hundred vaccines a day to about 1,300 a day. The theater is bearing the costs of operating. While we applaud this, let’s hope that this will be a short-term use of theaters and that we can go to them to watch movies soon. You can read more about this in this article on Variety.com.  


In our September 15th edition, we mentioned that the rights to the spy action thriller, Five Eyes had been awarded to Leonine. Back then we announced that Jason Statham would be starring in this Guy Ritchie directed movie. Well, here’s an update: According to this article on DigitalSpy.com, it looks like Hugh Grant will be joining this movie. Hugh’s deal isn’t done yet, but work is being done to land him. According to this article on prnewswire.com, this movie is officially untitled, meaning that it is not going to be called Five Eyes. Production of the movie has started in Qatar. Joining Jason Stratham, who will play MI6 agent Orson Fortune, will be teaming with has Aubrey Plaza, Cary Elwes, and Bugzy Malone. We’ll keep a watch on this one, especially with that cast.  


CinemaBlend.com has an article which talks about what we know about the upcoming movie, Red Notice. Although a release date hasn’t been announced, it is expected this Netflix movie will release in 2021 as filming has been completed. Dwayne Johnson’s character is an FBI Profiler, hunting a pair of thieves. Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot are a conman and art thief. There is at least on big chase sequence. Check out this article on CinemaBlend.com for the details.  


Variety.com reports that Netflix has obtained the rights to the Gal Gadot espionage thriller, Heart of Stone. Gal is really making her way in the espionage movie game. We mentioned her as being in Red Notice and now Heart of Stone. This movie hasn’t started filming yet and we haven’t seen a scheduled release date. They are keeping the plot quiet too. So, we’ll just have to wait to find out. You can read about this here on Variety.com.  


Michael Apted

Michael Apted has passed away January 7th at the age of 79. He was a British director who, in the Bond world, directed The World is Not Enough. He also directed the Up series, and Coal Miner’s Daughter. @007 on Twitter posted: “He was a director of enormous talent and range and unique in his ability to move effortlessly and successfully between all genres. He was beloved by all those who worked with him.”

Rémy Julienne

Top French auto-stunt coordinator who worked on six James Bond movies and has over 1,400 movie credits has passed. He was 90 years old. His work on James Bond movies started with For Your Eyes Only where he created the Citroen Deux Cheveux chase and motorbike fight in Cortina d’Ampezzo Italy and continued through GoldenEye. You can read more about Julienne in our SPYmdb on our website by clicking here. You can read stories on 007.com and Deadline.com as well.   We hope you liked our January 26, 2021 edition of Spy Movie News.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@SpyNavigator) and InstaGram too! Subscribe right now to our Cracking the Code of Spy Movies show on your favorite podcast app!

Spy Movie News – January 12, 2021

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Here is our January 12 2021 edition of Spy Movie News with Mission: Impossible 7, The 355 . . . lots of James Bond and 007 news, AMC movie theaters and more!


After the holiday break and post-rant by Tom Cruise, Mission: Impossible 7 returns to the UK for filming according to ScreenRant.com Production is moving to Longcross Film Studios in Surrey in southeast England, and it is expected that principal photography will be wrapped up there. But England is on Covid lockdown again - Literally as we are writing this, Boris Johnson declared a Tier-5 lockdown for the England.  Film productions are expected to be able to continue as long as they stay within bubbles and adhere to covid-safe regulations. We wish them the best and that they can get the principal photography wrapped up safely. Principal photography, we remember is the phase of film production in which the bulk of the movie is filmed, with actors on set and cameras rolling, as distinct from pre-production and post-production work. See this article on ScreenRant.com for the whole story.  



First, let’s start with a No Time To Die delay rumor – thePlayList.net on Jan 11, 2021 says a Dutch cinema owner claims to have inside knowledge about it being delayed until Nov 2021.   No word from MGM or Eon on this - so who knows.   If so, CinemaBlend.com in Jan 8th article says, if another delay, at least put a new trailer out for the world to see. Let’s buckle up and see what happens.  You can read the PlayList.net article here.  You can read the CinemaBlend.com article here.


Rami Malik shot a movie, The Little Things around the time filming on No Time To Die was wrapping up.   The Little Things stars three Oscar winners (Malik, Denzel Washington, and Jared Leto).  This movie will have its release the last weekend of January, 2021 in the US with its UK release February 12th.   This will beat the No Time To Die release by just over two months. In the article about The Little Things on digitalspy.com, they add this nugget about Malik’s character, Safin in No Time To Die: No Time to Die director Cary Fukunaga recently teased that Malek's villain Safin is set to be even "bigger" than Blofeld. "Rami belongs in that company and in the same breath as any of the truly great actors," Fukunaga said. "The awards tell you that but so does his work. "Once we got into Christoph Waltz/Blofeld territory, you can't go small again. We had to think bigger.” You can read the article on DigitalSpy.com here.  IS THIS STAR FROM BRIGERTON THE NEXT 007? An article on CinemaBlend.com asks “Could a Bridgerton Star Take Over As 007?”  It points out a tweet by Regé-Jean Page which says “Regency, royalty” “ Shaken and Stirred” and discusses the possibility of him taking the Bond mantle. He was born in Zimbabwe and schooled in the UK and is only 31 years old. This means he could hold the role for many Bond movies.  That’s 10 years younger than many of the names talked about for Bond.  Given the latest EON Productions release schedules, that means maybe Regé -Jean could play Bond in the 6 or 7 movies they release over the next 25 years. OUR OPINION: The speculation around who will be the next Bond is fun, harmless, and we won’t know for sure until Eon Productions tells us, likely after the release of No Time To Die.  All we know is that the first comment Tom’s wife said to him when she watched Bridgerton was: “He should be the next James Bond”.   OK - there you go!  Actually, he might be a good choice!  He has the look! You can read the article here on CinemaBlend.com.


19-year old Billie Eilish has some “interesting” publicity.  This is probably not what EON Productions wants in the ramp up to  the release of No Time To Die. According to CinemaBlend.com, Billie lost thousands of followers on Instagram after posting some nude drawings.  Her count is back up, but it shows how important image is in today’s world. You can read this article here at CinemaBlend.com: OUR OPINION: Yeah, if you don’t like what she’s doing on Instagram you can choose not to follow her.  Of her 73 million followers, she lost about 100,000.  But as of this recording, she is at 73, 500,000 followers.   Ah – social media!


Adreon Patterson reports in a CinemaBlend.com article about how Steven Soderbergh  and Eon Productions tried to come to an agreement on him directing a Bond movie.  He’s directed movies like Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen, Contagion AND LOTS more  – he has directed 28 feature films and eight television programs. While there were “some great conversations” they “just couldn’t figure it out”.  It would have been interesting to see what Soderbergh and Eon Productions would have produced. You can read the article here on CinemaBlend.com.


Mike Reyes has an article where Gemma Arterton discusses her role as Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace.  She says “As I got older I realized there was so much wrong with Bond women”.   Well, changing roles for women do appear to be the direction Eon Productions is headed so maybe Arterton isn’t alone in her thinking. Her comments make us wonder what she’d say now about the movie she did after QuantumThe Disappearance of Alice Creed.  You can read the article here on Cinemablend.com.


In another CinemaBlend.com article, Jane Seymour discusses that while filming a scene for Live and Let Die, Roger Moore kept her from getting hurt during an accident.  It was when she and Roger were being lowered into Kananga’s lair from the gravestone.  However, her body’s reaction ended up with her full body weight striking Roger’s, um, privates.  Roger was out of circulation for two days!  The article also discusses some of the other challenges they had shooting Live and Let Die giving us some insight we probably didn’t know.  It’s great to read some of these back-stage happenings discussions. You can read it about it here on CinemaBlend.com.

Speaking of villains lairs . . .


Carla Passino gives us an interesting look at what it would take to buy a Bond Villian's lair today, topping out at 33.6 million pounds for the Monsoon Palace from Octopussy down to Auric Goldfinger’s stud farm in Kentucky which they price at 2.5 million pounds. It’s a fun read that you can find on CountryLife.co.uk.  “No Mr Bond, I expect you to buy: The most expensive Bond villains' lairs - Country Life”

Last in our Bond section, two sad notes:

Sadly, Tanya Roberts, who played Stacey Sutton in A View to a Kill, passed away at the age of 65, in Los Angeles California.   She was loved in life, and apparently was a very nice person who appreciated her fans.  Read about it here at Variety.com. In a similar sad note, Michael Apted, who directed The World Is Not Enough, passed away.  He was 79.  This British director, who was president of the Directors Guild of America from 2003-2009, helmed The Coal Miner's Daughter, Nell, Gorillas in the Mist, the Up series of documentaries, and many other movies and television shows.   You can read more about Michael here at Variety.com.  

THE 355

The 355 movie, starring Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger and Lupita Nyong’o – a female-dominated heist thriller movie -  has pushed its release date back a whole year – from January 15, 2021 to January 14, 2022.  The movie follows international spies trying to stop a world -changing event.  5 women form a faction called 355. You can read about it here on ScreenRant.com.  


According to this article on MovieWeb.Com, most Hollywood productions will remain on hiatus until at least mid-January as we all deal with the COVID pandemic.  


In another sign of the struggles for the movie industry, AMC is seeking to sell up to 50 million shares of stock to avoid bankruptcy.  They say that if they fail to raise the funds, bankruptcy is likely. This really shows the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially on the restaurant and entertainment business.  We’re hoping that with vaccines starting around the world that they will be able to sell tickets and not just stock to keep going. You can read the article here on MovieWeb.com.  


Ok, so we thought we’d end with this one. This documentary is more about an undercover detective than what we would consider a spy movie, but, we love the name and the premise.  This Spanish-language movie with English subtitles is about an “agent” recruited to detect the reality of what is happening in a nursing home.  As the movie’s director says: “He was the worst spy in the world”.   The Mole Agent is a documentary of an undercover operation, but it has spy written all over it in a touching way.  No, no huge explosions or weapons, just sleuthing. Read about it here at Deadline.com   That wraps up our Spy Movie News for January 12, 2021.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@SpyNavigator) and Instagram too!  Subscribe right now to our Cracking the Code of Spy Movies show on your favorite podcast app!

Spy Movie News Article Dec 29, 2020 MGM for Sale, NTTD, Mission: Impossible rant, The Survivalist, Tenet Costumes & More!

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Here’s our December 29, 2020 edition of Spy Movie News with MGM maybe looking for a sale, No Time to Die title song, James Bond comic, Mission: Impossible spaced-out?, The Tom Cruise rant Jet-Pack man on video, Tenet, The Gray Man, Black Widow,, The King’s Man, The Survivalist, Red Notice and a couple of memorials. Let’s go! We have this article available as a podcast if you would rather listen to it than read it. You'll find that here.


The Wall Street Journal reported on December 21,2020 that MGM Holdings Inc. is looking into a sale thinking that its library of content might prove to be an attractive offering for other companies looking to expand their streaming service.   Big tech companies, the article says, are logical targets for buying the company. LATimes.com reports that Apple and Amazon had been previously pegged as potential suitors, but that has apparently passed. Our opinion:  no one knows what this means yet – if there will be a sale, if there are interested buyers, if MGM Holdings Inc will sell the whole company or streaming rights to all or some of their vast library of content.   And what this means to us Bond fans, waiting for No Time To Die.  MGM is a closely held company, meaning there are limited number of shareholders and is privately held.    And how does DANJAQ (the Eon Productions company) play into this decision?   Our only concern is this:  Please don’t sell it to Disney, or we may never see James Bond as James Bond again!  This might get complicated! See the whole article at wsj.com if you have a subscription.  Or you can read about it in this article on FoxBusiness.com or at this LaTimes.com article.

What is the impact of the WarnerMedia announcement on all of this?

In a related article, complicating things even more, FilmStories.co.uk released an article December 7 2020, by Simon Brew, suggesting that things are even more complicated when it comes to No Time To Die potential streaming or MGM sale.  The WarnerMedia announcement, which we covered in our December 8, 2020 Spy Move News, said they are releasing their content in theaters and through streaming services.  So, this puts pressure on other studios. But, we just talked about MGM’s possible sale, and this article points out how complicated this can get.  More than one studio is involved here: the article says in the US, the film will be released by MGM/United Artists Releasing, while outside of America it’s a Universal release. MGM/United Artists and Universal don’t necessarily think alike: they have different approaches and so there must be consensus.  And of course, we have Eon Productions that must be happy about any plan. And we have the overwhelming feeling from the powers that be that No Time to Die is a big screen event.   And a lot of the big screen theater release stuff is coming from Eon Productions – remember a streaming deal fell apart a few months ago. So, consensus is always a difficult task and here we have. That agreement also has to satisfy the James Bond overlords, Eon Productions too. But also, there’s an arguably even bigger discussion: because much like TENET last summer, No Time To Die is seen as absolutely a cinema film. You can read the article on filmstories.co.uk here


No Time to Die

Speaking of No Time To Die, in a CinemaBlend.com article December 22 2020, called “No Time To Die Singer Billie Eilish Describes ‘Rough’ Reaction To Her Theme Song,” Billie Eilish talks about how rough it was when the title song she wrote with her brother was released. She said that the theme was not well-received by Bond fan traditionalists, but she hinted that people kept an open mind about it. Our opinion: We kept an open mind about it, and so we think Billie is right.  At first, we did not like the title/theme some very much.  But after many listens, it grew on us and now we think it is a fitting piece for the new (well kinda new) film, No Time To Die. What do you think? We did a podcast analyzing the lyrics of Billie Eilish’s song that you can listen to here. – or through your favorite podcast app where you can  subscribe to our show, Cracking the Code of Spy Movies. You can read the full article at CinemaBlend.com.

New James Bond Comic

According to an article on Hollywoodreporter.com, Dynamite Entertainment will debut its newest comic entitled James Bond: Agent of SPECTRE in March, 2021. You can read more about this here on HollywoodReporter.com.

Who is this guy in the picture from Dr. No?   

An article on The Spy Command talks about the “controversy” as to who the third person in a lobby card photo is.  Ursula Andress and Sean Connery are easy to identify but the third person has caused a bit of a stir.  This conversation started on our own SpyMovieNavigator Facebook page.  The Spy Command shows some pictures identifying the third person as Jack Lord.  You can read about it here on The Spy Command's post.

The Return of Jet Pack man?

We’ve previously reported on the sightings in Los Angeles area of a person flying in a jet pack (we remember the jetpack / rocket belt from Thunderball.  We’ll he’s back and this time there is video footage on thedrive.com.  It is hard to tell from the video if the object is a person in a jetpack or a drone, but it’s compelling video nonetheless.  You can read the article and see the video here on thedrive.com.


Tom Cruise’s rant, and walking on eggshells!

In a FoxNews.Com article by Jessica Napoli, entitled: “Tom Cruise's 'Mission: Impossible 7' crew is 'walking on eggshells' after his rant: report” Well, we have heard by now that Tom Cruise pretty much yelled at the crew for violating Covid safety protocols while filming Mission: Impossible. The article reports this has put the crew on edge, threatening them that if he sees it again, they are gone. Cruise warned them that they are not going to shut this movie down. Our opinion: the rant was real using a lot of f-bombs, but we have to remember that Cruise spent between $500,000 - $600,000 renting cruise ships to house the crew and actors while filming in Norway – to keep them safe and top keep production going.  So, he was miffed.   Anyway, we think it is amazing they have accomplished what they have filming in the UK, Norway, Italy all during this pandemic. See this article on FoxNews.com for the full story. Complex.com reported on December 17, 2020, that 5 crew members quit after the Tom Cruise rant.  They quote The Sun as a source.   Who knows!

From MI to Porn?

According to an article on movieweb.com, the five crew members who walked off of Mission: Impossible 7 after Cruise’s rant have been offered a job with an adult entertainment camming website.  The article does not say if any of them accepted the offer.

Mission: Impossible in Space?  Or Spaced-out?

We in our December 8th Spy Movie News, that Tom Cruise is trying to film on the international space station.  We’ve speculated this was for Mission: Impossible 8, but that’s just our speculation.   Now it turns out he has competition.   According to an article on CinemaBlend.com, Russian Channel One TV is trying to shoot a movie at the space station in October 2021.  This would be in direct conflict with when Cruise wants to film there.  This could get interesting.  You can read about it here on Cinemablend.com.


As we reported in a previous Spy Movie News, Red Notice wrapped up filming in November, due to some very strict Covd-19 safety protocols.   An article at CinemaBlend.com details the safety bubble concept that they used for the cast and crew, as Netflix, who has a heavy investment in the movie, was one of the first resume production during the pandemic. There is no solid release date that we can confirm other than probably mid to late 2021.  You can read the article here on CinemaBlend.com


Black Widow is still on schedule to be released May 7, 2021.


The King’s Man is still holding for the moment at a March 12 2021 release.  This is the pre-quell to the two Kingsmen movies out already,  Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017).


According to an article in The Hollywood Reporter, Johnathan Rhys Meyers and John Malkovich will star in the pandemic-inspired thriller called The Survivalist.  “The movie follows a former FBI agent who is must protect a young woman immune to the disease from a dangerous gang leader hunting her.” According to the article, production has wrapped, but we’ve been unable to find anything about a release date/platform. The Survivalist wraps production.  You can read about this on HollywoodReporter.com.


Variety.com has an article that talks about how the wardrobe used in TENET reflects the character’s personalities.  We don’t find too many articles with costume designers and there is a five-minute discussion with Jeffrey Kurland, the movie’s costume designer which gives a nice look at how costumes help tell the story.  You can find the article here on Variety.com.


According to an article on deadline.com, the Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans espionage thriller, The Gray Man, has had its production paused for a couple of weeks due to Covid concerns.  This is a big-budget movie based on a bestselling book series by 2009 Mark Greaney.  The article states “The Intention here is to create a new franchise with a James Bond level of scale and budget.”  You can read the article here on Deadline.com:


We’re sad to report that two legends in the spy movie world have died since our last Spy Movie News:
  • On December 12, 2020 we lost John le Carré, the writer of the novels behind a host of spy-stories.  His novels were responsible for the George Smiley movies, The Russia House, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Tailor of Panama, The Little Drummer Girl, and others.  You can read more in this article on reuters.com.
  • On December 18, 2020 we also lost Peter Lamont.  He was the production designer or art director on 18 James Bond movies from Goldfinger through the 2006 Casino Royale.  He won an Academy Award for his work on Titanic and was nominated for his work on The Spy Who Loved Me, Fiddler on the Roof, and Aliens.  You can read more in this Hollywood Reporter Article.
That wraps up our Spy Movie News for December 29 2020.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@SpyNavigator) and InstaGram too!  Subscribe right now to our Cracking the Code of Spy Movies show on your favorite podcast app!  Thanks for listening – we appreciate it!

Spy Movie News Dec 8 2020 Article: NTTD, WarnerMedia, Women Spies, M:I, a Real James Bond, Black Widow, The 355

Contributed by: Daniel Silvestri and SpyMovieNavigator.com

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Here’s our December 8, 2020 edition of Spy Movie News with more lots of theater news as WarnerMedia drops a bombshellWomen as leads in Spy Movies in 2021James Bond updates, Dr. No prop sells for over a quarter of a million dollars, Black Widow and  Mission: Impossible and more!  If you would rather listen to the podcast, click here!


