James Bond in the Public Domain?  Writer George Simpson explains

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James Bond in the Public Domain?  Writer George Simpson explains

James Bond in the Public Domain? We talk with film writer George Simpson to understand the impact of Public Domain on the Bond franchise.

In 2035 we will see James Bond in the public domain.  What does this mean for the franchise?  Not just for the movies, but the novels, and marketing. 

George Simpson, Senior Film Reporter at the Daily Express joins us to discuss the article he wrote about this impact on the franchise. He explains what public domain means and why it is so important for James Bond but not for other franchises like Sherlock Holmes and The Marx Brothers.  Their material is already in the public domain. Eon Productions is in a tough spot here and they have 11 years to get it right. What do they need to do? 

And, George Simpson gives Eon Productions some advice. 

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Thank you, George, for providing a lively discussion on a tough topic. 

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