SPY HUNT – 1950 Cold War Espionage Classic Decoded!

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SPY HUNT – 1950 Cold War Espionage Classic Decoded!

SPY HUNT (1950) is a Cold War espionage classic. Listen as Dan and Tom are not of one mind as they decode this movie.

Dan and Tom decode SPY HUNT, a 1950 espionage B movie.  And they don’t agree on this one.

SPY HUNT was based on the book “Panther’s Moon” by Victor Canning. It has espionage, a MacGuffin, a train, a dead drop, escaped black panthers, a budding romance, and quite a few interesting characters.

Dan and Tom call out some interesting plot points that may have been influenced by earlier movies such as THE LADY VANISHES, THE 39 STEPS, and others. 

In addition, you’ll find out what a black panther really is.  We’re sure you’ve lost sleep trying to figure that out.

Above all, they look at some places where SPY HUNT may have influenced spy movies that followed, including one very interesting piece of dialogue.  How much influence did this movie have on the James Bond franchise?

So, if you’ve seen SPY HUNT, do you agree with Dan or Tom on one? What did you think of this episode, SPY HUNT – 1950 Cold War Espionage Classic Decoded?

Overall, if you hadn’t seen SPY HUNT did this episode encourage you to watch it? If so, let us know your thoughts, ideas for future episodes, and what you thought of this episode. Just drop us a note at info@spymovienavigator.com.  The more we hear from you, the better the show will be!  We’ll give you a shout-out in a future episode!

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