WarnerMedia's movies will simultaneously release on HBO Max and theaters in 2021

CNBC.com reports a big one!  Wow!   On Thursday December 3rd 2020 AT&T’s WarnerMedia announced it that it’s entire 2021 slate of films will be released directly on HBO Max at the same time they would be released in theaters.  WarnerMedia CEO, Jason Kilar said this decision is definitely pandemic-related, and said for everyone to basically take a breather and not overreact.  Basically, he wants to see what happens over the next 6  - 10 months.    Of course, he made no proclamations about what would happen in 2022.  But the article also reminds us all that Kilar wants to turn HBO MAX into a streaming giant to compete directly with Netflix.   It was also pointed out that if you are a subscriber to HBO MAX then you would get the 17 movies in 2021 at no additional charge, unlike what Disney did for Mulan (which charged subscribers an additional $30 to view the movie).  Wow – that is big.   Our Opinion: This is a major announcement for several reasons.  1) amidst the continuing global pandemic, new movie releases will be available to the HBO MAX subscribing-public.   Will other movie industry companies follow suit?  2) What impact will this have on the movie theaters and movie theater chains like AMC?   These are the ripple-affect questions that will be answered probably sooner than later.     Check out the full article, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar doesn’t think he destroyed the movie theaters  at CNBC.com.

Movie Theater Companies in Shock

On the flipside, move theaters are in shock over the WarnerMedia announcement.   Other studios have not yet followed suit, but Universal already had deals in place with key cinema chairs that would allow for a new release to be also released on-demand only 2 weeks after a movie theater run.  In an article at CinemaBlend.com, they claim these trends may change the entire movie-going experience.  They suggest it may change the model to more like going to live theater to see a play – maybe you do it a couple times a year, and it is a more formal event than it is now.  And more expensive. Or they suggest theaters may morph into offering more amenities, like dinner and so, on.  Dine-in theaters have been popular for live performances and theaters make a lot of money from the food.   Could this happen for the movies as well?   They suggest it is a possibility.  Will it look more like a theater than a restaurant or more like a restaurant than a theater?  All yet to be seen.   They suggest another scenario or two as well.    So, check out this article on CinemaBlend.com for more. There are many articles out right now about the movie theater chains' reaction to this recent announcement from WarnerMedia.  Here are two of them:  


CBS.com reported that the Arecibo Observatory radio telescope suffers major damage after cable breaks.  The radio telescope, featured in the James Bond movie GoldenEye, and in the 1997 movie Contacthad already been scheduled for demolition, but a cable snapped, causing major damage to the telescope surface December 1st.   After a similar incident in November, the radio telescope, which has participated in the search for extra-terrestrial life on other planets in real-life (which was the theme of the movie Contact), was scheduled to be closed because of the severe damage,  It is sad to see this iconic radio telescope go.   Click this link to the CBS.COM article for the details. This link to Euronews.com has a video of the collapse as it happened.


Out of this world

We reported on this one before, but confirmed again in this December 5, 2020 article on Mirror.co.uk – that Tom Cruise plans to film, for real, in outer space.   Probably for Mission: Impossible 8, Tom Cruise wants to perform the ultimate stunt and take cameras beyond the Earth’s atmosphere to actually film in space, and has had discussions with the US aerospace group NASA about this already.    Our opinion: yeah – we believe if anyone can take a movie to space, and go where no movie has gone before, it’s Tom Cruise! 

Mission: Impossible 7 car stunt 

Check out CinemaBlend.com for this December 2nd 2020 article entitled, “Latest Mission: Impossible Set Video Highlights Epic Car Stunt”  There is a short video clip on a stunt in Rome Italy.   Kind of cool – so check it out.   Also see this article on ScreenRant.com for a photo of the car chase scene in Rome, Italy, of Cruise in an overturned car.  All cool stuff of course – what else can we expect from Cruise? 


That's An Expensive Gun

According to a Variety.com December 3rd article, entitled,  Sean Connery’s ‘Dr. No’ Gun Sells for $256,000 at Auction Bond’s famous gun used in Dr. No fetched more that the projected $150,000 - $200,000 in a recent Julien’s Auctions held in Beverly Hills California.    It was noted that this semi-automatic pistol identified in the movie as a Walther PPK is really a Walther PP.    Oh darn!  SpyMovieNavigator.com missed out on this one!  Ha!  See, the article in Variety.com for all the details. 


Will NTTD Be Delayed Again?

When will we ever see No Time to Die? In this December 2, 2020 article at ScreenRant.com, titled: “No Time To Die May Be Delayed For A Third Time” the article claims that there is growing pressure for another delay due to the pandemic, and speculates a bit on what that might mean.  With other movie producers like WarnerMedia, as we talked about earlier in this article, developing a hybrid strategy to release on demand (on HBO MAX) and in theaters simultaneously, will others follow suit?  The article highlights that a major demographic of Bond films is an older audience who are even more reluctant to go to a theater at this time.   A quite from the article sums it up:  

“A third delay would indeed be a first, but with previously planned cinematic releases now hedging their bets away from cinemas and towards streaming services, MGM may have to adapt quicker than they thought. In fact, Universal, the distributor of No Time To Die, reportedly made a sizable profit after releasing Trolls World Tour on VOD earlier this year”

Our opinion: These are tough times and many unprecedented decisions are being made and will continue to be made as studios assess the best strategies.  You can find similar articles on MovieWeb.com and JoBlo.com These delays mean big money to the studio as reported in this article on NME.com,  which states that the delay is costing MGM about $1 million a month! 

Who Over The Years Wanted Or Was Considered, To Play James Bond? 

In a fun Wikipedia article, posted in November, they list all the actors who were considered to play the role of James Bond, by movie!   It is a fun scan with interesting names like, Rex Harrison, Jeremy Brett (who brilliantly played Sherlock Holmes in the made-for-tv series from 1984 - 1994),  Michael Caine, Dick van Dyke,  John Gavin and many more!     Click here to view the list on Wikipedia.com.


The 355

No Time to Die has Lashana Lynch taking a lead role as an MI6 00 agent. But she is not alone in developing and promoting (literally) female spies!  The movie, The 355, is scheduled for a 2021 release, starring a bunch of women, including Jessica Chastain, and Penelope Cruz and others, in what is called a “woman-led spy thriller”.  Variety.com has an article about the movie and has the trailer linked in the article.  The trailer shows women spies from different world agencies working together (maybe a Man From U.N.C.L.E. kind of thing?)    These women spies are from the United States, United Kingdom, Colombia, Germany and China.  You can read the article and see the trailer at Variety.com here

Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot Lands Role In A Female Spy Movie! 

DigitalSpy.com says Gal Gadot will be the female spy lead in a new upcoming spy thriller called, Heart of Stone, which the article says will put “a female spin on action franchises such as James Bond and Mission: Impossible.”  There is no release date set yet, but producers Skydance Media are keeping options open including both theatrical and streaming.  You can read the article on DigitalSpy.com for more details. 

Who Have Been The Women in James Bond Movies

And, speaking of women in spy movies, if you want to see all the key women who have been in the James Bond films, see Steven Jay Rubin’s book, The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia available for purchase right now!  You can order the book here. You can preview this list on our website, in our SPYmdb by clicking here!


In an article about 2021 movies at CNET.com, they claim that Black Widow is now scheduled for a May 7, 2021 release – about a year late.  This picture stars Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh and others.   Please see this article on CNET.com for the details about this movie and other movies delayed due to the pandemic. That wraps up our Spy Movie News for December 8, 2020!  Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@SpyNavigator) and Instagram too!  And please Subscribe right now to our Cracking the Code of Spy Movies show on your favorite podcast app (see the table below for the links)! 
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Spy Movie News Article – November 24 2020

Contributed by: Daniel Silvestri and SpyMovieNavigator.com

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Here’s our Special mid-November 2020 edition of Spy Movie News with more No Time to Die stunts, NOW, NO Time to StreamRed NoticeTribute to Sean Connery as he passes, And Mission: Impossible . . .a real James Bond? And . . .more!  This article is an adaptation from our podcast.  If you would rather listen to this than read it, please click here to go to the podcast page for the Mid-November Spy Movie News.



First,  as we know, Sean Connery passed away October 31 2020 as the age of 90.   Sir Sean Connery was a terrific actor who defined the role, character and persona of James Bond in the movies.   He was terrific on other movies as well, like The Untouchables The Hunt for Red OctoberEntrapmentFinding ForesterThe Man Who Would Be King and so many more.   We at SpyMovieNavigator.com and our show, Cracking the Code of Spy Movies, join the world community in sadness at the loss of a great one.  Sir Sean Connery, Rest in Peace.    His wife reports his ashes will be spread over the Bahamas and Scotland.    We put a Sir Sean Connery Tribute podcast out as a tribute to him. 


No Time To Stream?

Just when some were getting excited at the end of October about No Time To Die possibly in a streaming deal with maybe Apple TV or Netflix, a Deadline.com article, entitled James Bond No Time To Doe Streamer Deal Died Quickly says  nope – not happening.   In the article they claim that streamers were only willing to put up about half for what was being asked for, also saying that Deadline.Com hear that Barbara Broccoli nixed the deal.  Our Opinion: after all, No Time To Die box office sales were being projected to be in the ballpark of Skyfall – that means, in the billion-dollar range.   So, maybe MGM, Eon and Universal are willing to wait this one out a little longer.   But April 2021, given what is happening now worldwide with the pandemic, might still be a stretch.   That’s what we think.  Maybe another delay?   Who knows!  Things are changing every week on this stuff, so stay tuned!  You can read the full article on the deadline.com website at this link.

What Could You Do With 8,400 Gallons of Coca Cola?

 Well, the James Bond No Time To Die filming crew figured out a good use for it!!  In an article at SlashFilm.com, entitled, “‘No Time to Die’ Motorcycle Stunt Sprayed Street with 8,400 Gallons of Coca-Cola, Presumably Shaken, Not Stirred” the motorcycle stunt where “Bond” is leaping up a ramp onto a cobblestoned street in the scene in question – landing a motorcycle on slick cobblestone can be tricky – so, make it sticky instead of tricky – yeah – they sprayed the street with 8,400 gallons of Coca-Cola to pull off this stunt.     Supposedly this was while in Matera, Italy.  The article quotes sources from Total Film Magazine and IndieWire.   Our opinion:  Come on, the Bond guys, particularly Lee Morrison the stunt coordinator, have pulled off a Mission: Impossible- like stunt!  Well, pretty original actually!   Go, Bond!  You can read the full article here.

Rami's Remarks

In a GQ-Magazine.co.uk article, November 2020, Rami Malek is quoted as saying: No matter what you expect from Bond, you will be shocked”    In a suite at The London Hotel in Hollywood, Rami Malek has been writing some behind-the-scenes commentaries for the long-awaited Bond film,  No Time To Die.  Rami says he thinks the rumors of a Dr. No reincarnation are interesting, but, he quips, “I’m not going to bite on that.”   “because no matter what you expect from this movie, you will be shocked when you watch the film. I will not add any fuel to that fire.”  Read the great article all about Rami Malek here at GQ-Magazine.co.uk.

Will No Time to Disee James Bond Really retire? 

Well, there has been tons of speculation for over a year now on this subject.   And reportedly, Lashana Lynch has said she is 007 in the film.   Well, take a look at an interesting article at Express.co.uk entitled:  “James Bond: Will James Bond actually retire after No Time to Die? 'Flirted with it before'  By Jenny Desborough. It's an interesting read, saying Lashana is the new 007 character, and speculating on what will happen to James Bond.  In the article it is James Bond expert Dr. Ian Kinane doing the speculating.  Check out the article here!     Our opinion: in No Time To Die – we have no idea what will happen.   Will Bond really return and hang it up?  Will he die?  Will he return to service as a new numbered agent, or return as 007?  It’s fun to speculate – we obviously have time! 

Nomi, Played by Lashana Lynch, Will Take On A Major Role 

In a ScreenRant.com article by Craig Elvy, entitled, Why James Bond's New 007 Is No Time To Die's Most Important Character they talk a lot about the power of women now in the film and about how Nomi takes on a lot of the characteristics of our traditional 007 agent, James Bond, from quips, to efficiency to driving an Aston Martin.   It's a nice read – check it out here at ScreenRant.com.  

Tomorrow Never Dies  

We're sad to report that Geoffrey Palmer, who played Admiral Roebuck in Tomorrow Never Dies has passed away at age 93.  See this FoxNews.com article for all the details.     


The Wall Street Journal, in an October 22, 2020 article suggests that recently declassified documents reveal a possible spy in Poland named . . . James Bond!  In Warsaw, Poland, an archivist uncovered a file from the Cold War about a British diplomat who arrived in Poland in 1964, then vanished.   The papers suggest his name: James Albert Bond.   See the WSJ.com article for more details.   You can also find an article on this if you don’t have a Wall Street Journal subscription here at the FirstNews.com.  

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE  7 . . . or 8 

Angela Basset Returns 

Angela Bassettas reported by CinemaBlend.com, discloses that she will return to Mission: Impossible reprising her role of Erica Sloane in Mission: Impossible: Fallout  But – it is not known yet whether she will be in Mission: Impossible 7 or 8!  Check out this Cinemablend.com article for more details.  DigitalSpy.com also has a similar story here.

More Derring-do for Tom Cruise

It’s reported through videos that have surfaced, that MI7 is focusing on action sequences at the moment, with Cruise as Ethan Hunt jumping off mountains and riding on top of trains – nothing new there for Cruise, huh?  Ha! 

Mission: Impossible 7 Ready to Wrap Filming?

Also, at DailyMail.co.uk in a November 12th article it is reported that Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson are filming FINAL scenes for Mission: Impossible 7 in Venice's San Marco Square     Venice is gorgeous – I've been there twice  - but remember Venice is where they were filming when the pandemic started and they had to leave Venice before completing filming there.  We have to give this team props: in October 12 people on set reportedly tested positive for the Covid disease.    Our opinion: We really don’t know how they are doing this on location in so many places as the pandemic is still raging.   Stay safe!  Check out this DailyMail.co.uk article for the details.


Red Notice Wraps Filming!

SlashFilm.com reports that Netflix has released photos of the heist film, Red Notice and reports some good news that Red Notice has completed filming!   Of course, they were shut down like all others back in March.  So, some good news on this front!  Here's the Slash.com article for the details.  


More Theaters in Trouble as AMC Makes Announcement 

CNBC.COM published this article on 10/22/2020 on AMC Entertainment.  The article, entitled: "AMC warns bankruptcy is on the table as cash runs low " The article says that  “AMC continued to warn investors about its dwindling cash pile and said it may have to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy if it is unable to secure additional sources of liquidity.”  AMC, the article claims is the largest theater chain in the world.   This is tough news.    They also say that “Chapter 11 bankruptcy would likely allow AMC to stay in business while it reworks its debts and sorts out new lines of liquidity.”  We say, let’s all hope  for the best to a solution to this worldwide pandemic crisis.  It is far-reaching affecting millions of lives.     Yet, at CNBC.com it has also been reported that Regal theaters, who just closed 500 theaters about 2 weeks ago, plans on re-opening 11 of them in New York state in the US.  The governor of New York is allowing some theaters outside of New York City to reopen at limited capacity.   See this article on CNBC.com for all the details. 

Cineplex Reached a Deal With Universal Pictures

This article on SeekingAlpha.com discusses a deal that Canada-based Cineplex has made with Universal Pictures.  This deal is similar to the two other deals Universal has made with AMC and Cinemark.  It essentially shortens the release windows for new releases to 17 days.  This means that a new movie can hit video-on-demand 17 days after it releases in the theaters.  There used to be a 75-90 day window for this.  Titles opening opening at $50 million have to wait 31 days to hit video-on-demand.


Ok, this is a for real spy film!  The US FBI released a film in September  called, The Nevernight Connection,” and tells a fictional story, but based on reality of a former U.S. intelligence official who turned and went  to spy for the Chinese, who recruited him through fake profiles on a professional networking site.   It highlights recent attempts also by Russia, China and Iran regarding attempts to affect US national elections.     It’s a 30 minute film, free, and on the FBI website at FBI.gov. Here's a link to it on their site. Check out Bloomberg.com for more this one    That wraps up our Spy Movie News for November 2020 and our focus on No Time To Die and James BondMission: Impossible, Red Notice, and some industry news!  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@SpyNavigator) and InstaGram too!  Subscribe right now to our Cracking the Code of Spy Movies show on your favorite podcast app!     


Contributed by: Daniel Silvestri and SpyMovieNavigator.com

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Here’s our Special October 27 2020 edition of Spy Movie News where we'll look at Mission: Impossible news,  will No Time to Die to Stream??, the No Time to Die Sound track.  Jetpacks seen flying in Los Angeles?  And more!  



  We'll start out with a quick discussion about  No Time To Die and possible streaming of the movie!   In an article at imore.com, they claim there are rumors that MGM is in talks with Apple TV and Netflix about the streaming rights to No Time To Die, as MGM is under pressure to make some money after all the release delays! Wow – this would be huge.   The rumor is Apple TV and Netflix are in the lead, and that the amounts of money being talked about are enormous.   There’s a bidding war going on, and we will see who the winner is if there is one.   Does this mean maybe both a theatrical release where possible AND streaming release?   Stay tuned to Spy Movie News for more news when it breaks!  



Returning To Italy

After filming in Venice was shut-down early in the pandemic, the Mission Impossible 7 crew has returned to Italy – and Cruise and company have been spotted in Rome. They had just shot scenes in Norway and in the UK and are now back in Italy.   Wow – they really ARE the Impossible Mission Force. See this article in Collider.com for all the details.  Also see this article in EuroNews.com – for a similar story and video of Tom Cruise waving to the fans!  

More Mission: Impossible News

And continuing our Mission: Impossible 7 coverage, CinemaBlend.com reports that Tom Cruise was seen atop a moving train and has now been seen doing a car crash scene, along with Hayley Atwell. What is seen, is after the crash, and Cruise trying to get Atwell out of the crashed car – hints at another great stunt.  In our opinion, Tom Cruise is just amazing! He has done it all from flying jets, doing HALO dives, motorcycle stunts, climbing stunts, martial arts kicks. And now, at 58, is still at it strong.   The hype building for Mission: Impossible 7 is tremendous and Cruise and Company can be a genuine threat to the Bond Franchise if they keep doing things right.   And don’t forget, Mission: Impossible 8 has already been announced and planned for about a year after the Mission: Impossible 7 release.  
    • Mission Impossible 7 has a current release date theoretically as November 19, 2021
    • Mission Impossible 8 is then currently scheduled for November 4, 2022.
Remember, in a CinemaBlend article on May 15, 2020, they, reminded us that:
    • “When we were officially told that Mission: Impossible 7 was on the way, we were also told that Mission: Impossible 8 was as well.” 
    • “Writer/director Christopher McQuarrie recently told the Light the Fuse podcast that the decision to go with two films came out of the need to have the space to tell a compelling emotional story, not simply for lead character Ethan Hunt, but the rest of the IMF team as well.”
But these days, who knows?!  What we think is that this puts a lot more pressure on the Bond franchise who has had to date about 6 years between the last Bond film and the tentative release date of April 2021 now for No Time To Die.    



No Time To Die


Article On Cary Fukunaga

OK, we’re still disappointed about another delay, but there is still news to talk about!  The Wall Street Journal has a nice Feature article on Cary Fukunaga dated October 10, 2020.  It's an enlightening article on the writer, director of the movie and his accomplishments, his feelings and what it was like filming a Bond movie.  It's a fun read.

