Spy Movie Interview Podcasts

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Listen to our podcasts with interviews of people involved in the creation of spy movies. We have actors, directors, writers, cinematographers, executive producers and more.   This is just one part of the Cracking the Code of Spy Movies Channel.

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  • Interview w/Director & Screenwriter for ALL THE OLD KNIVES!

    This episode features the Director of the film, ALL THE OLD KNIVES, Janus Metz, and the Screenwriter and also the author of the novel of the same name, Olen Steinhauer!  

  • Steven Saltzman – An interview with the Executive Producer of THE IPCRESS FILE 6-part series!

    Dan and Tom interview Steven Saltzman, Executive Producer for the THE IPCRESS FILE series. Listen to hear about the making of the series.

  • Brigitte Millar – Dr. Vogel in SPECTRE and No Time to Die!

    Join Dan and Tom as they have a charming talk with Brigitte Millar, who played Dr. Vogel in SPECTRE and in No Time to Die!

  • A Former CIA Spy Decodes Real vs Movie Spies!

    Andrew Bustamante, an ex-CIA spy, talks with us about the differences between real spies and movie spies!

  • James Bond’s Walther PPK w/ Firearms Expert, Tom Whiteman

    Today we talk with a weapons expert, Tom Whitehall of Legacy Collectibles – all about Major Boothroyd’s weapon of choice for James Bond!

  • Harry Palmer, Len Deighton, Billion Dollar Brain with Rob Mallows!

    Rob Mallows of DeightonDossier.net joins Dan and Tom as our prelude to our Billion Dollar Brain podcast!  We talk about Len Deighton, The Ipcress File, Funeral in Berlin with a focus on Billion Dollar Brain!  

  • James Bond Filming Locations Around the World – with Johannes Eklund


    Visiting James Bond movie locations is fun, and we have the expert with us today – Johannes Eklund who runs http://www.JamesBondLocations.com ! 

  • Terence Mountain – interview – was in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Diamonds are Forever

    Tom, Dan and Vicky interview Terry Mountain who was in two James Bond movies:  On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Diamonds Are Forever.

  • Derek Lyons – 4 Bond movies, Star Wars, Indiana Jones – tells Back Stories!

    Derek Lyons joins Dan, Tom & Vicky on Cracking the Code of Spy Movies! He’s discusses his career which includes appearing in four James Bond movies, Star Wars and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

  • Steven Jay Rubin – The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia

    Join Dan and Tom as they talk with author Steven Jay Rubin. The 4th edition of his book,  The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia  released on November 17, 2020.