All That Glitters – the Gold in Goldfinger – Part 2

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From a listener: “You’re the men with the midas touch, engaging & fun, as always!” – Eddie

Goldfinger was one of producer Cubby Broccoli’s favorite Bond films – top 3 of the 17 he produced.

Join Tom and Dan as they go gold mining for the unique elements and special highlights of Goldfinger, and how other spy movies and real-world events affected Goldfinger, in the James Bond podcast, All That Glitters – the Gold in Goldfinger!

This is Part 2 of a 2-part podcast!

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Episode Notes

Goldfinger was one of the most loved James Bond movies of all time!
We have a 2-part podcast on Goldfinger, and here are the Episode Notes for Part 2.

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Goldfinger Part 2 Episode Notes

  • “No. Mr. Bond I expect you to die,” three noteworthy facts, and history of real lasers! Do you know the laser was invented?   You will!
  • “My name is Pussy Galore” and Goldfinger’s Lockheed Jetstar discussions!
  • “A martini, shaken not stirred” fact!  Sean Connery fact!
  • “Operation Grand Slam “and Mob Bosses insights! Great Ken Adam set!
  • Mr. Solo heads to his pressing engagement insights! Oddjob in control!
  • The iron and metal yard where the Lincoln and Solo are crushed – key points
  • SpyMovieNavigator recently followed the route Oddjob takes, the Kentucky Friend Chicken where Leiter and Simmons are waiting to track Bond, and the iron and metal yard – we filmed them all (see videos) and discuss this too.
  • The Auric Stud Farm where Bond discovers Goldfinger’s real plans for Fort Knox
  • Rock A Bye Baby – The Baby is asleep assault on Fort Knox discussion
  • Bond versus Oddjob at Fort Knox talk? Who was injured filming this?
  • Bond to Washington, D.C. and Goldfinger plays his Golden harp talk!
  • How other  James Bond films relate past and future!

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