Sound Track For No Time To Die

You can pre-order the sound track for No Time to Die, as reported by The Spy Command in October.    They say that Hans Zimmer website  has a listing of the 21 track titles – so – that might be a bit of  spoiler for you – so proceed at your own risk!

Who Will Be The Next James Bond?

While there has been a lot of speculation on this, an article dated. October 14th 2020, on MovieWeb.com says that the Daniel Craig James Bond replacement hasn't yet been chosen.  They report that Barbara Broccoli has confirmed that the next James Bond actor will be chosen after (emphasis added) No Time to Die comes out.  She further claims that EON and the powers that be have not decided yet on who will succeed Craig in the role.  They say they will not make that decision until after No Time to Die is released, hinting that the role will be once again be reimagined.  So, here's our opinion: Even if they have someone in mind for the next James Bond, there is no way that is going to be announced prior to Daniel Craig finishing off his role as 007.  This means it will be after the big splash of No Time To Die's release and run.  They can’t diminish No Time To Die considering everything that has happened already.  

Daniel Craig Has Simple Advice for the Next James Bond

In another MovieWeb.com article, Daniel Craig has some simple advice for the next James Bond, whoever it is:  "Don't F--k it up".  He did offer a bit more:  "It's a beautiful, amazing thing. Leave it better than when you found it."  


Check New.Yahoo.com for this one!  https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-09-01/fbi-investigating-man-flying-jet-pack-near-lax-jets Check this article on LATimes.com for this one.  Recently, in Los Angeles California in the US, there was a report from a pilot near LAX International Airport that read, ““Tower, American 1997.  We just passed a guy in a jet pack,"   and a few moments later, a Jet Blue airliner: “We just saw the guy pass us by in the jet pack."  OK – we all remember Thunderball and Bond’s escape from the French Chateau via jet pack!   But . . . this is for real?    There are lots of investigations going on.  But in reality, there are very few jet packs around.  One company, JetPack Aviation has created five jet packs that are worn like Bond wore his, on the back. According to this article on news.yahoo.com about this topic, JetPack Aviation says they know where all of there jet packs are and they cannot fly as high as report because of fuel consumption. There just is not enough fuel to fly that high (one report said it was at 6,000 feet!) and land.  Maybe it was a drone with a dummy attached?  That’s one theory – but who knows!   


HollywoodReport.com just published an article about a patent granted to the technology company Christie.  It claims to "enable exhibitors to securely show customers premium cinematic content on their own terms, opening an additional potential revenue stream, in these difficult times."  This technology basically is set up "to allow the theater to deliver content over IP networks directly from the cinema to consumers' homes". Wow – check out this HollywoodReport.com article from October 15th  for more exciting details.    


THIS MIGHT be a spoiler alert – so proceed at your own risk!  But it is in the public at CinemaBlend.com.


We are going to end this edition of Spy Movie News with a potential spoiler/rumor on No Time To Die.  If you don't want to read the speculation, we'll hope you'll be back for our next article.

  According to this article in CinemaBlend.Com by Mike Reyes, the opening for No Time To Die will not be that face-paced or action pre-title sequence that we have come accustomed to. Rather, we are going to see something of a slower-paced opening, even devoid of Bond.   Something much more emotional might be coming our way. Of course, in From Russia With Love, "James Bond" wasn't in the pre-title sequence as well. It will be the longest pre-title sequence of any James Bond movie. So, even more with the SPOILER ALERT, the article reports that the pre-title might be a very long sequence of flashbacks of Madeleine Swann’s childhood.  It reminds us that in SPECTRE, Swann refers to something traumatic that happened in her childhood.   There is a lot of detail in the article with some quotes from Cary Fukunaga – revealing in some ways what might be happening.   So, so head to the article if you will!   Also see IndieWire.com for another well-written article on the same subject.  This article gives us even more details on Cary Fukunaga’spre-title sequence concept. OK SPOILER ALERT COMPLETE! So, in our opinion:  This makes us wonder what other icons and things we have come to expect in a Bond movie will be busted in No Time To Die . . . and who will die? Or not?  And will the audience like it?  We still have to wait. That wraps up our Spy Movie News for October 27, 2020 and our focus on Mission: Impossible, No Time To Die and James Bond and some industry news!  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@SpyNavigator) and InstaGram too!  Subscribe right now to our Cracking the Code of Spy Movies show on your favorite podcast app!  


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For Immediate Release                Contact: Steve Rubin (213) 300-1896

      (Los Angeles, California, October 6, 2020) Producers Steven Jay Rubin and Charles Sherman, in association with the Spy Movie Navigator website are producing the International 007 Trivia Marathon, which will take place at 10:00 a.m. PST, on Saturday November 14th on Zoom.  James Bond fans throughout the world are eligible to compete for prizes in the double elimination tournament, which will coincide with the publication of Rubin’s book, The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia, 4th edition.       Interested contestants should email their contact information to fastcarrier1944@gmail.com The contest is a first come, first serve event – only the first 100 contestants who turn in their contact information will be eligible. Those contestants will then receive Zoom info via email. Contestant must have computer access and the latest installed Zoom application to participate.      The top ten contestants will each receive an autographed copy of Rubin’s book. The contest winner will be crowned Champion of 007 trivia and be given a selection of 007 material from Mr. Rubin’s own files.      Rubin and Sherman produced the original James Bond 007 Trivia Marathon in 1981, which was part of a James Bond Weekend in Century City, headlined by a luncheon at the Playboy Club – George Lazenby, Martine Beswick, Marc Lawrence, Herve Villechaize,  Bruce Glover, Lana Wood, Norman Burton and Barry Nelson were guests.       SpyMovieNavigator.com is dedicated to the continued building of a worldwide community of spy movie fans.   Their podcasts, social media releases and website concentrate on spy movies from 1935 – present, including Bond, analyzing key scenes in each movie, looking for connections to, and influences on, other spy movies and real-world events.  Their podcast show, Cracking the Code of Spy Movies, has been downloaded in over 92 countries!  They can be found at SpyMovieNavigator.com, and on Facebook, Twitter (@SpyNavigator) and Instagram.   ###               

Spy Movie News Article: Oct 3 2020 – NO TIME TO DIE Delay & Fan Reactions

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The Bond Hype Machine WAS Cranking! And has come to a grinding halt!  Here’s our Special October 3rd, 2020 edition of Spy Movie News with the disappointing announcement of the delay of No Time to Die again with some fan reaction! 



  Well, It’s still No Time to Die!  As announced October 2, 2020: 
MGM, Universal, and Bond producers, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, today announced the release of NO TIME TO DIE the 25th film in the James Bond series, will be delayed until 2 April 2021 in order to be seen by a worldwide theatrical audience.
      In our last Spy Movie News it was looking good for a November 2020 release date, but MGM, Universal, and Eon Productions have decided that based on the current potential worldwide theater situation, and the fact that probably only 22% of the global theater-going market was comfortable going back to theaters, the delay makes sense. Disappointing for sure – NO TIME TO DIE will be a year and a half after the initial planned release when it finally comes out.   Here is to hoping that by March 2021 things are looking up for this global pandemic.  We hope that it is behind us for the most part – or . . . who knows what else might happen.   Hope for the best! Fan reaction: from the @007 post about the delay on Twitter:
  • Not unexpected and I fully understand your reasoning. Let’s just hope that in 6 months things might have improved?
  • Your confident there will be a theatrical audience to show it to? what are theatres supposed to do until then? 
  • I'm sad that we have to wait longer to see the movie, but it is ultimately the correct decision.
  • That is just plain stupid! Find another way! If you are waiting for things to get normal again and have the movie theaters filled...you are never going to premiere this film...beyond disappointed!
  • I'd rather just watch it on demand now and see it released in theaters when this whole thing is over with
  • Don't worry, I understand. I'll be ready to watch it when you're ready to show it.
  • And simply put, “So disappointing!”
One very clever post, which added some humor to this dreadful news, was by a “Simon Hinks”

If other Bond movies took this long to be released what would they be called?

    • No release date...
    • Tomorrow never comes...
    • Diamonds take forever...
    • For nobodies eyes only...
    • For the Living daylights… when?
    • Die another year...
    • No time to be released...
Another amusing one was. “And if you put YET another trailer.... then we have seen all the movie so STOP PUTTING OUT TRAILERS . . .” Many posters said to release it on-demand and we’ll pay a lot of money!  There were a lot of posters with this sentiment. Certainly, the studios and Eon did all of their homework about the numbers if delayed again versus releasing it on-demand.   Sure, it’s not the same seeing a major motion picture on your own home entertainment system, but lots of posters are calling for this instead of a delay.   Can this happen?   If April is not significantly better regarding this pandemic, maybe it will.   There were many, many sad and unhappy posts regarding the delay.   Many posts were supporting the decision as well, but naturally, many fans are disappointed.  A lot of the posts asked why all the marketing hype over the past week with the Official James Bond Podcast launch, the Billie Eilish video release, and more.   But, who knows when the final decision was made?  And, importantly, we will see more hype for the film to keep people’s interest high.  So, we aren’t surprised by the hype this past week or so.


The Cinema Impact

But some of the most poignant posts were from cinema workers and the fear of now what might happen to the cinema theaters without this monumental release, and to their jobs.   These posts are heart-wrenching – as the decision truly affects the lives of some people. And some fans posted that they were willing to go support their local theaters just to help keep them going and all.  They said things like:
  • “Nah. This is the wrong move. You’re gonna kill the cinema. .  .
  • Or, “We won't have any cinema to go back to at this rate come April . . .”
For us fans, yeah, there’s another delay.   For people in the theater industry, they have more to worry about. So, we must keep things in perspective. Some fans were just complaining that this is all about money – the studios and Eon want bigger audiences, which some said, “was shameful.”   Wow - there are a lot of emotions involved here. But ultimately, these decisions are made based on the worldwide opportunity to make No Time To Die as successful at the box office as was Skyfall (which was over a billion US dollars worldwide).   It is money that drives this bus. We shall see how this all pans out.



And will he still be young enough when No Time To Die is released?

According to this article on CinemaBlend.com, Tom Hardy is looking good!   So good, in fact, that betting has been suspended!  Yeah, you can bet on just about anything, and there were lots of bets placed on who will be the next James Bond! Right now, Tom Hardy seems to be the favorite.   Of course, there is no way the MGM or Eon would be announcing the next James Bond before the release and run of No Time To Die, Daniel Craig’s last outing as Bond. Sure other names have surfaced, like

Tom Hardy: 1/3 James Norton: 7/2 who was in the lead until Tom Hardy just passed him up in the odds column Sam Heughan: 5/1 Richard Madden: 7/1 Idris Elba: 8/1 Cillian Murphy: 14/1 Tom Hiddleston: 18/1 Jack Lowden: 25/1

 But the odds are with Tom Hardy!  And as we know, these things can change in a heartbeat, so at this point, it all we know is the odds-makers and betters see Hardy in the lead spot. We won't hear anything for a while.   But, I was cleaning up some old stuff and ran into an article about Sean Connery in the 2000 January/February edition of Modern Maturity.  When Connery was asked what’s the secret to Bond, he replied, “The person who plays Bond has to be dangerous.  If there isn’t a sense of threat, you can’t be cool.” Connery as Bond was dangerous and cool!   So, what are your thoughts on Tom Hardy?



Henry Cavill seems to be jealous that he is not part of Mission: Impossible 7.   He loved working with Tom Cruise on Mission: Impossible – Fallout.  This, again, is according to this CinemaBlend.com’s article by Mike Reyes. But, as the article states, his character August •%09https:/www.cinemablend.com/news/2555807/why-mission-impossibles-henry-cavill-is-very-jealous-of-mi-7-filming-right-nowWalker, got killed off in Fallout.   Ah, well.  But as the article also states, and as we have said here at SpyMovienavigator.com, anything can happen in fiction!  Write it and it is done!   There are ways to bring back dead characters if you want to! Still, Henry Cavill has thrown his hat into the James Bond ring as well, as we mentioned.   Wow.  As the betting list indicates, he isn’t even in the Top 10!  See this article by Katherine Webb on CinemaBlend.com for more details.



The Bond Hype Machine is Cranking!  Here’s our Special October 1st, 2020 edition of Spy Movie News with lots of updates on No Time to Die including release strategies, The Official James Bond Podcast, Billie Eilish, Ana de Armas, and more! 


Wow – according to Express.UK.CO It looks like MGM and Universal are sticking to the November 2020 release date of No Time to Die.  They reference a September 23, 2020 Tweet by https://twitter.com/007 of a photo of Paloma and Bond at a bar, saying “Dressed to kill. Bond and Paloma from #NoTimeToDie, in cinemas this November.”   Now, we noted before that the new posters said November.   This Tweet definitely says THIS November.   We mentioned that other movie releases, like Black Widow, have been delayed until next year.   Express also reports that fans are replying to the Tweet with encouragement to either delay the release or stream it so that viewers can stay safe during this pandemic, which is far from over.   Here are a couple of responses that SpyMovieNavigator noted:
  • “Which I will not be seeing in theaters, as it isn't safe to be in a movie theatre until there's a vaccine. Now if you released it for streaming rental, I'd definitely pay $30 to watch it at home (that's like the cost of seeing it in IMAX twice!)”
  • “There is no way I'm entering a cinema this November. Health comes first. . . . So a big PASS from me. I look forward to streaming the film in due course.”
As we reported in our September 24th, 2020 Spy Movie News, in a recent survey, only about 22% of people around the world feel safe to go to a theater now to watch a movie.   Many fans want the movie released this November, and there were plenty of responses who wanted the movie released in November 2020.  That’s just the way it is. But, the negative response to the https://twitter.com/007 recent Tweet is some indication of what some of the fan base thinks.   The decision for the studios and Eon will be economic more than likely.   If they think they can make a threshold, baseline, minimum required take, they will go for it.   If the indication is that they won’t then they may delay.   But, a hybrid solution of releasing to the theaters AND releasing on video on demand simultaneously might not work. Just reporting the news!  What do you think?  Check out this link at Express.co.uk for all the details.


Still at CinemaBlend.com, check out this article by Michael Reyes, to see why he thinks NO TIME TO DIE might want to stick with it’s November 2020 Release date. In what is the most compelling reason advanced by CinemaBlend, MGM and Universal might want to release in November as planned because of their new 17-day contract with movie theaters like AMC.  We talked about this new deal between AMC and Universal in our August 11th Spy Movie News podcast and article. New movies can be released in theaters and run for 17 days. Then they can be released on Paid Video on Demand.  That way, the studios and Eon can do both – not simultaneously, but sequentially.   So, if you choose NOT to go to the theater, then in a matter of weeks to a month after the release, you can be watching it in the comfort and safety of your own home.   We think this is a pretty compelling reason why they will release in November.   CinemaBlend also says that with all the other delays in releases to next year, No Time To Die might have very little competition in November.  What we at SpyMovieNavigator.com have observed as of late is that Eon Productions and the studios are gearing up for a November 2020 release – with new official podcasts released September 30th, new posters, video, and more.  It looks like they are getting ready to go.


The Official James Bond Podcast launched on September 30,  with interviews with the actors of No Time to Die and more.   What does this mean for the release of the movie in November?   Is this pre-release hype and marketing to get people really pumped to go see the movie in theaters this November?  Does it mean they are testing the waters to see reactions, or just putting something out to keep the interest level high?   Who knows.   But they did it.   We listened to the first one and it was good. Here is the copy from their Apple podcast page:

No Time To Die: The Official James Bond Podcast is a new and exclusive podcast hosted by James King. The six-part series features exclusive interviews with Daniel Craig, Rami Malek, Léa Seydoux, Lashana Lynch, Jeffrey Wright, Naomie Harris, director Cary Joji Fukunaga, producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell and a host of key behind the scenes crew from casting director to special effects supervisor.

Each of the six episodes focusses on a different aspect of the franchise. Learn everything about Bond from music, gadgets, locations, stunts, costumes and cars.

Podcast listeners will be the first to hear exclusive score from Hans Zimmer and brand-new recordings from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra from Bond 25 released by Decca Records.

No Time To Die: The Official James Bond Podcast is produced by Somethin’ Else in association with Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios, Universal Pictures International, United Artists Releasing and Eon Productions.

And here is the episode list, from an article at IGN.COM:
  • Episode 1: Bond in Context
  • Episode 2: Bond Around the World
  • Episode 3: A Name to Die For: Allies and Enemies of Bond
  • Episode 4: The Craft of Bond
  • Episode 5: Clothes, Tech, and Cars
  • Episode 6: Being 007
Also, see MovieWeb.com’s article on this podcast.   The reality is, releasing a new podcast each week for 6 weeks gets you to about a week before No Time to Die is scheduled for release in the UK.   This is no coincidence.


Couple the podcast with this week’s video release of the Billie Eilish No Time to Die title song.  This is a strong signal that November 2020 is it! Check out Variety.com’s article for all the details and the video. The video is a collage of shots of Billie Eish singing and clips from the movie.   It is well done with Billie Eilish coming out of the dark shadows into view – adding more mystery to the film.  Directed by Daniel Kleinman, it is first-rate. 


Reported by CinemaBlend.com, that Ana de Armas wanted to play a role that was not a stereotypical “Bond” woman role, but to add something that represents women well.  Having spoken to Cary Fukunaga about her role, she emphasized that she wanted her character to be empowered and realistic, and not stereotypical.   Well, from the clips we have seen, she looks empowered - wielding two guns at once, flying through the air for kicks – yeah – she looks good!   Go Ana de Armas! See CinemaBlend.com’s article by Dirk Libbey for more.


In Tom Butler’s article on Yahoo.com, he says that No Time to Die will tie together all of what Craig’s Bond has been through from Casino Royale to this final Craig appearance as Bond.  From losing his love, Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale, to maybe settling down with Dr. Madeleine Swann, Bond has gone through many emotions and attitude changes.   He’s tough, but maybe mellowing a bit now with a new love interest.   Barbara Broccoli has said, “it is a pretty epic film, I have to say.”  Léa Seydoux said it is “more psychological and more emotional” than Spectre.   OK –from our point of view at SpyMovieNavigator.com,  we certainly have not seen Bond in love very often in the Bond movies.  Sex, lust yes.  Love.  Um.  Not often.  Of course, Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale.  In On Her Majesty’s Secret Service to be sure – he married Tracy di Vincenzo.   Spectre ? We assumed that at the end of the movie, Bond was hanging it up and driving off into the sunset with his new love, Swann.   In No Time To Die, there are plenty of rumors that he has been with Swann for the last 5 years, during which he has been retired.  And there are even rumors they have a daughter.   Nothing is substantiated yet, and all this is speculation, but there does seem to be a love story in here. 


That wraps up our Spy Movie News for October 1 2020 and our focus on No Time To Die and James Bond!  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@SpyNavigator), and Instagram too!  Subscribe right now to our Cracking the Code of Spy Movies show on your favorite podcast app! 

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Spy Movie News Article -Sept 24 2020 : Black Widow, Mission Impossible, No Time To Die, Pinewood Studios, Red Notice, More!

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SPY MOVIE NEWS  9-24-2020 

  Here's our September 24th, 2020 edition of Spy Movie News with latest updates on Black Widow, Tom Cruise in space, Mission: Impossible 7, the Mission: Impossible theme, Red NoticeNTime To Die, Pinewood Studio news, and Lashana Lynch.    


