Gadgets in James Bond’s Diamonds are Forever – Can You Believe it?

Contributed by: Spy Movie Navigator

Join Dan, Tom, Vicky, and our special guest, Joe Pappalardo as we crack the code of the gadgets in Diamonds are Forever! We ask, Can you believe it?

From fake fingerprints, to lasers and diamonds, voice synthesizers, pitons, moon buggies and more – we cover it all!

Joe Pappalardo is an author and magazine contributor to Smithsonian Air and Space, National Geographic, and Popular Mechanics.


Episode Notes

Joe Pappalardo book links:

In this episode, we examine the gadgets in Diamonds Are Forever with help from our aerospace expert, Joe Pappalardo.

We discuss:

  • The Diamond Laser Satellite
  • The origins of lasers
  • Fake Fingerprints
  • Q’s RPM slot machine manipulator ring
  • Duplicate Blofelds and white cats
  • Voice Changers
  • Moon Buggies
  • And More …