James Bond’s CASINO ROYALE (2006) Pre-Title Sequence Decoded!

Aces!  Spades! Clubs! Hearts! Diamonds! Death! And OO status revealed all in the Pre-Title and Title sequences of Casino Royale!

Join us today as we take a gamble getting Daniel Craig’s first outing as Bond as we look at the pre-title and title sequence of Casino Royale!

We will dive into both the pre-title sequence and the title sequence for Casino Royale because they are inextricably connected – with the pre-title being a flashback, and the title sequence really a clever foreshadowing of what will happen in this mission.

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Episode Notes

In this podcast, we examine the following from the pre-title and title sequences of Casino Royal (2006):

  • The impact of the black & white presentation of the pre-title sequence
  • What floor does the main pre-title action occur?
  • The cool demeanor of both Bond and Dryden
  • Does Dryden’s gun have a clip in it?
  • The fight in the men’s room
  • Did Dryden know about the first kill?
  • The influence of the three real faces seen in the title sequence
  • How gambling and casino games are portrayed in the title sequence
  • The gunbarrel sequence and are there two dots?
  • Why Bond’s face gets changed from Daniel Craig’s to a black silhouette.
  • and more…