This just in. According to cnbc.com, Disney pushed the debut of Black Widow to 2021, which is a huge blow. The theaters across the country ticket sales in the US after a soft reopening of the theaters in August have not been stellar.   The article cites data from a global survey.  Only 22% feel comfortable returning to the theater.  The US still has daily increases of COVID-19 cases in many parts of the country.  You can read the full article on Cnbc.com here for all the details.  Black Widow was the last tentpole movie planned to be released until No Time To Die.  This does not make us James Bond fans comfortable.   


Tom Cruise is teamed up with Elon Musk and NASA to film a movie in space. Yeah, talk about stunts.  Doug Liman might direct the film.   The launch is planned for October 2021 with filming theoretically aboard the Axiom Space Station.   There's still No title for the film, but Doug Liman is writing at least part of the script. Liman has worked with Cruise before on Edge of Tomorrow and American Made. He also directed The Bourne Identity.  Our question at SpyMovieNavigator.com: Is this a Mission: Impossible? The website Deadline Hollywood reports that this movie will not be an installment of Mission: Impossible.  But with Tom Cruise, who knows, stay tuned  Click here to see the details of this article on NME.com     


Speaking about Tom Cruise, we have to talk about Mission: Impossible 7  First click here for a link to YouTube for a video where Tom Cruise talks about MIssion:Impossible 7 stunt.  In this interview with Tom Cruise, he discusses the latest aerial stunt with the motorcycle leaping off the ramp and over a Cliff like 600 feet and you see it all here so check it out.  Independent.co.uk has an older article about the MissionImpossible music.  This is inspirational and worthy of a revisit.  Independent.co.uk interviewed Layla Schifrin about the MissionImpossible Theme that he wrote.  Schifrin said Bruce Geller needed the music right away and didn't really like his first take. So, Schifrin realized what he had to write had to be like a logo for MissionImpossible. And he claims once he sat down to write it, he wrote the entire thing. Everything we hear in about 3 minutes. This is genius.  Click here to read the article on Independent.co.uk's website for all the details.     


There are release-day concerns for No Time To Die.  Is James Bond headed for staggered debut like TENET   George Simpson wrote about this in a September 22nd, 2020 article on Express.co.uk. But in this article, he talks about all the product placement in the movie and how all of these campaigns would need to be pushed back again.  That's companies like Aston Martin, of course, Coca Cola, Omega, Nokia, and Heineken.  Somaybe it will be staggered release dates. It's all speculation at this point. As we know, anything can happen. So far publicly, they're sticking to the November 2020 release dates, so let's see.  Click here to read Simpson’s article.  The article bases some of this on a recent MGM call with investors that we mentioned in our September 1st Spy Movie News podcast.  Click here to hear that podcast.   


No Time To Die star, Lashana Lynch, spoke with TechRadar.com about her pivotal role in the new James Bond movie.  Lashana plays Nomi, a 00 agent for MI 6.   In this article, she speaks of the relationship she has with Bond in the movie and describes it as evolving. They are two very different people trying to work together in the beginning - and grow closer.   She feels the women are empowered in this movie.  As in her earlier conversations, while auditioning for this part they wanted to create a Badass Ninja, she says.  The article is a fun read. So, click here to read the article on TechRadar.com's website.  And speaking of Lashana Lynchcheck out this link on dailymail.co.uk  for an article about Lashana Lynch promoting 007's new SMARTPHONE! The picture of her and her 00 gear and the surrounds with fire, explosions the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, and the Triumph Thruxton RS motorcycle are spectacular.  And, she looks tough.  Go Lashana!   


Pinewood Studios 

It is reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Pinewood Studioswhere lots of Bond filming occurs, along with others, are planning a major visitor center as part of their over 500-million-dollar expansion. The article says the expansion would "include an educational training and skills hub, a creative industries business growth hub and a green campus". It would be located on land adjacent to the existing Pinewood Studios.  This is in the beginning phase and Pinewood is preparing an application for this and discussions with the community, etc. It’s a huge opportunity for job creation and positive economic impact. More later.   Click this link to read the article on HollywoodReporter.com.    


The Bond Experience reports that in India a different NTime To Die trailer was released by Universal Pictures India  Click here to watch this trailer on YouTube.   


We pushed this out through our social media outlets, but a major James Bondish heist occurred in the UK. Five James Bond movie-used guns were stolen in the UK, including Roger Moore's gun from View to a Kill (Walther PPK),  Halle Berry's gun from Die Another Day (Beretta Tomcat), and from Live and Let Diethe Smith and Wesson Model .44 Magnum revolver!  Click here to get the details in the article on the-sun.com.    


    In sad Bond newsAs reportedMichael Lonsdale, who played Hugo Drax in Moonraker so brilliantly, has passed away at the age of 89.  Click here to read the well-written article on movieweb.com.     


  After lots of delays, cinemablend.com reports that Dwayne Johnson is back on the set of Red Notice, with costars Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. Safety measures are being taken, of course, as the pandemic risks continue. But they have had a very productive first week, it is reported.    So, check out the details on cinemablend.com by clicking here.     


    TENET continues to do well in the UK and Ireland.  It has not had a good run in the US, however.        That wraps up our Spy Movie News for September 24th, 2020.  You can listen to these articles in a podcast on our show Called Cracking The Code Of Spy Movies in your favorite podcast app.   

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Spy Movie News Article for Oct 1 2020 – No Time To Die!

Lots of news on No Time to Die this period, so this entire episode is devoted to it - looking release date strategies, The Official James Bond Podcast launch Billie Eilish, Ana de Armas and more!

Spy Movie News Article – Sept 15 2020: RED NOTICE, FIVE EYES, M:I 7, THE DUKE, TENET, NTTD

Related: Spy Movie News Sept 15 2020: RED NOTICE, FIVE EYES, M:I 7, THE DUKE, TENET, NTTD

Contributed by: Spy Movie Navigator

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Here's our September 15 2020 edition of Spy Movie News with the latest updates on Mission: Impossible 7, Red Notice, Five Eyes, TENET, The Duke, NO TIME TO DIE, and some Idris Elba and spy industry news. 


  • Let’s start with some Mission: Impossible 7 news. We know that Tom Cruise has been in England on some rented land practicing stunts for the movie Mission: Impossible 7
  • From a Cinemablend.com article, Christopher Mcquarrie, the director says filming has started up again.  And he and released the photo that shows a huge ramp.  This will be used for a stunt with a motorcycle launching off this ramp which is probably 600 feet in the air. It's something to see if you haven't seen it yet.  
  • According to independent.co.uk, Mission: Impossible 7 filming in Norway.  Tom Cruise rented a £ 500,000 cruise liner. That's about $645,000. And this is for the crew and the stars, to prevent further delays and to protect them from COVID-19. So this is clever.  Expensive but clever. Bravo, Tom Cruise you are Top Gun. 


  • The Netflix movie Red Notice has some news.  In March, shooting was postponed because of the COVID-19  pandemic. In August 2020 they announced the shooting would start back up in mid-September. So here we are.  According to cinemablend.com, it looks like they are back on the set.  They are being vigilant about making sure that anyone arriving back on the sets for filming is COVID-19 free through testing and so on. No other details were available, but Ryan Reynolds posted pics of him taking the COVID-19 test and said it was easy.
  • Good to hear Hollywood is being careful.


  • Speaking of Netflix, they're investing 200 million dollars, according to theverge.com, on a movie based on Mark Greaney’s, “The Gray Man” series of books.  The movie will be about a former CIA agent who was an assassin, also called The Gray Man, starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. And Chris Evans would be the CIA agent who's on the hunt for The Gray Man.
  • Netflix hopes to build a franchise out of this first movie. We don't know much else about the movie other than what was reported, but sounds a little like Bourne doesn't it? Hey, no release date yet. Production should start next year. Check theverge.com for all the details.

Five Eyes

  • From deadline.com we see that German major Leonine has won the rights to the recently announced Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie spy thriller, Five Eyes.  This marks the first major deal to go down during Toronto's virtual market. According to the article, in this spy thriller, Statham will play an MI 6 guns-and-steel agent recruited by the Global Intelligence Alliance,' Five Eyes'.  His mission will be to track and stop the sale of a deadly weapon that threatens to disrupt the world order.  Reluctantly paired with a high tech CIA expert, he sets off on a globe-trotting mission to infiltrate a billionaire arms broker.
  • Principle photography is due to start in October 2020 in Europe. Additional casting is underway. 
  •  In a related article in collider.com, they say that Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie are teaming up again for Five Eyes. They say Statham's character, the MI 6 agent, will be named Orson Fortune, who is paired with CIA agent Sarah Fidel. This is the fifth time Statham and Ritchie are working together.  And the article says, hey, this is an appropriate title then, Five Eyes. Oh wait, there are two of them. Shouldn't the title be Ten Eyes? (groan)


  • Yahoo has a review of the Kyoshi Kurosawa movie, Wife of a Spy, which premiered at the Venice International Film Festival. 
  •  The review makes it unclear if the movie is really a spy movie.  But there are bioweapons,  smuggled reels of surveillance footage, and forged letters.
  •  The author appeared to not want to give away the film, which of course, hey, that's a good idea. 
  • This movie is seeking US distribution.


Here’s an update on TENET from Europe and the US.
  • Hollywoodreporter.com reports that while the domestic box office launch for Warner Brother's TENET has widely been described as tepid, one analyst said he sees it as a good sign. “We actually view the results as encouraging and a positive indicator of demand. Given all of the COVID-19 headwinds.  That's what B Riley, analyst Eric Wold wrote in a Monday report.
  • The analyst echoed Warner Brothers' argument that it was a promising sign that TENET this weekend dropped just 29% from the 9.4 million earned during the September 4th through the 6th weekend. Even though that isn't an apples-to-apples comparison since the film rolled over the long Labor Day weekend and is now playing in 100 more theaters.
  • According to deadline.com, one of the offshoots of the release of tenant has Warner Brothers, who has both TENET and Wonder Woman 1984, pushing Wonder Woman 1984 to a Christmas release.  Part of the speculation is that the original early October release might have competed with what Warner Brothers hopes will be an early October reopening of theaters in New York and Los Angeles. Warner Brothers will release TENET in those cities if they do open up.  They didn't want to have Wonder Woman 1984 compete with it.
  • Also, 30% of the nation's theater space in the US is still closed down due to the pandemic.  If TENET doesn't open in New York in LA, Warner Brothers might not want to open another blockbuster to only 70% of the US market. In addition, the spot opened up once, the movie Top Gun: Maverick had its release pushed to July 2021. 
  • So what does this portend for the November 6th and 20th release in the US of Black Widow and NO TIME TO DIE respectively? Well in terms of NO TIME TO DIE,  in an article on express.co.uk, they're wondering about the release date. In a compelling statement, they suggest that
  • Wonder Woman 1984 has moved from its October 2nd release to Christmas Day.
  • MGM's Candyman has been delayed indefinitely from the same month to 2021
  • The same studio, MGM, has the movie NO TIME TO DIE, which is internationally distributed by Universal Pictures.
So what does this mean? Read their article for more info, but it does make one wonder!  And they point out we should take another look at the most recent movie poster release for NO TIME TO DIE. Anything about the date pop out? Check out their article.


  • Movieweb.com has an article on an upcoming espionage movie starring Idris Elba.  The movie is untitled, but will release on Apple TV plus.
  • So it isn't James Bond, but Elba will have another spy movie leading role. 
  •  Not much else has been said about the movie other than it's being called a “spy movie with romance” and is set in Africa.
Let's hope it's not a romance movie like director John Woo called Mission: Impossible II. Let's also hope it’s a better movie than Mission: Impossible II.


  • Digitalspy.com has an article quoting Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding, saying that the next James Bond movie is an “opportunity for change, be it female, male, BI gay, straight, trans, Asian, Black, Latina.
  • He ducks the question of if he's been approached for the role.


  • We’ll end with a story about a movie that isn't technically a spy movie.  But the story it tells had a slight influence on the first James Bond movie, Dr. No.  In our podcast on Dr. No, we talked about how EON Productions brought a bit of the real world into the movie.
  • In one scene when James Bond is in Dr. No’s lair, he passes a portrait,  "The Duke of Wellington" by Goya. He stops and takes a quick look.   That portrait in real life had been stolen from the National Gallery in London before the filming of the movie. EON Productions added that touch of reality.
  • At the Venice Film Festival, the movie The Duke, starring Helen Mirren, Matthew Goode, and Jim Broadbent, was shown.  The topic of that movie, the theft of the Duke of Wellington portrait. The movie has an expected UK release in 2021.
So that’s it for this edition of Cracking the Code of Spy Movie News.  Be sure to check out our website, SpyMovieNavigator.com, and our podcasts on your favorite podcast app,  we have a YouTube channel too.  Tell your friends about us. We’ll catch you in the next edition of Spy Movie News.

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Spy Movie News Sept 15 2020: RED NOTICE, FIVE EYES, M:I 7, THE DUKE, TENET, NTTD

Listen to our September 15 2020 edition of Spy Movie News with latest updates on Mission Impossible 7, Red Notice, Five Eyes, Tenet, The Duke, No Time to Die - and some Idris Elba and spy industry news!

Spy Movie News Article – Sept 1 2020: NO TIME TO DIE., M: I 7, TENET, THE KING’S MAN

Related: Spy Movie News Article – Sept 1 2020: NO TIME TO DIE., M: I 7, TENET, THE KING’S MAN

Contributed by: Spy Movie Navigator

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Here's our September 1st, 2020, edition of Spy Movie News where we are Cracking the Code of Spy Movies with the latest updates on TENET, Mission: Impossible 7, and NO TIME TO DIE,  plus we look at some industry trends.


  • In breaking news, we have confirmed that TENET did open in England on August 26 and was planned to open in over 20 additional countries on that same date. And it has a scattered release plan through the September 18th release in Japan. It officially opens September 3rd in the United States, but early access showing started August 31st. 
  • Tom Cruise was seen going to the pre-screening of TENET in England, so there you go.
  • Our co-host in the UK, Vicky Hodges saw TENET the day it opened in the UK, August 26th.  We have a no-spoiler podcast out on it, released August 28th. Check it out, here. It's a fun 8 minutes and has no spoilers.
  • Variety.com reports that TENET had a strong opening for the weekend in Europe with box office sales at $53,000,000 for a film that cost $200 million to produce.   They quote Toby Emmerich, Warner Brothers Pictures Group chairman as saying: “We are off to a fantastic start internationally and couldn't be more pleased.”  See Variety.com for the full story. 


  • Disney didn't wait to see what would happen with TENET or Disney's own, The New Mutants which they released last weekend. Disney pushed The King’s Man to 2021. 
  • Interestingly, they announced this the day before The New Mutants hit theaters. This does make one wonder if Disney plans to push back Black Widow from its November 6th release.   We're guessing ticket sales for TENET will have a big impact on that decision.
  • It also makes us wonder what 2021's release schedule will look like. Will all the movies that have been pushed to 2021 have an impact on the movies scheduled for later in 2021? Might they be pushed to 2022?  Mission: Impossible 7,  we're staring you down for an answer on this one. 


  • Here's some Mission: Impossible 7 news.   They suffered a little set back after an expensive motorcycle stunt went wrong. Check cinemablend.com for all the news. A motorcycle stunt went wrong as the bike burst into flames, but the stuntman is OK. but it was a well planned and costly stunt that had been in the works for a long time.  And it is now a financial and time-frame set back for Mission: Impossible 7.  This movie is scheduled for release on November 19th, 2021. Reportedly, Tom Cruise was not too happy about the accident.  See Cinemablend.com again for more details. 
  •  In our August 1st edition of Spy Movie News, we mentioned that Mission: Impossible 7 wanted to blow up a 111-year-old bridge in Poland. Now here is an update.  Writer-director Chris McQuarrie said “Mission: Impossible says they would never harm icons or historical landmarks.  They were looking for a bridge that needed to come down somewhere in the world and they were contacted by Poland.  But never a monument. No historically significant monuments would be destroyed. But there is a possibility that a portion of the bridge which is now unsafe would need to come down. See empireonline.com/movies for more info. The Bottom Line is that Mission: Impossible is acting responsibly and working with Poland on what might be possible. 
  • Screenrant reports that Tom Cruise, a certified helicopter pilot, during a break, landed a helicopter near the 9th hole at a golf course in England so he could grab lunch at the clubhouse. How's that for a stunt? 
  • And here’s another real stunt.  Nme.com reports that Tom Cruise will jump off a motorcycle mid-air for a fabulous action stunt in Mission: Impossible 7.  He's like 160 feet in the air. Photos at Nme.com and also at thesun.co.uk.  #CruiseisCool.


Let’s move on to NO TIME TO DIE.
  • From “The Spy Command”,  August 18th, 2020 edition: there hasn't been a whole lot of news for NO TIME TO DIE, but there has been enough to get fans interested. As usual, there are questions. 
  •  You see a lot of licensed product news like the Funko pops and usually, that means that the release is imminent for the film. However, as “The Spy Command” says, who knows if the licensees are really in the know about when the movie will release, so there's still always a question.
  • “The Spy Command” also reports that there was an investor's call by MGM with its investors and the chief operating officer said: “yeah, two releases in 2020 are scheduled, but there is a but, and who knows if these releases will slip.” There is always a but.
  • Indiewire.com reported that if there is another slip for NO TIME TO DIE, it is unlikely that the movie will be pushed to summer 2021.  There have been no EON Productions summer releases since Licence to Kill's release in July 1989.  That movie was not well received great release, coming in 4th at that time. It was the worst opening of any EON Productions Bond film.  So, it’s unlikely that it would be the summer of 2021.
  • Some things that will affect the release, of course, are:
  • worldwide statistics for the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The decisions countries are making concerning theaters opening or not.
  •  Billie Eilish’s recording of the NO TIME TO DIE theme song was a first for James Bond films.  It was recorded at her home studio and not in a traditional recording studio Read all about it at cinemablend.com
  • And also at cinemablend.com: there is a new image of Rami Malek's character, Safin, which was also released on Instagram. Check that out. It's pretty cool.
  • Radiotimes.com reports even this summer that Cary Fukunaga is not tweaking NO TIME TO DIE.  He says he had mentally and emotionally finished the film in the spring of 2020.   Read the full report at Radiotimes.com. 


  • In general news, some companies are moving filming locations to Canada due to COVID-19.  Other venues being looked at are the UK and Australia.  For The Last Duel, Ben Affleck, the producer and star, is doing this. Will we see more of this? Cnbc.com has an article on this topic.   Will this affect planned releases of movies in the fall of 2020?  We will see. 
  • And a belated Happy 90th Birthday to Sean Connery. Our first 007 from Eon Productions, who was also recently voted the best James Bond in a poll by radiotimes.com.  Timothy Dalton came in at #2 in the poll. 
  So that’s it for this edition of Cracking the Code of Spy Movie News.  Be sure to check out our website, SpyMovieNavigator.com, and our podcasts on your favorite podcast app,  we have a YouTube channel too.  Tell your friends about us. We’ll catch you in the next edition of Spy Movie News.  

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Here's our September 1st, 2020, edition of Spy Movie News where we are Cracking the Code of Spy Movies with the latest updates on TENET, Mission: Impossible 7, and NO TIME TO DIE,  plus we look at some industry trends.

