Funeral in Berlin (1966) – Part 2 – Scene Analysis & Connections

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Funeral in Berlin (1966) – Part 2 – Scene Analysis & Connections

Join Dan and Tom as they finish up their look at Funeral in Berlin! 

Join Dan and Tom as they head to Germany to attend the Funeral in Berlin!   This 1966 movie is the second installment after The Ipcress File, with Michael Caine as Harry Palmer, based on Len Deighton’s novels.  Part 2 of 2.

Lots of Bond connections, quips, key scenes are explored from a fresh angle.   If a funeral could be fun, this is it!  Join us, wont you?

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In part 2, we look at:

  • Nikki van der Zyl’s role in this movie and in James Bond movies
  • Johnny Vulcan’s role in the plot
  • How Harry Palmer differs from James Bond
    • The type of woman he likes as evidenced in Casino Royale (2000)
    • Hailing a taxi (Dr. No (1962))
  • Why Tom thought Kreutzman was evil just on first glance
  • The “grieving widow”
  • The role of the forger, who we don’t see
  • A similarity with 3 Days of the Condor
  • Why Tom loves the character Alice
  • What is a lepidopterist or ( or lepidopterologist? And its role in both Funeral in Berlin and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  • How The Nelson Touch may play into the ending
  • and more …



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