SPIONE And Its Influence On Spy Movies

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SPIONE And Its Influence On Spy Movies

In this episode, SPIONE And Its Influence on Spy Movies, Dan and Tom look at how this 1928 silent movie shaped most spy movies to come.

SPIONE And Its Influence On Spy Movies 

SPIONE And Its Influence On Spy Movies is a look at this 1928 Fritz Lang spy movie. And, Dan and Tom fill you in on just how big an influence SPIONE is in the spy movie genre.   

Significantly, SPIONE is the first spy movie we’ve been able to find that isn’t based on a war. Not surprisingly, this movie laid out the blueprint for most non-war-based spy movies to come. 

SPIONE was a very influential movie 

Even if you don’t watch the movie, this episode will fill you in on how SPIONE blazed the trail and influenced spy movies to come, which all spy movie fans should know. You’ll certainly recognize some tropes you’ve seen in more modern spy movies.  Tropes such as: how did that guy not die when he was shot at close range? What was that pill that guy bit down on?  What is a spy movie villain supposed to look like?  A train in a spy movie? What things in this movie did we then see Alfred Hitchcock do? How was that guy dressed? And more! 

What are the positives and the negatives of SPIONE

We should warn you that SPIONE is a 2 ½ hour black and white silent movie. Watching a silent movie is a different experience from what we get when watching modern 
movies.  Although the movie was filmed in Germany, there are many versions with English subtitles available.  You can certainly find different releases of SPIONE on YouTube. The English title of the movie is SPIES

So, have you seen SPIONE?  Will you watch it after you listen to this episode? 

Tell us what you think 

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