Spy Movie News – Tenet, The King’s Man, Black Widow, & Red Notice – 8/11/2020 Update

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We have recorded this article as a podcast.  If you want to watch it,  click here. This article will update the status of the movies The King’s Man, Tenet, Black Widow, and Red Notice.  We last talked about these movies in this article from April. We'll also look at a couple of industry changes that will likely have an impact on movie going for the foreseeable future.


(currently set for and August -September release depending on the location)

So, let’s start with Tenet.   This is the Christopher Nolan movie which is supposed to be the first tent pole movie released in the US during the pandemic.  What happens here will have ramifications for the industry as a whole. The release has been pushed numerous times as the movie industry is trying to figure out how to release a movie safely during the pandemic and in a manner in which consumers will still go to a theater. According to an article by Tom Brueggmann in Indiewire, the current plan for Tenet is a UK release date of August 26, 2020, and in 50 other territories between the 26th and 28th. China’s release date is still unknown, but the movie has been approved there. It will have a US release on September 3rd in select theaters. Currently, 45 states in the US permit indoor theaters to operate with some restrictions/safety precautions.  Cinemark, Regal, and AMC all have opening dates scheduled by the end of August with wide releases starting on August 21st.   Warner Brothers is re-releasing Inception as well.   From what I’ve read, you should probably watch Inception again before seeing Tenet.  So, as Brueggmann’s article states “even if California and New York couldn’t open and a few other areas besides, more than 80% of the population would still have the potential to see Tenet in an indoor theater.”   We’re eager to see how many people will actually go.  As Seth Rogan said about Tenet in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter: “For a while, it seemed like the answer was to kill his greatest fans,” Rogen told THR. “But that’s not the answer of today, it seems, so that’s good. But we have no idea. We don’t want to be the first to rush into anything.” We here are SpyMovieNavigator are watching this closely.

The King's Man

(Currently set for it's US release in September)

The next spy movie scheduled to be released is The King’s Man, the prequel to earlier Kingsman movies.  This is still scheduled for a September 18, 2020 release date in the US.  We can only imagine that what happens with Tenet will have a huge effect as to whether this date changes. In an article on this prequel on movieweb.com by Jon Fuge,  Director Matthew Vaughan said that this prequel will lay the foundations for Kingsman 3. Vaughan says: "We've put seeds for what's going to happen in Kingsman 3 all the way back into this. And it's going to be very different." So, while The King’s Man is a prequel it is being used to set up Kingsman 3 (this sounds like Star Wars numbering here).   What I would have called Kingsman 3 is this prequel, maybe you can think of it as Kingsman 1?  Thus the 4th Kingsman movie would be Kingsman 3?  My head hurts when they do stuff like this.


In industry news, two big recent announcements may change theatrical releases for a long time, one by Disney and one by AMC and Universal. Will Black Widow be affected by these announcements?


The first is an acknowledgement of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the movie business.  Disney announced last week that Mulan will no longer have its initial release in theaters.  Instead, they will be releasing it on September 3rd on Disney Plus, but not as a regular part of the service.    In addition to the monthly $6.99 Disney Plus monthly subscription price, if you want to see this movie, you can rent it for $29.99. It will be released theatrically in markets in which access to Disney Plus is not available.  That means you can see it in a theater if you are in a country that doesn’t have Disney Plus. Initially, we were surprised by the price point.   However, after doing some research, we think the $30 rental price is a fair price for a family movie.   According to Statista.com, in 2019 the average ticket price at North American movie theaters was $9.16 with AMC coming in higher than that.   Let’s make the math easy and call it $10.00 a ticket.   A family of 3 would spend $30 just to see the movie in a theater, not counting the prices of any food and drink you might get.  So the $30 price point seems reasonable.   Assuming that same number of people who would have gone to the theater buy into this, Disney will make more money than if this was in a theater.   A 2016 article on theweek.com says that US theaters end up paying the studios somewhere around 60% of their proceeds from the box office, up to 90% for a first-run movie.  So to Disney’s bottom line, they would net about the equivalent of just under 5 people going the theater to see the movie at the 60% number. Plus, you need the Disney Plus subscription.  Given the estimate of over $1billion in the expected global box office, this has to really hurt theaters. According to an article in Variety, Disney CEO Bob Chapek says that this is a one-time event.  “We’re looking at Mulan as a one-off as opposed to saying there is some new business windowing model that we’re looking at. “ This quote by Chapek is intriguing as Black Widow was pushed back from May 2020 to November 6, 2020, in the US.  MCU fans are now asking Disney to do the same release to Digital strategy for Black Widow as Disney is doing with Mulan.  We’ll see if the “one-off” is a reality or just too good a deal for Disney to not make part of its release model.


The second bit of general movie news is that prior to this Disney announcement, Universal and AMC made a deal to try to quell the fears of straight-to-digital killing the movie theater market.  After Universal released Trolls World Tour on digital on the same day as theaters after the pandemic hit, AMC banned Universal movies from its theaters.   This new deal mends that fence. Universal movies will be in AMC theaters exclusively for at least 3 weekends or 17 days, instead of the old model of 70 days.  Universal can keep a movie exclusively in theaters for longer than that, but 17 days is the new minimum.   Movies will hit the digital marketplace much sooner, but AMC can still survive on the new release. An August 4th article on CNBC.com by Sarah Whitten talks about how Cinemark and Regal which combined have more theaters than AMC don’t have, nor do they want this deal AMC struck.  So this might get interesting. It’s also interesting when juxtaposing this news with the Disney news which happened a week later.  First, as we said, a theater may have to pay up to 90% of a first release's box office to the studio.   At 17 days, they won’t be able to make that much profit from the movie before they lose exclusivity.  Now, they may be able to keep the movie in the theater while it’s available on digital . And I assume they’d have to pay Universal much less than 90% once digital becomes competition.  That said, I’d rather see Black Widow, The Kings Man, or No Time To Die on a big screen.  They are visual movies.  So, let’s hope this deal helps theaters stay afloat in these changing market conditions.    Second, with Disney charging for Mulan separate from their subscription pricing, how can movie theaters compete with this?   We’re assuming this “one-off” isn’t going to end up as a one-off and Disney does this more often, and possibly with Black Widow.   How will the movie theater chains react? Times are changing and it is not just because of the pandemic.  The combined effects of digital distribution with the impact of the pandemic are likely to change the movie industry to a large degree. We think the studios want to accelerate the move to digital and the pandemic is giving them the excuse to do so.  So stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.


Finally, the release movie called Red Notice has been pushed to 2021.  It doesn’t have a release date yet. So, there you have the latest news on the current state of spy movies for 2020.  We’ll be shocked if it doesn’t change again with the pandemic. But we hope we get to see at least a couple of these movies this year.

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The 2020 spy movie release schedule has been dramatically shaken up by the pandemic. We discuss the current release dates as of 3/28/2000.

Spy Movie News Article for Oct 1 2020 – No Time To Die!

Lots of news on No Time to Die this period, so this entire episode is devoted to it - looking release date strategies, The Official James Bond Podcast launch Billie Eilish, Ana de Armas and more!

No Time To Die is now scheduled for a November 2020 release, after the April 2020 delay due to the worldwide pandemic.  

Plenty of speculation of what will happen in the film – we have about 6 podcasts out on No Time To Die already!  The biggest question is:  What will happen to Bond?   Will he survive?  Die? Be Dying?  Will someone big, who we are used to, die?

James Bond has been around since Ian Fleming first published "Casino Royale" in 1953.   He has been on television with Barry Nelson playing an American version of Jimmy Bond, in the 1954 production of Casino Royale.  The first actor to play Bond on screen.   Then Eon Productions took over striking a deal with Fleming to produce James Bond movies, and Dr. No was the first one they produced, released in 1962. It was an immediate hit.    About $1 million to produce, and it grossed over $59 million!

Eon continued to produce James Bond movies, and No Time To Die will be their 25th film in the franchise. Over the decades, they grossed at the box office over $7 billion.  And then there are licensing fees, DVD and Blue Ray sales and more that bring in revenue.

The formula, although changed gradually over the decades, has worked well for Eon Productions.   It has made them a lot of money, has gained them tons of recognition around the world, and continues to be a juggernaut.   Skyfall (2012), their 23rd movie, grossed over $1 billion at the box office.   And Spectre, in 2015, grossed over $878 million dollars.   So, this franchise is strong and continues to grow in popularity and in making money.   Which is a good thing.

So, now we have No Time to Die, the 25th entry, scheduled.   And speculations abound.  Many serious reports that Bond will survive, and others that he will die.   Now, if you are Eon Productions, which has successfully tweaked Bond’s character over the decades, reducing his misogynist tendencies and womanizing, and make him more in tune with the brave new world.  

And, as of the last film, Spectre (not one of the fans' favorite films in general), they still grossed over $879 million. Not bad, right?


You're in a meeting with Eon.  Where should the franchise head?

So, now suppose you are sitting in one of the Eon meetings where they are deciding what to do next.   Are you raising your hand saying, “I think what is best for the business is if we kill off Bond in our next release?”

Well, if not you, who?  Danny Boyle?  And what is the argument?

“I think in Bond 25, we should kill off Bond and start afresh with a new 007 – perhaps a woman.   It would fit the social narrative of our cultures now, and we can gain a large part of the female audience that we lack so much now.   The male audience will continue to come to see the “Bond” movies because they are used to it and will want to see how the new 007 develops. We can merchandise lots of clothing and other items around the new 007 who is female.   We won’t lose out massive Bond audience if we do this right.”

What happens if you're wrong?

Well.   What if you DO lose your audience – your multi-billion-dollar business might be competing with Charlies’ Angels instead of dominating the spy movie world.   What happens if the new 007 is NOT accepted?  IF people want Ian Fleming’s Bond still around – after all, THAT is the whole basis of the James Bond franchise – the original Ian Fleming manuscripts.

 Yes – James Bond has changed over the decades as we have said. He is becoming more of a good social citizen.   But we must remember, a spy by nature is two-faced.   When we talked to Roberto Schaefer, Director of Photography for Quantum of Solace, he said as much.   A spy is something else in the known world and an undercover assassin in the dark underworld.   So, how much do we want him to change IN the dark underworld where his business takes him? Do we want a completely different spy? A nicer spy in this dark world?  

Then what?

Basically, what else do we demand to be changed in the character of James Bond?   Let’s make a list.

  1. He is still too much a misogynist.  So, we must get rid of that.
  2. He still does not have enough respect for women.  So, we must change that
  3. He has been a cold-hearted killer.   Shooting and killing people who are unarmed, like Professor Dent on Dr. No.  We can’t have that.
  4. Bond knows how to do everything.  He can fly any craft, drive any vehicle, get out of any jam, disarm bombs – is anyone THAT good?  He needs to be more realistic. 
  5. And on what an agent makes, how can Bond afford the best clothes, the best food and drink, the best of everything?  MI6 isn’t paying for all that stuff, are they? Unrealistic.   Need a more grounded agent – grounded in the real world.

And if we change all of this in Bond, no one will accept this new iteration of Bond.   So, maybe we switch to a whole new spy.  A female “Bond-like” character.

This is all possible. With the delay of No Time to Die, we have more time to speculate. 

Our thoughts

Now, if it were SpyMovieNavigator making this decision, we would do one of two things.

Leave Bond alone.  People for decades have been loving James Bond in the movies, so leave him alone. Sure, tweak some things as you have done in the past.   The faithful audience can accept that people, even spies, change over time.    And James Bond in the movies, HAS changed over time, and the last couple of Bond movies were the highest-grossing box office Bond films ever.   So, there is plenty of reason to stay the course. If you are going to introduce another MI6 agent to take Bond’s place - a complete replacement – then do it as an experiment.  Do NOT kill off Bond.  Ian Fleming left us hanging at the end of his novel, "From Russia With Love", not knowing if Bond would survive the poison unleashed upon him by Klebb.   In No Time to Die, do a similar thing then, if you must.  Leave us hanging.

If you KILL off Bond, and the new agent replacement for 007 is NOT accepted, what do you do?   Now, if this were science fiction, you have no problem.   Because no one ever dies in science fiction.  You can write anyone back into the next script. 

But this is not science fiction.

Where have we seen this before?

But wait.   Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did it with Sherlock Holmes!  Sherlock Holmes died in "The Adventure of the Final Problem", after falling off Reichenbach Falls.  Sherlock Holmes.  Dead.   And fans did not like it!  They were outraged!

So, after pressure from his publisher and the public, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle “brought back” Sherlock Holmes in "The Hound of the Baskervilles", which was a prequel to Holmes' death in "The Final Problem". So, he really was not brought back from the dead.   Yet. They COULD do the same with Bond. Bring back Bond, if the new non-Bond 007 is a flop – in a series of prequels.  

But Sir Arthur Conan Doyle finally did bring Holmes back to life, in a series of short stories, "The Return of Sherlock Holmes".

So, maybe EON Productions can bring back James Bond in a similar manner.   He dies, let’s say, in No Time to Die.  The movie-going public is outraged and rejects the new 007 in the next film released.   A board meeting.   Eon decides, we must bring Bond back.  And, they fabricate a screenplay that does just that.  It is possible.

And would the public accept it?  Yes, of course!  They did for Sherlock Holmes and they will for Bond!  

And that takes us to ... To die or not to die?  That is the question . . . that may not matter!

So, it seems:

  1. If Eon Productions kills off Bond in No Time to Die, they could probably bring him back to life somehow in a future movie, that is either a prequel or he is resurrected and is alive again to “Die Another Day.”  Or, perhaps the new 007 is even more popular than James Bond, and he remains dead as long as the money is rolling in. 
  2. If they leave us hanging, with Bond appearing to die, or dying at the end, then Eon could easily choose to do what they want next.
  3. If Bond survives, then life goes on.  And so does the Bond franchise.

So, it looks like Eon Productions can do whatever they want in No Time to Die, and all will be fine for them.   Sure, some rough waters could be ahead, but they can always return to calm seas.  

For us James Bond 007 fans, let’s see what they do.  But, whatever they do, let’s just chill out.  In fiction, where you write it and it is done, anything can happen. 




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The Lost and Overlooked Bonds

Contributed by: Daniel Silvestri and Tom Pizzato of SpyMovieNavigator.com

Posted on
James Bond has been big for decades!  Spies still rule movies, and James Bond still rules spies!  There have been six actors who have played James Bond so far in the EON Production James Bond 007 movies.  Hundreds of articles and polls rank these actors as to who is the best, with rankings from one to sixThere is some consensus that people like Sean Connery the best.  Daniel Craig is ranked highly as well And, there are those who love Pierce Brosnan, and others who adore Roger Moore. Many times, what influences a person’s rankings or favorite Bond is the era in which they grew up. If you grew up with Pierce, then a lot of people like Pierce and so on. As a result, that means that there are two who are the lost and overlooked Bonds.  We would like to concentrate on these “forgotten” Bonds. Namely, George Lazenby from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and Timothy Dalton from The Living Daylights  and Licence to Kill 

Is George Lazenby - A lost and Overlooked Bond?

George Lazenby wearing a tux - headshotOn Her Majesty’s Secret Service is just one of the best Bond stories Fleming ever wroteAnd while bringing it to film, EON Productions stuck very closely to the Fleming text. George's only acting experience had been in television commercials.  Still, he landed the role after Sean Connery decided to leave the franchise.

The Criticism

There is a loof criticism swirling about that George Lazenby was a poor Bond, that his acting was terrible, that his characterization of Bond was weak. However, we think that this is misguided.  In our opinion, George is one of the lost and overlooked Bonds who deserves more credit than he gets.  We think George did a wonderful job as Bond.  He was surrounded by an outstanding cast spearheaded by Diana Rigg (Tracy di Vincenzo) and Gabriele Ferzetti (Draco, Tracy’s father)The movie was well done.  It has great cinematography and wonderful locations selected in Portugal and Switzerland 

George Lazenby's Talent

George Lazenby was a believable, emotional, real-person Bond: much like Fleming wrote Bond. For example, look at the scene  at Draco’s birthday party at the bull ring.  Bond follows Tracy down the stairs and speaks with her just outside the bull ring.  Lazenby's acting is just spot-on, he's a believable guy. He's a guy, not just a spy guy.   James Bond (George Lazenby) and Tracy (Diana Rigg) in the barn   And when Bond and Tracy are hiding in the barn, and Bond asks Tracy to marry him. We think this is just a perfect scene – well played.  Diana Rigg certainly elevates the emotions and acting here.   George Lazenby as James Bond - see his expression when he looks at Tracy's dead body   In the last scene, he is cradling his dead wife in his arms in the car after she is killed.  George is just outstandingWe believe is a very real Bond.  He's a very believable spy who is also a human being.  Lazenby gives a very consistent portrayal of Bond throughout this production.   

Our Thoughts On George Lazenby

Lazenby should have continued to do more Bond films, but he received advice from agents or friends that he should move onAnd he didThat is too bad because we think he would have been better and better as Bond, and a very solid contribution to the history of the franchiseGeorge Lazenby, at the time of this writing, is still active.  He participated in the 50th Anniversary of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service celebration held in Portugal and Switzerland in 2019, and is active on Twitter at https://twitter.com/lazenbyofficial  We truly believe that George Lazenby is one of the lost and overlooked Bonds.  That is unfortunate because we really liked his performance in the role.

Is Timothy Dalton - a lost and overlooked Bond?

Timothy Dalton wearing a tux - headshotAfter Roger Moore left the Bond franchise having done seven James Bond films, Timothy Dalton stepped in as the next James Bond, for the 1987 film, The Living DaylightsHis take on the role was to bring back the Fleming-esque elements of Bond – the blunt instrument of the government – the tough, rough assassin who is dedicated to Queen and Country.   The transition from a very light Bond portrayed by Roger Moore, with a more tongue-in-cheek approach, lots of funny quips, more humor than we have seen ion any other Bond – to Timothy Dalton’s Bond was like Evel Knievel leaping across Grand Canyon on a motorcycle – a huge challenge.    In short, after seven Bond films with Moore, the viewing public might not have been ready for this take on Bond. Dalton played a very serious James Bond – with few quips, few smiles, and a very hard-nosed focus on getting the job done, and in a way that was a very believable approach to how a spy in the real-world night workThe missions were more down-to-earth too: transporting a defecting spy from the Russians to the British in The Living Daylights, and capturing a South American drug lord in Licence to Kill.  This is stuff that really happens in the real world – not dealing with some demented, super-megalomaniacal enemy who wants to rule the world. Although in real life we have some instances of that.     We like that “normal” approach to the spy world – which is more realistic.  However, we have enjoyed the world domination theme as well in the other films  With Dalton, you can see several things which stand out in his acting: 

Facial Expressions

For instance, his facial expressions are exactly that – they express a lot to the viewer in just a few short seconds.  This is very difficult to doSome great examples of this are: 
    • In The Living Daylights:

Timothy Dalton looking for revenge after Saunder's death • Saunders gets killed and Bond runs to his side. A balloon blows in with "Smiert Spionom" written on it.  Dalton's angry face says it all - he will retaliate.  

• Similarly, during the entire scene with Pushkin in the hotel room where Bond is threatening him with his gun.  Dalton has perfect facial expressions and body movement. 

    • In Licence to Kill:

Timothy Dalton's expression when looking at Della after her death 

When Bond finds Della's body 



And then finds Felix in the body bag - his face just says it all - terrific acting.


 • His facial expression when M is talking to Bond at the Hemingway House, revoking his license to kill is top-notch.

