The King’s Man

The third Kingsman movie, The King’s Man was released in 2021. It was a departure from the first two Kingsman movies in that it was a prequel.

The King’s Man takes us back to the creation of the Kingsman organization.  It mixes in real people in clever ways, not always historically accurate.   Rhys Ifans steals the movie playing Grigori Rasputin. Charles Dance plays Horatio Kitchener.  Tom Hollander plays 3 real-world related historical figures: King George, Kaiser Wilhelm, and Tsar Nicholas.

The King’s Man stars Ralph Fiennes as Orlando Oxford.  Matthew Goode plays the role of Morton.  Rounding out the main characters are Djimon Hounsou, Gemma Arterton,  and Harris Dickinson.

The main plot is wartime related.  Oxford needs to foil a plot by some very evil people known as “The Flock”.  They want to wipe out millions by pitting Germany, Russia, and Britain.  This explains Tom Hollanders roles as he plays the heads of all three countries.  Oxford creates a team to help him stop “The Flock” and in the process, create Kingsman.

The King’s Man – A Quick-Fire Review

Podcast Episode

The King’s Man – A Quick-Fire Review

Here's our no-spoiler review of the newest spy movie, THE KING'S MAN. This is the Prequel and origin story for the Kingsman series.



Intrigue, honor, duty, violence, poisons, World War I, upper-class privilege, Rasputin and other real-world people, a sinister organization, a cool airplane stunt, and an awesome mountain goat are some of the things that make up the origination movie, The King’s Man.

This is a NO-SPOILERS, quick-fire review!


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In this episode, we review the following for the movie The King’s Man:

  • The cast
  • The costumes
  • The historical characters
  • The action
  • The villains
  • And of course the mountain goat
  • And more …

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