You Only Live Thrice, Mr. Bond

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You Only Live Thrice, Mr. Bond

Dan and Tom tell James Bond “You Only Live Thrice” and examine realistic ways the Bond series can continue after NO TIME TO DIE’s ending.

Before you go on to this episode, “You Only Live Thrice, Mr. Bond,” if you haven’t seen NO TIME TO DIE, there are some spoilers here so you probably should skip this one – NOW!  

You Only Live Thrice, Mr. Bond

James Bond is dead!  Dead as a door nail.   Dead! 

Your field operatives Dan and Tom decode the fundamental meaning of James Bond dying in NO TIME TO DIE and detail the HOW of what Eon Productions can do to move on! 

From James Bond returning to the Daniel Craig “arc” – nothing is left to chance in this lively debate.  So, how does Eon deal with the fact that the Daniel Craig arc took OO7 from obtaining his OO status up to his death? The end credits told us “James Bond Will Return”.     Is it problematic?  Surprisingly, Eon is in a very tough position.  What were they thinking in clarifying for us that JAMES BOND IS DEAD? 

Dan and Tom examine realistic ways the Bond series can continue after NO TIME TO DIE’s ending. Also, they have some future advice and warnings to tell Bond: “You Only Live Thrice, Mr. Bond!” 

Give us your thoughts

So, take a listen.  What do you think Eon Productions’ next move must be?   

In a previous episode “Come On Bond, Where The Hell Are You – How James Bond Can Survive” we took a sarcastic look at some crazy ways Bond could survive after the ending of NO TIME TO DIE.  

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