The Silent Enemy (1958) – A Thunderball Inspiration?

Dan and Tom dive into The Silent Enemy, a 1958 World War II spy movie, that has lots of connections with the 1961 novel and 1965 film, Thunderball!

The Silent Enemy, while not a documentary, looks the deadly human torpedoes that the Italians created in World War II. We see how the British learn to deal with these deadly weapons. They need to figure it our in order to protect Malta. Explore this great film and all the connections to real-world events and Bond movies!

Episode Notes

In this podcast, we examine:

  • The historical background of this movie, set in World War II
  • The real life Lieutenant Lionel Crabb upon who this movie is centered
  • Our assumption of the influence of The Silent Enemy on Thunderball
  • The role of the Human Torpedo
  • Ties to the real World War II decoy called Operation Mincemeat
  • And more …