Gadgets in Spy Movies – Dr. No & Skyfall – Can You Believe It?

From a Listener: “Love This Episode of the Podcast! The Way you Guys Explain in Detail Each Gadget from Dr. No and Skyfall and The Interview with Joe Pappalardo was great!”

Join Dan and Tom as they launch a new series on the Cracking the Code of Spy Movies show called Gadgets in Spy Movies – Can You Believe it?

Each episode will cover different spy movies. Here they discuss the gadgets in Dr. No and Skyfall, with a special guest to discuss some gadgets in Skyfall, Joe Pappalardo, author and magazine contributor to “Smithsonian Air and Space,” and “Popular Mechanics.”

Join the fun! A twin drum pistol magazine that fires over a 100 rounds? What?

Episode Notes

Joe Pappalardo’s Information:

Topics from this episode include:

  • Gadgets in Dr. No
    • The Geiger Counter
    • Cyanide Cigarettes
    • Destructor Bag
  • Gadgets in Skyfall
    • Radio Locators
    • Lightbulb Bombs
    • The use of a Caterpillar excavator as a gadget
  • Interview with Joe Pappalardo
    • Discussion of Skyfall gadgets
  • And more …