SPY COFFEES for Spy Fans and at a Discount!

Contributed by: Spy Movie Navigator

Like coffee?   And you’re a spy fan!  We have a find for you!  SPY COFFEES!  Try some – you will like it!  And, because you are on our website, shhhhhh – we will give you a SECRET CODE at the end of this article to get you 20% off! 

SPY COFFEES is a very cool independent company, using only 100% Arabica beans.   It is veteran owned and is headquartered in Washington D.C. in the US.   The owner, code name Black Knight, even donates coffee to the US Armed Forces in war zones – free!  And he donates a portion of his proceeds to the Wounded Warrior project.   Cool guy, doing good things.  



We ordered some Keurig K-cups from SPY COFFEES because we were intrigued with the name and history of the company.  So, we got a couple of boxes.   Now, I want to point out that you get 12 K-cups in a box.   Many other brands nowadays contain 10 in the box.    

One of our users purchased some and took advantage of the 20% discount and sent in this picture!

At SpyMovieNavigator.com, I am the coffee nut.   I have had coffees from all over the world, and have had coffees in many parts of the world including Italy, France, the UK, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, San Marino, Malta and many island countries like Jamaica, the Caymans, St. Maarten and more.    

I love coffee!   So when I got my shipment of SPY COFFEES, I was anxious to try it.   I ordered two boxes of the Keurig K-cups, Double Agent – Medium Roast.   I opened one box, sent over a few to a friend to try, and then I popped a K-cup in my Machine.   I could smell the coffee brewing and it smelled good! 

In a minute, I was ready to taste it!   I drink my coffee with a little cream, but when I try a new coffee, I drink the first few sips black.   I want to taste the full flavor of the coffee as is.   I sipped.   I liked!   

The coffee tasted very smooth, light with no acid, and had a nice mouth feel.   It was balanced and had a pleasing aroma.   The friend I sent it to, also liked it very much, and she is very particular with coffee!   And, the pod was full of coffee – I cut one open after I brewed it, and it was full.   No skimping.  This is an honest and delicious cup of SPY COFFEE! 


SPY COFFEES has whole bean, ground, and K-cups (in only one roast right now, but a great one).  So, you can order Spy Master – Dark Roast (whole bean or ground), Agent Blend – Light Roast (whole bean or ground), and Double Agent – Medium Roast (whole bean, ground, or K-cups).   So, there is something for you at SPY COFFEES!   

I now start each day with a cup of SPY COFFEES.   I like it so much, I contacted the owner and asked if they would like to be one of our sponsors at SpyMovieNavigator.com and our podcast show and YouTube Channel, Cracking the Code of Spy Movies!  And he said “Sure!” 

SPY COFFEES is now an official sponsor of Spy Movie Navigator, and we have a standing order (not free!) to ship multiple boxes per month of my favorite so far, Double Agent – Medium Roast to my home!   Yeah!  I love it!   Please support our sponsors so we can keep all this going!   Thanks!

Another one of our users sent in this picture after taking advantage of the 20% SPYNAV discount!   

And we think you will love it too.   Do something good for yourself – you deserve it, and more good gets done through SPY COFFEES’ generous contributions.   

THE SECRET CODE!!!! Shhhhhh!

And, here is the SECRET CODE!  Go to SPY COFFEES website. At checkout, in the Have a Coupon Code? box, type SPYNAV – and you will get 20% off your entire order!