James Bond Podcasts

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  • James Bond’s OCTOPUSSY Pre-Title Sequence Decoded!

    Join Dan, Tom and Vicky as they decode and take apart the pre-title sequence of Octopussy!

  • ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE – On Location – Wedding Reception and Bull Ring

    Dan and Tom find two more ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE filming locations – Draco’s mansion and the bullring.

  • James Bond’s FOR YOUR EYES ONLY – Pre-Title Sequence Decoded!

    Fly with us through the Pre-Title and Title sequences of the James Bond movie, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY!

  • MOONRAKER – Pre-Title Sequence DECODED!

    Dan Silvestri, Tom Pizzato, and Vicky Hodges decode the pre-title sequence of Moonraker.

  • THE SPY WHO LOVED ME Pre-Title Sequence Decoded!

    Join Dan, Tom and Vicky for a fun outing decoding one of the BEST pre-title sequences of any Bond movie! The Spy Who Loved Me of course!

  • Brigitte Millar – Dr. Vogel in SPECTRE and No Time to Die!

    Join Dan and Tom as they have a charming talk with Brigitte Millar, who played Dr. Vogel in SPECTRE and in No Time to Die!

  • ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE On-Location – Formal Gardens (Love Montage)

    Dan and Tom visited the Palacio des Marqueses Fronteira in Lisbon, Portugal. The gardens, appear in the love montage of Tracy and Bond in ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE.

  • NO TIME TO DIE – Decoding the Pluses and Minuses!

    Vicky, Dan, and Tom decode NO TIME TO DIE. The good and the bad. We also have a review by Morgan Lisney.

  • THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN Pre-Title Sequence Decoded!

    Join us as we venture into Scaramanga’s Funhouse in our decoding of the pre-title sequence to the 1974 James Bond movie, The Man With The Golden Gun.

  • DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER Filming Location Revealed with Matt Sherman!

    Who is buried in the mausoleum niche in Diamonds are Forever?  And where exactly is it?  We recall Bond placing the urn in the crypt and removing an envelope . . . well, it’s NOT where everyone thinks it is! Matt Sherman joins us to reveal the real location!