Gadgets in James Bond’s YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE Decoded!


Space capsules,  poison-dart-firing cigarette, Little Nellie, safe-crackers, flash paper, slides, closed-circuit cameras, micro-dots, collapsing bridges and more as we decode the gadgets in James Bond’s  YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE!

Join Tom, Dan and Vicky as they have some fun with the gadgets in YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE!

Episode Notes

Dan, Tom and Vicky look into the following gadgets in You Only Live Twice:

  • Chris’ space walk maneuvering device
  • Space capsules
  • Poison-dart-firing cigarette
  • Little Nellie
  • Safe-crackers
  • Flash paper
  • Micro-dots
  • Collapsing bridges
  • Exploding Lipstick Cases
  • Closed Circuit Television
  • and More …