Character Spotlight: Rosa Klebb played by Lotte Lenya in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE

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Character Spotlight: Rosa Klebb played by Lotte Lenya in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE

Join Dan and Tom as they shine the character spotlight on Rosa Klebb, played by Lotte Lenya in the James Bond movie, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE.

Character Spotlight: Rosa Klebb played by Lotte Lenya in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE!

In a continuation of our Character Spotlight series of episodes, Dan and Tom look at the evil character Rosa Klebb in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE.  She may be small in stature, but she knows how to take control of almost any situation.

Lotte Lenya gives an amazing performance bringing this character from the Ian Fleming novel to the big screen.

Here we examine Rosa Klebb’s character in each scene and how Lotte Lenya just nails this character with her acting prowess.  Her facial expressions let us into her emotional state, often without saying a word. She’s just brilliant. Quick, who would you have hired that could have been better?  We can’t think of another actress for this role.

So, take a listen – Does Rosa Klebb deserve to have a Character Spotlight episode?  Let us know your thoughts, ideas for future episodes, and what you thought of this episode by dropping us a note at  The more we hear from you, the better the show will be!

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