Spy Movies For Kids – behind the PG rating of SPIES IN DISGUISE!

Contributed by: Tom Pizzato - Spy Movie Navigator

In this 7 1/2 minute podcast, we look into the 2019 spy movie for kids, Spies in Disguise. This is a fun, family-friendly spy movie with a PG rating.

We know parents are always trying to understand the appropriateness of a movie for their children. Therefore, we crack the code as to what we think were the reasons for it’s MPAA rating of PG.

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Episode Notes

Topics discussed:

  • MPAA’s PG rating reasoning: action, violence and rude humor
  • What parents thought on the CommonSenseMedia.org website
  • A look at the bad guy and some of the violence
  • The language used in the movie
  • “nudity” in the movie
  • alcohol use
  • and more…