• When Bond tells Sanchez about potential traitors and Sanchez says he was right and got the guy, and Bond says, “Only one?”  Again, lots of potential dialogue delivered in a couple of words and great facial communications which substitutes for more linePerfect.

In the scene where Sanchez dies.  Bond is wounded and bleeding.  Sanchez, after saying “You could have had it all” goes up in flames. Examine Bond’s face – you feel the pain, you feel the tension.   

Body Movement

Similarly, Timothy Dalton’s body movements are spot on.  In other words, he walks, he fights, and he runs just like what we think a normal human being would be like 
    • In Licence to Kill:
      • When Bond is walking with Hawkins through Mallory Square in Key West on the way to the Hemingway House to meet M. Bond which Bond did not know that's where they were going at the time.  However,  he moves like a normal personNatural, walking, and walking. 
      • And, when he's on the boat with Sharkey going to Wavecrest’s warehouse and research center – again, great facial expressions, and great, natural body movement. 
      • And, when he gets off the boat at the Barrelhead Bar in Bimini – again, perfect movement, perfect facial expressions, and inside the bar, his face says it allSo powerful.
    • In The Living Daylights, as above, with the Pushkin scene Dalton's body movement is just what you think it should be. And, as you're watching, you do not think about it. This is the pointThis entire scene is Dalton at his bestLove it! 

Our Thoughts On Timothy Dalton

These are just a few examplesDalton did a great job as Bond and we wish he would have done more Bond moviesFor a variety of reasons it was not to be.  This was partially due to delays in the next release (6 years).  Some licensing issues and rumors that lower box office numbers had something to do with it.  But, Dalton himself says, they approached him to do GoldenEye. However, they wanted a 5 movie deal.  As a result, Dalton thought that would be the rest of his life and turned them down.   See this article in Esquire where he talks about this very point.    In our opinion, Timothy is the other lost and overlooked Bonds who deserves more credit than he gets.

Bravo Gentlemen

In short, these overlooked and mostly forgotten Bonds deserve an honored place in Bond movie folklore, performance, and durabilityThey have survived the years, and more people now think that their work should be appreciated as part of the James Bond 007 movie franchise  Therefore, we salute both George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton as rightful Bonds!  What do you think?

10 Spy Movies for Kids and Your Whole Family

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Related: Spy Movies For Kids – behind the PG rating of SPIES IN DISGUISE!

Contributed by: Spy Movie Navigator

Posted on
As parents, we’re all looking for ideas of things to keep our children busy.  So, why not let them watch some spy movies made for kids? To help with this, we at Spy Movie Navigator have looked at the movies available that are kid-friendly and created this list of spy movies for kids. Please note that Spy Movie Navigator receives no compensation if you purchase or rent any of these movies. Note: The online information was gathered at the beginning of April 2020 so it may change over time.

PG-Rated Spy Movies

Spies in Disguise (2019 movie)

Spies in Disguise - Spy Movies for KidsDescription (from 20th Century website

In this high-flying animated comedy, super-spy Lance Sterling (Will Smith) and scientist Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) are almost exact opposites. Lance is smooth, suave and debonair. Walter is none of the above. But this unlikely duo must team up for the ultimate mission to save the world when a “biodynamic concealment” experiment transforms Lance into a brave, fierce, majestic...pigeon!

Rating: PG

Run Time: 101 minutes

Trailer: (click here to view the trailer from YouTube)

Podcast: Spy Movie Navigator has a podcast about Spies in Disguise which discusses it in more detail.  You can find it by clicking here.

Where to find it online:

 This movie is currently not included free in any service that we’ve found. Therefore, there is currently a rental/purchase charge to view this movie from any of these sites.
Google badge for Spies in Disguise Microsoft badge for Spies in Disguise
YouTube badge for Spies in Disguise PlayStation badge for Spies in Disguise Movies Anywhere badge for Spies in Disguise
Prime badge for Spies in Disguise Fandango badge for Spies in Disguise Vudu badge for Spies in Disguise

Penguins of Madagascar (2014 movie) 

Penguins of Madagascar - Spy Movies for Kids

Description: (from Dreamworks website)

They're cute...they're cuddly...they're back! From the creators of MADAGASCAR comes the hilarious new movie that proves global espionage is for the birds! In DreamWorks' PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR, your favorite super-spies--Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private--join forces with the elite North Wind team to save the world. It's a side-splitting, globe-trotting adventure the whole family will love!

Rating: PG

Run Time: 1 hour 32 minutes

Trailer: (click here to view the trailer from YouTube)

Where to find it online: 

This movie is currently not included free in any service that we’ve found. Therefore, there is currently a rental/purchase charge to view this movie from any of these sites.

Prime badge for Penguins of Madagascar - Spy movies for kids iTunes badge for Penguins of Madagascar Vudu badge for Penguins of Madagascar Microsoft badge for Penguins of Madagascar Google badge for Penguins of Madagascar

Inspector Gadget (1999 movie)

Inspector Gadget - Spy Movies for Kids

Description: (from Disney’s website

A security guard's dreams come true when he is selected to be transformed into a cybernetic police officer.

Inspector Gadget isn’t technically a spy movie, but when we ask kids about their favorite spies, his name comes up often so we included him in this list

Rating: PG

Run Time: 1 Hour 18 Minutes

Trailer: (click here to view the trailer from YouTube)

Where to find it online:

This movie is included in a Disney+ subscription, click -->         Disney+ Badge

Also, if you don't have Disney+, you can rent/purchase this movie online here:

iTunes badge for Inspector Gadget - Spy Movies For Kids Google badge for Inspector Gadget Prime badge for Inspector Gadget Vudu badge for Inspector Gadget

Spy Kids (2001 movie)

Spy Kids - Spy Movies for Kids

Description: (from Miramax website)

Nine years ago, top international spies Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez traded the excitement of espionage for the adventure of parenthood. But when they're called out on a secret mission, the Cortezes are separated from their family and kidnapped by the evil Fegan Floop. Fortunately, there are two people who possess the skills and know-how to reunite the family: Carmen and Juni Cortez, their kids.

Note:  Three more Spy Kids movies followed upon the success of this one.  They are Spy Kids 2, Spy Kids 3: Game Over, and Spy Kids: All the Time in the World.

Rating: PG

Run Time: 1 hour 28 minutes

Trailer: (click here to view the trailer from YouTube)

Where to find it online:

If you have Netflix, Spy Kids is included in the membership at no additional charge (Spy Kids is only on Netflix until 4/30/2020).

Netflix badge for Spy Kids - Spy Movies for Kids

Included with Netflix

However, if you don't have Netflix, you can rent/purchase the movie online here:

iTunes badge for Spy Kids Prime badge for Spy Kids YouTube badge for Spy Kids Google badge for Spy Kids Vudu badge for Spy Kids Fandango badge for Spy Kids

Spy School (2008 movie)

Spy School - Spy Movies for Kids

Description: (From IMDB)

Spy School is the story of a twelve-year-old boy known for telling tall tales who overhears a plot to kidnap the President's daughter. When he goes public with his story, no one believes him, and he is forced to save her on his own.

Please note this movie is also known as Doubting Thomas.  However, in 2018 another movie called Doubting Thomas was released that is a different movie and isn't a spy movie. We don't know if it is a movie for kids as it is unrated and we haven't seen it.  Also, there is a 1935 Will Rogers movie called Doubting Thomas.  So, please make sure you are looking at the 2008 movie if you want the right one.

Rating: PG Run Time: 1 hour 26 minutes Trailer: (click here to view the trailer from YouTube) Where to find it online: This spy movie is available at no cost on Tubi under the title Doubting Thomas.

 Tubi badge for Spy School - Spy Movies for Kids

Additionally, it is available at the following links for an additional charge:
Prime badge for Spy School Microsoft badge for Spy School Google badge for Spy School iTunes badge for Spy School Vudu badge for Spy School

Agent Cody Banks (2003 movie)

Agent Cody Banks - Spy Movies for Kids Description: (From IMDB)

A government agent trains Cody Banks in the ways of covert operations that require younger participants.

In addition to this movie, please note that there is a sequel called Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London.

Rating: PG Run Time: 1 hour 42 minutes Trailer: (click here to view the trailer from YouTube) Where to find it online: This spy movie is currently available as part of an HBO GO subscription. HBO GO badge for Agent Cody Banks - Spy Movies for Kids

However, if you do not subscribe to HBO, choose one of these other options.  You have a rent/buy option at these other sites.

Prime badge for Agent Cody Banks iTunes badge for Agent Cody Banks Google badge for Agent Cody Banks Microsoft badge for Agent Cody Banks Vudu badge for Agent Cody Banks

Harriet the Spy (1996 movie)

Harriet the Spy - Spy Movies for Kids Description: (From IMDB)

Harriet M. Welsch is a spy. But when Harriet's friends find her secret notebook the tables are turned on her. Can she win her friends back and still keep on going with the spy business?

Rating: PG Run Time: 1 hour 40 minutes Trailer: (click here to view the trailer from YouTube) Where to find it online: You'll find Harriet The Spy  for rent in your Amazon Prime membership.

Prime badge for Harriet the Spy - Spy Movies for Kids

It is also available to rent or buy at the following links:
YouTube badge for Harriet the Spy iTunes badge for Harriet the Spy Microsoft badge for Harriet the Spy Google badge for Harriet the Spy Vudu badge for Harriet the Spy

G-Rated Spy Movies

Sam Steele and the Junior Detective Agency (2009 movie)

Junior Detective Agency - Spy Movies for Kids Description: (From IMDB)

13-year-old Sam Steele Jr. forms his own private detective agency to emulate his father, Des Moines detective Sam Steele and helps track down a jewel thief.

In this movie,  Sam is a detective.  We included this in our list as it is rated G and has some spy-movie elements. The sequels call Sam a spy, so we’ll start with this first one.  The sequels are Sam Steele and the Crystal Chalice in 2011 and The Junior Spy Agency in 2014.

Rating: G Run Time: 1 hour 27 minutes Trailer: (click here to view the trailer from YouTube) Where to find it online: You'll find Sam Steele and the Junior Detective Agency in your Amazon Prime membership at no additional cost. Prime badge for Junior Detective Agency - Spy Movies for Kids

Included with Prime

Also, you might also want to poke around on YouTube.  The links for the three related movies are not consistent on YouTube with trailers for the different movies using each other’s titles.  However, you’ll find what you are looking for there.  In addition, this YouTube link will take you to where you can buy/rent the spy movie. But we strongly suggest you do a YouTube search first. YouTube badge for Junior Detective Agency

Cars 2 (2011 movie)

Cars 2 - Spy Movies for Kids Description: (From Disney website)

Star race car Lightning McQueen and the incomparable tow truck Mater take their friendship on the road from Radiator Springs to exciting new places when they head overseas to compete in the first-ever World Grand Prix to determine the world's fastest car. But the road to the championship is filled with plenty of potholes, detours and hilarious surprises when Mater gets caught up in an intriguing adventure of his own: international espionage!

Rating: G Run Time: 1 hour 46 minutes Trailer: (click here to view the trailer from YouTube) Where to find it online: You'll find Cars 2 in your Disney+ subscription.

Disney Plus badge for Cars 2 - Spy Movies for Kids

Included with Disney+

However, if you don't have a Disney+ subscription, you can rent/buy Cars 2  online at these sites:
Prime badge for Cars 2 iTunes badge for Cars 2 Microsoft badge for Cars 2 Google badge for Cars 2 Vudu badge for Cars 2

Odd Squad: The Movie (2016 movie)

Odd Squad The Movie - Spy Movies for Kids

Description: (from IMDB)

Odd Squad is forced out of business when Weird Team, a rival team of adults, arrives with a gadget that solves odd problems. But while leading normal lives, the Odd Squad agents discover that the group isn't solving problems, just covering them up.

Rating: G

Run Time: 1 hour 7 minutes

Trailer: (click here to view the trailer from YouTube)

Where to find it online:

If you have Amazon Prime, this spy movie is included in the membership at no additional charge (as of 4/9/2020).

Prime badge for Odd Squad The Movie - Spy Movies for Kids

Included with Prime

In conclusion, we hope you and your kids liked these spy movies.   Please let us know your thoughts on these movies.  Also, if there are other spy movies your kids like that we should include in our next list, please let us know.  To make that easy, just press the red button on the right side of this page.  Then, you can leave a voicemail for us with your thoughts.

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2020 Spy Movie release schedule – April 3 Update

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Contributed by: Spy Movie Navigator

Posted on
Keeping up with the changes is challenging. Many of the studios have done a terrible job keeping their websites updated with the changing dates. As an example, The Informer was to release on January 10, 2020. Their website still shows the poster with this date. However, the release date got pushed back to July 30, 2020. So check back here and we'll keep the list as updated as possible. The pandemic has also caused production delays for movies like that are scheduled for a 2021 release. As of today, Mission: Impossible 7 has kept its July 23, 2021, U.S. release date. We will do our best to keep you up to date. Just realize that until the pandemic runs its course or movie theaters reopen, this list is very fluid. We’ve also seen a small number of movies releasing direct to Video on Demand (VOD) and bypassing theaters during this pandemic If you are a spy movie fan, please don't miss our Cracking the Code of Spy Movies podcasts.  You can find them here. So, here’s the current 2020 Spy Movie release schedule with U.S. release dates:
Current 2020 US Release Date Title Original Release Month Standards Body Rating Certificate Comments
April 17 My Spy January, then March 2020 US Rating: PG-13 for action /violence and languageU.K Rating: 12A See All Certifications Here UPDATE: This movie got pushed from January right into the heart of the COVID pandemic in March. They only pushed it until April 17th, however. We believe it is likely to get pushed one more time to get out of the Coronavirus shutdowns. We’ll keep this article up-to-date on this movie. This movie stars Dave Bautista, who played Hinx in Spectre. MY SPY follows JJ a hardened CIA operative (Dave Bautista) who has been demoted and finds himself at the mercy of a precocious 9-year-old girl, named Sophie (Chloe Coleman) where he has been sent undercover begrudgingly to surveil her family. When Sophie discovers hidden cameras in her apartment she uses her tech-savviness to locate where the surveillance operation is set. In exchange for not blowing JJ’s cover, Sophie convinces him to spend time with her and teach her to be a spy. Despite his reluctance, JJ finds he is no match for Sophie’s disarming charm and wit. Source: https://www.myspy.movie
July 17 Tenet July 2020 Not Yet Rated Christopher Nolan fans: he's written and directed this movie. This is a movie shrouded in secrecy. They are really not letting too much out it at all. All we've seen written is from IMDB: "An action epic revolving around international espionage, time travel, and evolution" There is a trailer for the movie that is very intriguing. You can find it here: https://www.tenetfilm.com. It is the first big-budget movie ($225 million estimated budget) to film in Tallinn, Estonia which should be good to see.
July 30 The Informer January 2020 US: Rfor strong violence and pervasive languageUK Rating: 15See All certifications here This one has Ana de Armas (No Time To Die) and Rosamond Pike (Die Another Day) for the Bond fans. Update: This is one of those “everything changes, and they don’t tell anyone” movies. This was supposed to release on January 10, 2020. No theaters were playing it yet it showed up on Fandango with no times. It then got pushed to March 13, 2020, right in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic time. Now it is supposed to release on July 31, 2020. Here's the synopsis from the official website: Honorably discharged Special Ops soldier Pete Koslow’s (Joel Kinnaman) world is turned upside-down when he is jailed after a fight to protect his wife (Ana de Armas). He’s given a chance for early release by becoming an informant for the FBI (Academy Award nominees Rosamund Pike and Clive Owen) and using his covert skills in an operation to take down The General, the most powerful crime boss in New York. Source: http://aviron.com/films/the-informer.php
September 18 Without Remorse September, 2020 Not Yet Rated This is an adaptation of Tom Clancy's novel, "Without Remorse". John Clark, a Navy SEAL, goes on a path to avenge his wife's murder only to find himself inside of a larger conspiracy.
September 18 The King's Man September, 2020 Not Yet Rated This is the prequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. As a collection of history’s worst tyrants and criminal masterminds gather to plot a war to wipe out millions, one man must race against time to stop them. Discover the origins of the very first independent intelligence agency in THE KING’S MAN. Source: https://www.foxmovies.com/movies/the-kings-man Note: This got bumped from a February 2020 release date to September 2020.
November 6 Black Widow May, 2020 Not Yet Rated Update: This movie has been postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Scarlett Johansson reprises her role as Natasha/Black Widow in Marvel Studios’ action-packed spy thriller Black Widow — the first film in Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Source: https://www.marvel.com/movies/black-widow
November 25 NO TIME TO DIE April 2020 US: PG-13For sequences of violence and action, some disturbing images, brief strong language and some suggestive material. Update: This movie’s US release got pushed back to November 12, 2020, in the U.K. and November 25, 2020, due to “careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the global theatrical marketplace”. Finally, after 5 years, James Bond is back! In NO TIME TO DIE, Bond has left active service and is enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica. His peace is short-lived when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA turns up asking for help. The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology. Source: https://www.007.com/no-time-to-die/
TBD Red Notice November, 2020 Not Yet Rated Update from March 14, 2020 – Variety – “‘Red Notice’ Halts Production Over Coronavirus”. “It is unknown when the shoot was going to end, though the film had yet to be given a release date since going into production.” Stars Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Godot. From IMDB: "An Interpol agent tracks the world's most wanted art thief. "It was originally to be a Universal Pictures release in November 2020 but has moved to Netflix. One offshoot of this is that the release date might be in flux. IMDB now lists this as a 2021 movie without a date so we'll have to see. It is rumored to have a $200+ billion budget, making it one of Netflix's largest budget movies
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Cracking the Code of the No Time To Die Oscar’s trailer

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Contributed by: Dan Silvestri and Tom Pizzato - Spy Movie Navigator

