Pathaan – A No-Spoiler Review!

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Pathaan – A No-Spoiler Review!

Join us for our No-Spoiler review of the Bollywood spy movie, Pathaan, starring Shah Rukh Kahn. This movie is on fire. Listen to find out why.

Join us for this episode PATHAAN – a No-Spoiler Review. The hottest movie in India right now is the spy movie PATHAAN. In fact, it broke the opening day record for a movie in India. PATHAAN has a worldwide distribution.

In this review we give you guidance as to whether or not we think you should see this movie. We do not, however have any spoilers in the review. We give you some guidance and tell you some things that will enhance your viewing of this movie but keep the spoilers out.

This is the fourth movie in the YRF Spy Universe so some of the characters will be familiar. PATHAAN has some of the biggest stars in Bollywood, Shah Rukh Kahn, John Abraham, and Salman Kahn.

It is released in Hindi, Tamil, & Telugu with subtitles avaiable. In the UK and US it has English subtitles. So, if you don’t speak Hindi, you can still watch PATHAAN. It also has been released in IMAX, Standard 2D and 4DX formats.

We hope you’ll like our PATHAAN – a No-Spoiler Review

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