Steve Oxenrider One of the Biggest James Bond Memorabilia Collectors!

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Steve Oxenrider One of the Biggest James Bond Memorabilia Collectors!

Dan and Tom talk with Steve Oxenrider who just auctioned off one of the largest James Bond collections ever.

Steve Oxenrider is One of the Biggest James Bond Memorabilia Collectors!

Are you a James Bond memorabilia collector or interested in James Bond items? How big is your collection?   Well, in this episode, Dan and Tom talk with Steve Oxenrider, whose name you have  seen –  as he is credited on some of the “Making of” James Bond documentaries and has contributed images for numerous books and articles.

In case you didn’t know, Steve is auctioning off his over 30,000-item collection of James Bond memorabilia.

Take a listen to find out where the auctions are being held, what is being auctioned off, and why he is auctioning his collection.  Steve, who is obviously a big James Bond fan, also explains how he got started collecting and the tremendous connections he has made.

Oh, and his story about talking to Rosa Klebb (twice) is very funny.  Would you have the guts to do what Steve did?  He’s done it more than once and even talked with Harold Sakata using the same technique.

So, take a listen to Steve Oxenrider’s fascinating story!   It might get you started collecting if you don’t already!  Let us know your thoughts, ideas for future episodes, and what you thought of this episode by dropping us a note at  The more we hear from you, the better the show will be!

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