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Official Academy Awards TV Spot – released February 9, 2020 Podcast Available. Join us as we’re Cracking the Code of Spy Movies – In the new No Time To Die trailer that aired as an ad during the 92nd Academy Awards on February 9th, several new things are revealed, so let’s take a quick look. We’re just going to look at the differences in this new trailer versus the original trailer and the second Official Game Day Spot ad. It begins with Bond and Swann in an embrace, and she whispers to him, “This is it.” And he echoes back, “This is it.”   Yes – we are left wondering WHAT is the IT, and why is it happening now?   But we do not know – they tell us no more.   Or do they? Next, you see Bond standing in what looks like a hilltop graveyard.   There are mausaleum–type burial vaults in front of him – or is this a church and a churchyard?   The very next shot is Bond’s hand (yes it is Bond’s hand) – he is wearing a tan suit with a blue shirt while embracing Swann (you see the blue-collar above the jacket from the rear) and Bond is holding a note, with a crest on top, some indecipherable printing on the bottom, and the hand-written words: “Forgive Me”. And Bond is holding the note with his right hand and lights it afire with his left. OK – this is big. WHO is the note from?   Is this another one of Bond’s loves gone bad, like in Casino Royale? Remember in Quantum of Solace when Mathis, while dying, tells Bond to forgive her (Vesper) and to forgive himself? Is this note along the same lines? Is it from Swann?   She did something that she now regrets, and wishes Bond’s forgiveness, much like Vesper? Or is the note from someone else?   Probably not from Safin – he seems to be the evil one.   Probably not from Blofeld. He predicted when her secret came out it would be the death of Bond (we think). From Felix Leiter? Did Felix betray Bond in this entire mission, setting him up? Wow – that WOULD CHANGE EVERYTHING.  This note is the most intriguing element in this entire 30-second trailer.   Whoever the author is will reveal a large chunk of the No Time To Die saga. Let’s get back to the shot of Bond standing in the cemetery or churchyard.   He is looking down at what appears to be a tall burial vault, with what appears to be dried up flowers strewn on the ground in front of it – indicating the death and burial was not just moments ago. But when you blow the picture up, it looks like the flowers may be rather fresh – there are still visible heads on the flower stems.   WHO is buried here? Is Bond lamenting another loss of a key loved-one? Swann? Again, in terms of arc, we know he lost Vesper in Casino Royale, and realized in Quantum of Solace, that Vesper did not betray him but died for him.   We do not know in this reboot if he has been married yet – to Tracy – from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.   But, here Bond stands, with his hands at his sides, looking down, perhaps at an inscription, on the stone. Generally, when one stands with his or her hands at their sides, it means they are not going to fight – is Bond just giving in here, not fighting what has happened? Accepting it? Or is he destroyed by it?  He looks sad in this shot. His head is slightly cocked downwards. In body language, if a head is cocked downwards OFTEN is a sign of submission. IT can also mean, because you are exposing the hardest part of your head as animals do, that you expect a fight – but combined with your hands at your side, it may mean conflict. Like, “I want to give up but there is another battle ahead.” Which maybe is the conflict he has suffered the entire film, having been in retirement (stepping down or quitting) and then getting drawn back into the battle. Regardless, in this shot, Bond is feeling stressed, conflicted – it certainly is not boredom.   He may be anticipating something big that must still be done. Or it may indicate that he is truly finished – defeated. But . . . this is BOND! Also notice in this shot, Bond’s left foot is slightly ahead of his right foot – sometimes that is just comfort, but sometimes it may indicate the direction in which you want to head – here, it could be into the grave of whoever is buried there – which may indicate he loved and misses this person so much. Wow – a lot in one shot! Next, let’s look at still another verbal confrontation with Safin and Bond.   We remember in the first trailer Bond telling Safin, “History isn’t kind to men who play God.” Here, we see a quick shot of Bond in a tux with people all around him – they almost look like that are backing out of the way to make room for Bond to walk through this crowd – most of the people look rather stern, but the woman on the right of the screen seems to be smiling (or is it sneering) looking strat at the back of his head – and Bond looks intense. A second later, in this trailer, Safin says to Bond, “James Bond. I have made you redundant.”   That’s a British term that basically means, irrelevant, unnecessary, unneeded.   Like when someone gets fired from their job, the Brits say “your job has been made redundant.” It is a form of dismissal. So, in a powerful statement, Safin says this to Bond. But Bond quickly retorts, “Not as long as there are people like you in the world.” This indicates that Bond believes the fight must go on – again, we do not know the sequence of the actual clips (or if they are all really in the final cut). Was this after the graveyard scene? Before it? All this is important as well. Both Safin and Bond seem confident in their statements in this short clip. Notice Safin’s head is cocked backward, indicating confidence.   Bond’s is straight ahead – eyes blazing, shifting it in a “no” fashion when he says the words “not as long” - cocky and confident that he is right – that good will defeat evil in this world, and the fight will go on.            We see the words, again, THE 25TH FILM . . . WILL CHANGE . . . EVERYTHING. In between, THE 25th FILM . . . WILL CHANGE . . . we see a very short shot of a bare-chest Bond and what appears to be a clothed Swann, embracing – with a possible explosion in the distant background, and torches or lights burning closer to them. When in the sequence is this shot? Why is Bond bare-chested?   What IS going on in the background? The typical James Bond film ending with the villain’s lair blowing up and burning? We do not know.   But look closely at this image – at 21 seconds into the trailer.   What do you think it reveals? Now we see the word EVERYTHING completing the prophecy that THE 25th FILM WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING statement. Then a close-up of M, saying, “Come on Bond.” M seems concerned and wanting Bond to succeed. Then Bond and Nomi shoot out of the plane as we saw in the Official Game Day Spot trailer – in the glider with wings expanding after the craft is ejected from the plane.   Then the title No Time To Die again etc.   Wow! Again, another teaser trailer doing exactly what it should do – make us speculate and wonder and want to see the film.!   Great job Eon Productions! We have a podcast covering all of this as well so take a listen.   We have had out podcasts downloaded from 44 different countries so far! Join us in Cracking the Code of Spy Movies in all of our podcasts and videos, and on our website. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and let us hear from you! We may include your comments on our show!

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Reel Art Collectibles – This Guy Has Movie Memorabilia Covered!

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Contributed by: Dan Silvestri and Tom Pizzato - Spy Movie Navigator

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Reel Art Collectibles 6727 Stanley Avenue Berwyn, IL USA STORE: 708-637-3244 OWNER (CORY): 708-288-7378 By Dan Silvestri/SpyMovieNavigator.com     If you are into movies and movie collectibles, then Reel Art Collectibles is the place you want to know.   Cory Glaberson, who owns the place, is the guy you want to know! He has all kinds of movie memorabilia for lots of genres, including spy movies! This is a find! Cory has . . . are you ready . . . 100,000 movie posters in his shop and warehouse! And he has had some of the rarest posters in the world - like THE INVISIBLE MAN and all of the Sean Connery Bond posters which sell out instantly. And if he does not have it in stock, Cory has connections all over the world to help you find something that you may be looking for. He's been doing this since 1992! OK, we have a podcast of us talking with Cory. Check it out (released February 16, 2020). And we will have a video on our YouTube channel too! Cory has movie posters, toys, vinyl LPs of movie soundtracks, toys, games and tons more! Cory has sold collectibles and films to some big people! You would recognize the names for sure - listen to him speak about brushing elbows with the rich and famous in the podcast! Check out the podcast and the video, and give Cory a call - he would be very happy to work with you, anywhere in the world! And please tell him that SpyMovieNavigator.com sent you! And check out his Reel Art Collectibles website now!      

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James Bond is Like Coca-Cola, Which Is Why For Him, This Is No Time to Die

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Contributed by: Dan Silvestri and Tom Pizzato - Spy Movie Navigator

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This article is based on the podcast Spy Movie Navigator did with the same name.   You can listen to this podcast here: (link).  This article is based on the podcast Spy Movie Navigator did with the same name. With No Time to Die on the horizon, there is lots of speculation about whether James Bond will survive this mission and whether Nomi, Lashana Lynch's character, will indeed take over the 007 moniker and become the Double-O agent in future films. Rumor and speculations have been flying worldwide since EON Productions started filming. But as we know anything can happen. Nomi’s Name First of all, let's look at Nomi. We think that’s a variation of Naomi. You can look it up. There are lots of different variations, but Nomi is a name from Hebrew-Japanese origin and it means beautiful, pleasant, delightful. Well, that's a great name for a front and center Double-O agent's intro here for Lashana Lynch. And from the No Time to Die trailer, Lashana Lynch is, all of that and tough. In the trailer when she looks at his other knee and says the one that works, It's like when she's going to shoot him in the knee if he doesn't stay in his lane. Yes, she's tough. But Nomi, if you'll listen, you'll say it slowly – NO-MI or NO-ME. Maybe her role will be short-lived. Will she survive this mission? Or could it be KNOW-ME, like we need to get to know her as we’ll be seeing her in future movies? But these all speculations based on wordplay, but we're all wondering whether Bond will survive, but there are a couple of other things really here. We don't know if the screenwriters are into numerology. We tried to find out and I couldn't find out. In our research, there wasn't anything that said, ‘yeah, they're into numerology’. However, if you look into this a little bit, Nomi in numerology is eight, and that means power. It's the great or marked ability to do, act or accomplish something. It's a possession of control or command over others. Authority. And the second big thing here is sacrifice, surrender or destruction of something prized for the sake of a higher claim. How does this fit Nomi in this movie so far? Well, there are a lot of interesting things here.  Is she going to sacrifice her life or is she going to sacrifice Bond's life for a higher claim by authority, a higher goal? There's some good stuff in here. A skeptical view of the name Nomi is to look where we’ve seen the name in other movies. We’ve only found one other movie character with that name, that wasn't in Asian cartoon, and that was Elizabeth Berkley's character in the movie Showgirls. We don’t know if it was Elizabeth Berkley’s interpretation, the director's interpretation or whatever, but she was just a nasty character that you really didn't want to see anymore. So let's just hope that the Nomi in No Time to Die is much better than the Nomi was in Showgirls. We know she's going to be tough. We know that for sure from the trailer. She was terrific in the trailer. She was good, but there always seems to be something in names. Writers are good at this kind of stuff. That's why the Hemingway references in Licence to Kill and what we thought about with the bell in the No Time to Die trailer referencing "For Whom the Bell Tolls", are important to examine. We discuss the "For Whom the Bell Tolls" reference in our podcast on the No Time to Die trailer.  You can listen to that here (link).  The Dove Paloma is the character portrayed by Ana de Armas. What does Poloma mean? It means dove, which is a symbol of peace. So, is she going to have a character role in this film that's going to be more like on Bond's side or what? We don't know, but these writers think of this stuff like we're thinking of this stuff. Coca-Cola’s Secret Formula Bond is like Coca-Cola. It's obvious, isn't it? The Coke formula was secret. No one person knew the entire Coca-Cola formula for a hundred years. It's locked in a safe and people know pieces of it and then they know or put their pieces together and they make the stuff. The Pepsi Generation So, in 1963, the maverick and creative genius Alan Maxwell Pottasch launched the ‘Pepsi Generation’ campaign. It was the first major advertising campaign to associate a product with a lifestyle rather than features. The model before this was to talk about this product this feature, that feature, so this is why you should buy it. This campaign associated the product, Pepsi, with a lifestyle. So they had commercials showing young people skiing or having fun on beaches. And again, it was a lifestyle they were connecting to and not, not the product features. You're going to live like this. This made Pepsi a strong competitor to Coca-Cola. There's a great article on this that came out right after Alan died. It's called "Creative Father of the 'Pepsi Generation' Turned the Lifestyle into a Selling Point” by Betsy McKay on August 4, 2007, in The Wall Street Journal. Here's a link to the article: (link). So, here you see a product marketing campaign against a major competitor, Coca-Cola based on associating its product with the younger generation. And it pigeonholed Coca-Cola as the has-been product for the older generation. They never said that explicitly. They never had to, but it worked brilliantly and they had slogans like, "You've got a lot to live. Pepsi's got a lot to give" - just brilliant stuff. I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke Coke fought back in the 70s with its own "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke" campaign, which was a huge hit. The man responsible for this campaign was Bill Backer. Bill Backer created the campaign and Billy Davis and Roger Cook actually wrote that song. But Coke nonetheless was still feeling their market share slipping. Taking The Gloves Off Pepsi initially didn’t outright say Coke was the older generation in their initial Pepsi Generation campaign. They kind of implied that. If you fast forward to the 1990s: you had the Mac versus the PC commercials. This was really in-your-face and not subtle. Did Pepsi’s next move inspire those commercials? In 1985 Pepsi created an ad attacking Coca-Cola as a relic. There is an archeologist somewhere hundreds of years in the future. And he's digging up something and it's a Coke bottle and he's like quizzically looking at it like, what the hell could this mean? You can see how brilliant this ad is. It won all kinds of awards. It was spectacular. You can find it on YouTube here: (link). Now Pepsi has Coke cornered. They had to do something. What Does This Have To Do with James Bond? We titled this article to imply we would talk about James Bond and No Time to Die, so far we’ve been talking about the cola wars between Coke and Pepsi.   Let’s see where this intersects with today’s James Bond and No Time to Die. Let’s Change It In 1985, Coca-Cola decided because the Pepsi generation was eating into their market share, they had to do something. And they came up with the New Coke. They came up with a new formula that they were going to put out there to compete now with Pepsi in a better way, and to become more responsive to the world, to the market, to the new generation, to the new way of doing things. Pepsi made Coke a relic an out-of-touch-with-reality-dinosaur. Now we've heard Bond referred to as a dinosaur in Goldeneye: "I think you're a sexist, misogynist dinosaur — a relic of the Cold War", M said to Bond. This a little connection. It's going to get bigger. Coke was still number one, but Pepsi was eating the market share. That wasn't good for Coke. So, they changed their formula. Mistake, right? 13% of soda drinkers liked the new formula. Epic implosion for Coke. Pepsi jumped all over Coke in commercials, consumers protested and wanted the old Coke back and less than three months later, Coca-Cola announced they were bringing back the old formula as Coke Classic. Was this a colossal failure on the Coca-Cola company's part? Clearly, they spent millions of dollars on the New Coke campaign and formula.  But they got a lot of press. They got millions of dollars worth of press out of this. And when they brought back the old formula, because consumers were screaming for the old formula again, that was big news. The Changing World for Bond EON Productions is looking at the landscape of the world today: with the #Me Too movement, the focus on the power and leadership of young girls, the focus advancing women's causes. EON Productions has decided not to call Bond Girl Bond Girls anymore, but Bond Women and so on. All of this is now connected. Why? To be altruistic? Probably not. They weren't doing all this to be altruistic. We think they were thinking: Well the market is responding in a certain way. Like the Pepsi and Coke markets responded. We must remember that half of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movies had better worldwide revenue numbers than the BOND movies introduced since Mission: Impossible released in 1996. Listen to our podcast The Spies Who Loathe Me for a discussion of how MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE is battling the Bond franchise (link). EON Productions is feeling the heat and you know we still have this Bond guy who is a womanizer and all of his faults. We think they want to broaden the interest in their base: not just men who love Bond movies. But to expand it to the millennials and the younger generation to women and so on. Dave Holcomb talked a little bit about that on the podcast we did on his book: "His World Never Dies – The Evolution of James Bond". We have an interview with Dave in our podcast with the same name (link). Other filmmakers have women spies front and center. Films like: Atomic Blonde, Salt, Charlie's Angels, Spy, Anna, Red Sparrow, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., and Get Smart all had a woman spy in a lead role. Some of these movies were making money. They are all trying to capitalize on highlighting women in these lead roles. EON Productions wants to tap into what is happening today in the real world and not be the Coca-Cola bottle found and examined quizzically a few hundred years from now. Is EON Productions Changing Its Formula? Will EON Productions truly change the formula in this movie: No Time to Die? This would be a change after 58 years or so, and not a hundred like Coke. But it looks like they're doing it. So have EON Productions, taken the 1985 version of Coke as a model? Let's hope they learned. Lots of rumors are flying. At the beginning of the filming of Bond 25, now titled No Time to Die, there were rumors that Lashana Lynch, as Nomi, would be introduced as 007. Remember that rumor? Oh yeah, the door opens after M says "Where's 007?" and in comes Lashana Lynch. That was the rumor in the beginning when they announced Bond 25. And even with the first official trailer out Nomi is acknowledged as a Double-0 agent. But they never say the number that's after the Double-O (sneaky ad writers). And one of the rumors about why they changed directors was that James Bond was supposed to die.  They might still do that in the movie, we just don't know. But, like Coca-Cola, there's a lot of hype and lots of attention being paid to Bond and No Time to Die right now and here we're talking about it again. So the formula concept here is the same. They're looking at how to change the formula. We think Eon Productions wants to change the formula. James Bond’s Previous Formula Changes Even if you look back at Ian Fleming, when he wrote "The Spy Who Loved Me", he was changing the formula. And in that particular novel, Bond doesn't appear until about the middle of the manuscript. And it's this woman Viviene Michel who's telling the story. It was not well received by the public. Ian Fleming had tried to change the formula. In his next novel, the next year, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", Bond is mentioned right on the first page and he's back to the old formula. And in reality, when Eon Productions did The Spy Who Loved Me movie, there was nothing based on that novel that Fleming actually wrote other than the title. So what does Eon Productions want to do? Ian Fleming tried to kill off Bond in "From Russia With Love". When they end that book he's actually poisoned, potentially dying. Because you know, Fleming wanted to get rid of James Bond and write something else. This was much like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wanted to do with Sherlock Holmes. He wanted to get rid of Holmes and write something else. The Impact of Formula Changes Coke and EON want to change the formula. Okay. It didn't work out exactly for Coke or for Ian Fleming when he wrote: "The Spy Who Loved Me". Quite frankly, we don't think it will work out for EON Productions. But, they seem to be toying with this idea right now. Reacting To The Consumer This movie is the Coke formula. This is what they're thinking. And now what? Coca-Cola realized that Coca-Cola belongs to the consumers, not the company. Meaning that they felt the consumer reaction and flat sales when they came out with their New Coke and Coke change back quickly, like in 10 weeks. EON Productions doesn’t have the ability to pivot that quickly if they release a movie with a changed formula that the consumer doesn’t like. They can't change in 10 weeks as Coca-Cola did. It takes them 5 years to put a movie out. However, they can change within the movie, which we think they did. At least this is our assumption. Is This All a Publicity Stunt? So what will EON Productions do? Is all this hype, a publicity stunt? It could be, which would be great for them because it's been five years since coming out with their last movie. These rumors are getting all of us to talk about Bond, to hype up No Time to Die so that it's a box office smash and help the franchise.   They haven’t put a movie out in five years, which is a long time. It's a long time to be waiting: maybe. Or maybe they really wanted to change the formula. Just Because You're Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t After You Let’s remember Joseph Heller’s line in Catch-22: “Just because you're paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you."  EON Productions are running up against MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, which in 2021 and then again in 2022 are releasing movies. This has to be putting the heat on EON. It’s been five years for Bond and they may be changing all this stuff. And if it takes them another five years to react to whatever happens from this one. What happens to the franchise? Having To Respond To The Backlash So there you have it. Coke got a lot of backlash from its consumers when they changed the formula. And based on all the rumors at the beginning of Bond 25 when it was being announced, EON Productions got a lot of backlash based on the rumors from fans saying that Bond is Bond, 007 is Bond. Tons of podcasts, YouTube videos, articles almost daily about this stuff. Look at Bond’s history. Fleming was going to kill off Bond at the end of, "From Russia With Love". He doesn't do it. And his next two books were "Dr. No" and "Goldfinger". If he hadn't written those books... Remember, the first movie was "Dr. No".. What would have happened? So what will EON do? Maybe, and this is likely to be true if they follow the Coke analogy, maybe we see Bond dying at the end of this film, like in the "From Russia With Love" novel. Dying, not dead. Leaving us with a cliffhanger. Let’s hope it resolves better than the "Who Shot JR cliffhanger" on the TV show, "Dallas" and his death is just a dream. Or worse yet, assuming this is Daniel Craig’s last turn at Bond, the new Bond actor leaps from the dying/dead body like Joe Pendelton in Here Comes Mr. Jordan or in the remake Heaven Can Wait? A new James Bond pops up from the dying Bond, just as he's about to expire? Let’s hope not. A cliffhanger would give Eon Productions another two years, three years, five years, whatever it takes for them to come up with another movie to decide what they're going to really do. Is It Time For a Retirement Party? We talk a little bit about this in our, in our No Time to Die trailer podcast, but maybe Nomi is introduced as 007. Maybe she's going to be introduced as that. James has kind of retired. The implication is he's old. In the trailer, they go out of the way to make James Bond seem like he's been gone a while. The shot in the trailer when he really looked old was when he's talking to that security guard. He was asked what his name was. He said Bond …. James Bond. The guard had no idea who this old guy was. We think that was a brilliant way of getting that line into the movie in a different way than normal. (again, changing the formula). Skyfall kind of gave you that feeling as well. The Trap Eon Productions Finds Itself In We think EON Productions has a problem though. In the No Time to Die trailer, Nomi tells Bond "the world has changed, Commander Bond. Stay in your lane." The problem is this: if he survives, (assuming he does and we think he's going to survive. Based on the Coca-Cola formula, we can assume that.) then how do they bring back an old Bond? This is the problem. They have painted themselves in a little corner here with him being old. They can't reboot again. That would be crazy, wouldn't it? With Daniel, they did a complete reboot and went back to Ian Fleming’s first James Bond book, "Casino Royale". But now you've got five stories kind of connected here. They're all connected his five movies, right? So now there's like, yeah, you're old, you're retired, you're whatever. Now what? He must survive this movie. With Daniel's supposed retirement from the role, they are going to have to start with somebody new and in a totally different direction. So, this is the conundrum there. We think they were thinking at the beginning of their work on this movie, maybe he dies in this movie and we bring up Lashana Lynch as the new 007. We have a woman spy.  But now they're there in this corner. Now they're going to have Bond survive because the feedback is not good or whatever. And now he's old. Now, what do you do? It's a problem. If they would've just said he's retired cause he was sick of it. Tired of it. Tired of that lifestyle. Okay, that's good. Plus, you have a whole industry with James Bond, this James Bond that: all talking about your product and you change it? So, number one, he's got to survive. Number two, they have to wrestle with this problem. However, the trailer appears to go out of its to make him look like he's been gone awhile nobody even knows who he is anymore. He’s Mr. Irrelevant. This is a problem. This is a company with about $7 billion in gross revenues for their movies so far. About $4 billion of that was Daniel Craig's movies. But the world is changing. EON Productions would be wrong if they don't do what Coke did or at least play around with the formula, but in the end, keep the old one. Coke released the new formula. and got rid of the old formula. But they were able to react quickly where EON can't. If they change the formula in this movie and they go with the Lashana-Lynch-as-007 plot, they may find out that only 13% of James Bond fans liked the new formula. Like the Coke experience with their change. The Old Guard It's going to be really interesting, in general, for spy movies because the two biggest series are at a point where their chief spy guy is getting old. We think Tom Cruise’s age is why they're doing back-to-back releases for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE. They need to do a handoff. It will be interesting to see what they do: whether they had come up with a new Ethan Hunt or whether it's Ethan Hunt now running the whole thing as Phelps did. But MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE has the benefit of what happened in the TV show where the teams changed over. They can continue that model easier. Bond's a little tougher problem because of where they’ve taken the story arc and Bond’s aging. Spy Movie Navigator’s Guess So, we think James Bond will not only survive into a beyond-Craig-as-Bond film with another male lead, but he'll survive for many decades to come. We don't think any of us should worry that the formula is going to be changed in such a big way as Coke did it with New Coke. Bond. Will Survive. Classic Coke, Classic Bond.

