DIE ANOTHER DAY – Pre-Title Sequence Decoded!

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DIE ANOTHER DAY – Pre-Title Sequence Decoded!

Your field operatives, Dan and Tom, decode the DIE ANOTHER DAY pre-title sequence. Tom hates the movie, but does the pre-title work?

DIE ANOTHER DAY – pre-title sequence decoded! We know that Tom hates DIE ANOTHER DAY, but strangely, he has some kind things to say about this pre-title sequence. Hint: Tom likes hovercraft, surfing, and flamethrowers.  Interestingly, Dan has more negative thoughts in this episode than Tom does, and he doesn’t hate the movie. Take a listen as they decode this very different pre-title sequence!

What makes this pre-title to DIE ANOTHER DAY unique?  Is it better than the movie itself?  Is James Bond really Bond-like here?  Does size matter?  Could James Bond have been less prepared for this mission?  What do those Korean words on the signs mean? What tie-in does Tom find with Stanley Kubrick’s movie 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY? What other movies have had hovercraft chases?

Also, find out the Bond-esque nickname for the big wave surfing area called Pe’ahi, on Maui, Hawaii, where they filmed the opening surfing scene.

So, have a listen and you’ll “Be in the Know.,” as we hover over some of the landmines in this different pre-title sequence!

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In the episode, we mention this video from MythBusters.

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