International James Bond Trivia Marathon – Nov 14 2020


Play along!  Join Steven Jay Rubin, author of the newly released The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia in this international James Bond Trivia Marathon!  The entire event took about 4 hours and was streamed Live on Zoom and Facebook on November 14 2020.  We have trimmed it to under an hour for this podcast, still covering a lot of the event – and a winner was crowned!

See how many answers you know and how you stack up against these knowledgeable players!

See the full event at: 

We highly recommend purchasing Steven’ s book – it is fabulous! You can order it here.

Episode Notes

Some of the examples of the questions people were asked included:

  • Who was the villain in Live and Let Die?
  • Who was the actor who played Max Kalba?
  • What is the license plate on Goldfinger’s Rolls Royce?
  • What did Valenka put in James Bond’s drink to poison him?
  • Who was the director on Live and Let Die?
  • And many more…