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A quick look at Charlie's Angels (2019) from Spy Movie Navigator Introduction Spy Movie Navigator recently published a podcast discussing the 2019 movie Charlie’s Angels. You can get that podcast here (Link) This article is a synopsis of that podcast.. At Spy Movie Navigator, we're releasing these Cracking the Code of Spy Movies Quick-Fire episodes shortly after we see a new spy movie. We'll still focus on the interrelationships that happened between the new film and prior movies as well as real-life events. So, let's look at the November 2019 release of the movie Charlie's Angels. This one's a bit interesting for us as we wouldn't have examined the Charlie's Angels movies from the early 2000s because they advertise themselves as a detective movie. The marketing around this version in 2019 was heavily around calling these women's spies. The beginning of this movie hammers home a girl-power theme. This was written, produced, directed and acted by Elizabeth Banks. She really took this towards this whole girl-power thing. That might be a potential reason why the box office for the opening weekend was considered a flop. We're going to talk more about the box office a little bit later, but this girl power thing runs throughout the movie. Similarities to other Spy Movies or Real-World Events Our goal at Spy Movie Navigator and our Cracking the Code of Spy Movies podcasts is to highlight the interrelationships of a spy movie with other spy movies or real-world events. So, let’s look at those with Charlie’s Angels. Pre-Title Sequence There is a pre-title sequence of course because it's popular and in other spy movies. And quite frankly our opinion is if you've seen other spy movies, you've seen this movie anyway. There is a pre-title sequence where they show how strong these women are and how they could just beat the hell out of evil men, which is important in this movie. The Movie’s Plot The plot of the movie involves an energy system called Calisto that can bring clean energy to the world. But Elena, the key programmer for this program, thinks there's a flaw in the programming. She believes Calisto could be weaponized and used to assassinate people by disrupting the neural network of a person's body and that it could be triggered remotely.  This theme really reminds us of Mission: Impossible II. In that movie, you had the Chimera virus. The Chimera virus was created to create a virus so that the antidote that they had already created, Bellerophon, could be sold. This virus would take over people and end up eventually killing them. They had the antidote and there were people trying to stop the antidote from happening. Peter Fleming There are a lot of things in this film that you have seen in other spy films or from other real-life things like the main adversary’s name. At the beginning of the movie, the main adversary is the boss. His name is Peter Fleming. Ian Fleming’s brother was named Peter Fleming. So, is that a little homage to our great friend Ian Fleming? Tom’s thinking is yes. Dan thought it was just a cheap ploy. Bosley’s Retirement Party If you're familiar with the TV show or from prior Charlie’s Angels movies, you have the angels or the three main characters and you've got a character named Bosley who's kind of like the Angel's boss, and then there's somebody named Charlie who actually controls everything. Patrick Stewart plays one of the Bosley, John Bosley, and he's going to retire and so they have a retirement party for him. This scene kind of reminds us of a scene in the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. When an agent dies in Kingsman, all the agents get together. There are holograms and they all toast. In Charlie’s Angels, instead of holograms, they had video clips of other Bosleys (there are supposedly multiple Bosleys in different areas of the world). Each of these Bosleys toasts the retiring John Bosley and wish him farewell. So once again, it’s a slight twist on something you've seen in another spy movie. They show all these images and clips from the past as they did in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. If we remember in that movie, when they were introducing George Lazenby as the new Bond, we saw images, through the martini glass, with scenes from Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, and You Only Live Twice. It is important to point that if you didn't know those other movies, it wouldn't have affected your viewing of On Her Majesty's Secret Service. If you didn't know the other Charlie's Angel movies or television show, seeing those things wouldn't necessarily impact your viewing of it. So, if you saw the TV series you may have a different feel than somebody who may not have. Our point is that this stuff's been done before. You’ll hear this theme from us throughout this article. Exotic Locations Where does the movie open up? It opens up in Rio de Janeiro, but where do the angels travel? Exotic places? They go to Istanbul. Who else went to Istanbul? Well, for one, James Bond goes there in From Russia With Love. There is a lot of stuff in Istanbul. Where else did they go? Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, Hamburg, and Berlin. They're not in Chicago. They're not in Peoria, Illinois. No, they are going to exotic places just like every other spy movie. Charlie Another thing that is a tie back to the TV series is you a speakerphone and or a box, the speakerphone, and you've got Charlie's voice coming out of it. Remember that the angels report to Bosley, Bosley reports to Charlie, and you never see Charlie's face. It's only a voice that's coming out of the speaker-phone. Now there's a twist at the end around the girl power stuff. I'm not going to give that away, but that's another tie back to the original show. Cheesy Dialogue In the original television show, they also had some pretty cheesy dialogue. They replicated that concept in this movie. For instance, there is a scene where somebody is getting chased and there's gunfire. One of the characters says, “Oh my God, you're not a waitress” and “is that a tank?”, “they're shooting at us?”. They leave a restaurant where one of the angels was playing a waitress and then this chase happens with this really bad dialogue. Right. The one that just really was cringe-worthy was this gem: “you had a person in my Louis the 14th what is wrong with you?” That doesn't sound like a quip kind of a thing you'd get out of some of the other spy movies. That sounded like a Bobcat Goldthwait line. Their quips failed miserably, and they were actually, they weren't delivered all that well either. They're written poorly and delivered poorly in many cases. Car Chase Of course, there's the mandatory car chase scene. The bad guy's car has a mounted machine gun. It looks like a Tommy Gun: Not exactly as much finesse as Q’s stuff for Bond. But of course, they had to have this built-in machine-gun thing chasing them. Dan didn’t like this, but Tom thought it was kind of cool. He unloads a thousand rounds; he finally hits a window of the car. Remember, he’s not aiming, he's driving. The same stuff happens in Bond movies too. So, we’ll let that go. In these car chase scenes first, they've got some pretty high-powered cars. They've got some high-end Audi's. They've also got a Lamborghini which ends up in the river. Let's see, where did we just see that? The car chase scene that ends in the river. Maybe we’re thinking of Spectre. This is another thing we've seen in other movies, but that's okay. The Gadgets Another concept spy movies tend to have are gadgets. And the first gadget we see is this camera lens mounted to a cell phone. Sabina, who was the character played by Kristen Stewart has this thing on her mobile phone. These lenses actually exist. You can get those today. So that's not a really high-tech gadget, but it’s the first one we see in this movie. When you think about gadgets in Mission: Impossible, you had Jack as the Q-type character from the Bond movies. You've got the person who kind of introduces the gadgets to the spies. And in this case, it's a guy they call the Saint. And this guy does more than just the gadgets. He rubs their back. He has a lot of talents. He cooks. He's a Q-type guy, and he’s everything for these women. The gadgets in this movie aren't numerous though. There are only a few of them that they use. There's the gun that we just talked about in the car chase scene. There is a gadget they use to put men to sleep. They press it on the guy’s neck, and it puts him out. We then have one scene where Sabina uses peel-off fingerprints. Now again, this isn’t unique. Where have we seen this before? Think back to Diamond’s Are Forever from 1971. So, 48 years later they get an idea: Hey, let’s use peel-off fingerprints, that would be new. Now to be fair, if you go to a museum-like SPYSCAPE in New York, you’ll find some things being used now that were being used 50 years ago. Part of what we do in our examinations of movies is to look at things that have been “borrowed” from other spy movies. Almost all spy movies do this do some degree. However, this movie seems to have borrowed almost everything in the movie. In our opinion, if you’ve seen a few spy movies, you’ve seen this one already. The Gadget Room For those of you who saw Kingsman: The Secret Service there is a dressing room with a closet. It’s the room where they go and get their suits, shoes, and accessories. There is a door that they open up and all the guns and ammunition and the gadgets are in this room. Not surprisingly, they have something almost identical in Charlie’s Angels. Instead of the nice suits, the closet is filled with very stylish women’s clothing. This really feels like a cheap rip-off of the Kingsman scene, not an homage. Been there, done that. The Assassin There is an assassin in this movie named Hodak. He's played by Jonathan Tucker. To me, he had an eerie resemblance to T1000 in Terminator 2, the character played by Robert Patrick. He was tatted up in Charlie’s Angels, but in Terminator 2 he wasn't. But he had the same kind of expression and the same kind of drive as T1000. Every time we saw him, I kept thinking back to that character in Terminator 2. Some type of affair I love the scene where there are six prototypes of the Calista thing in the vault, in their safe. They have to get in there somehow and get these out. We're not going to tell you everything that happened in the movie. Go see the movie if you want. However, when the three angels go in there with Elena we get another “Hmm. I wonder where they got that idea” scene. The three women are dressed identically. They've got on the same wig. The security guards are watching on camera,It is interesting that their skin tones are different, but the guards don’t pick up on that.  I kind of thought it was a little humorous that they didn't catch them. Now, they do show a lot of them from the back. But the security guys are trying to figure out which one is this Elena character and they don't know that it's not the same one. But all of a sudden Elena is on floor five then she's on floor two and, and it's like how is she doing this? And it's, they're seeing this thing where it looks like it's the same person in all these different places, which I thought was unique.  No, no one has ever done this kind of thing except, oh wait, maybe The Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan. They do the same thing in that movie as well. It was done actually really well in The Thomas Crown Affair but in Charlie’s Angels, it seemed like a low budget version of it. The Bathroom Fight Scene Another thing that was kind of coincidental was the fight scene in the bathroom stall. Where have we seen bathroom fight scenes in spy movies before? This is unique stuff they're coming up with here. Hmm. Let see: Mission: Impossible - Fallout had an amazing one. Although that uses more of the bathrooms, not just the stall. This was interesting because it was just a stall. There's an Austin Powers where there's as scene kind of like that. Casino Royale has a big bathroom scene there. But this one was just a stall. So that part was unique. And then you've got, I mean, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li in 2009. You've got True Lies, The Matrix, Man from Nowhere, Terminator 3, and even Bee Movie (that 2007 animated movie) all have a fight scene in the bathroom. I guess Charlie’s Angels twist is that it was only in the stall. Other Fight Scenes There are a bunch of fight scenes in this movie.  However, some of them mimic fight scenes that we've seen before.  You've got them running on top of equipment and jumping from a piece of equipment to a piece of equipment outside. They were in a stone quarry, and they're jumping from one scaffolding kind of thing or crane kind of thing to another. Geez. I don't know. I had to really think hard on this one. There might've been a Bond movie with that scene in 2006. Then they're on a conveyor. They're fighting on a conveyor belt that delivers rocks that are going to get crunched up cruncher into a crusher. Oh, and then boom, they're falling. Of course, they fall into the crusher. And where have we seen something like that? Oh, wait, this is how Dario dies in Licence to Kill. That was 1989. So, again: been there, done that. Seen it before. Getting the Point We see a death where somebody gets impaled on an ice sculpture. Here, not only are they taking scenes from other movies… This guy gets thrown off a balcony and he lands on a table with ice sculpture things  one of them was a big kind of horn or pointy thing. He gets impaled on that. And wait a minute, what's the line? She says, “he got the point”. Oh, like in Thunderball. (typed with as much sarcasm as possible) I was thinking this was unique. In Thunderball when Bond shoots Vargas with the speargun. Bond says, “I think he got the point”. Yeah, so it's not even just the scenes, but the dialogs are getting” paid homage” to. It wasn’t all bad Cameos At the end of the movie, they're training Elena to become an angel. They have some cameos in there that I actually kind of liked. They had very strong women. Real-life women in cameo roles teaching Elena how to do things. So, look quickly, we won’t spoil it for you yet, but they're in there. And that I actually thought that that was kind of a fun, powerful message. Other fun scenes There were a couple of scenes in the movie where it was kind of fun. There's a scene with a racetrack that was kind of fun. there were a couple of things like that where you thought, okay, it's kind of fun. And it was amusing for about five minutes. So yeah, we’ll give credit for that. Maybe we were the wrong audience Obviously, Charlie’s Angels (2019) was not our favorite movie, but I will also say we weren't likely the target audience. Dan and Tom are a couple of middle-aged guys that were around and saw the TV show when it was on in the 1970s. At the time they called it jiggle TV. This movie is trying to pull away from that stigma with these characters. And it actually does that. Elizabeth Banks who wrote this movie said: “if this movie doesn't make money, it reinforces a stereotype in Hollywood that men don't go to see women do action movies.” So, that's kind of her thoughts or her thinking, I think is, you know, I'm not creating this movie for Dan and Tom. So, it'll be interesting to see if this thing gets legs with the teen to mid-twenties women. The Box Office We did a podcast that we called The Spies Who Loathe Me about James Bond (Link). We talked a lot about box office. The headlines in November, when this Charlie's Angels movie released, are talking about how big a flop it is. This movie costs $48 million to make. So, on opening weekend, in the US it only opened with $8.3 million with the three lead female characters in this thing. Worldwide gross is $27.6 million. Are we too far removed from the TV show that the TV show fans are going to come and see this? Who are the fans of that show? We don't know. If we look at more current female-led spy movies and look at the box office. We think they're trying to capitalize on that. But it's interesting because Red Joan came out, they released it at film festivals and the opening weekend for that movie was only $38,000. With Anna, which came out in 2019, opening weekend was $3.6 million. This is actually worse than what Charlie's Angels did. So, you may be Elizabeth has a point, but then we moved to something like Red Sparrow, which had $16.8 million on opening. Atomic Blonde opened with $18.2 million. Those were good movies. The original Charlie's Angels movies in 2000 and 2003 opened with $40 million gross and $37.6 million gross. So, either something big has happened in the last couple of years with this, putting the female spies in the lead, or this movie is just missing the mark. We think they're missing the mark. The Wrap Up Charlie’s Angels is a fun movie and they do promote strong women in this film, which is great. There are a lot of other similarities that we're not going to tell you about because some of them are major similarities that will make you think, oh I’ve seen this already. But we're not going to tell you that in case you want to go see it. If you're reading this and you are younger than Dan and Tom, you might not catch all the nuances or the non-nuanced copying that was being done in this film from other movies which would be great for you as you aren't coming in with biases we have. If you’ve seen some of the other major spy movies in the last 10 years, you're likely to say, “Oh yeah” on some things. However, if we look at either of our daughters, who are in their mid-twenties, they probably don't have a Charlie's Angels background. They probably don't have as thorough of a Bond understanding or Mission: Impossible understanding as we do. So, they may actually appreciate this movie. Obviously, you can tell Dan and Tom didn’t really love this movie, but if you're the target audience: Hey, go ahead. And as we go forward and we continue these Quick-Fire podcasts and articles that we're creating here, we'll keep them going. And they're not going to all be this negative. This is just the first one we happened to see since coming up with this idea and we’re being honest. We're showing you where these ideas came from. That's all. That's what we do. We're looking for connections between these movies and how one impacts another. Just not expecting the whole movie to be “borrowed” from other movies. Charlie's Angels was almost engulfed by everything that happened before it. So, thanks for joining us as we continue cracking the code of spy movies with our first quick-fire episode. This is Tom Pizzato and Dan Silvestri from SpyMovieNnavigator.com: spy movie podcasts, videos, discussions, and more. Please continue to listen to our podcasts and subscribe to our show or your favorite podcast app.

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His World Never Dies: The Evolution of James Bond, by Dave Holcomb This is a very good book that treats the whole concept of Bond from a unique vantage point. Dave weaves a story on how Bond has evolved over the decades with some unique insights, a treatment of sexism and race, and a very interesting concept of how history and the Bond series goes through what is called a History Gyre, which suggests that history does not only repeat itself but that it moves in an evolutionary circle. Dave suggests that the four stages of this evolutionary circle are: 1. Primitive – where there are revolutionary ideals and a shared belief in a new order 2. Hierarchical – where religion, written law, and superstition are the focus 3. Classical – where society and civilization is at its very best, at a peak, and lastly 4. Decadent – focused on spectacle and excess The insight Dave advances is that this circular evolution can be applied to the Bond movie series as well, and he discusses this in detail. Brilliant insights! Dave goes through virtually all of the movies with the backdrop of what is the right thing to do in terms of sexism, race, the way women are treated, Bond’s overall character and demeanor. He discusses everything from music to specific scenes and dialogue. This is a fun, quick read and we would recommend you take a look at it. We highly recommend, His World Never Dies: The Evolution of James Bond!  It is available through Amazon! Drop Dave a note on Twitter @dmholcomb and tell him how much you enjoyed his book, and that SpyMovieNavigator says hello! PODCAST!  Listen to our podcast with the author! And hey - here's s secret!  If you would like an autographed copy of the book, please contact Dave on Twitter @dmholcomb or email him directly at holcombmdavid@gmail.com and tell him SpyMovieNavigator sent you!  How cool is that?!

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