His World Never Dies – The Evolution of James Bond – in movies

His World Never Dies: The Evolution of James Bond by Dave Holcomb – is a nice read and in this podcast, we interview the author!

We read a lot of books on spies – real spies and movie spies – so we can gain a little more insight into the spy movies that we are having fun with. This book looks at Bond from a unique vantage point. Kind of a cool title considering the EON just announced the new Bond film (April 2020) is called No Time to Die!

Dave weaves a story on how Bond has evolved over the decades with some unique insights, a treatment of masculinity, sexism, race, and a very interesting concept of how history and the Bond series goes through what is called a History Gyre, which suggests that history does not only repeat itself but that it moves in an evolutionary circle. Dave suggests that the Bond films go through this same evolutionary circle. It is a great book, which we enjoyed reading, and we had a great conversation with the author, Dave Holcomb – listen now!

We’d highly recommend it, and you can find it on Amazon, just search His World Never Dies. Or, you can click here, which will bring you to our web page that discusses the book and how you can get an autographed copy.  And please tell Dave that SpyMovieNavigator sent you when you contact him directly for the autographed copy, or when you purchase through Amazon!

Episode Notes

We talk to Dave Holcomb, the author of “His World Never Dies – The Evolution of James Bond” in the Movies


  • Dave talks about his background
  • He tells us how he got started in loving Bond and idea for the book
  • We discuss key elements of the book and key concepts that drive the book
  • We see how Bond has changed over the decades and how EON Productions has made changes to the film Bond character through the decades