“I must be dreaming”

“I must be dreaming”  Bond finds himself on the bad side of Goldfinger as he awakes aboard Goldfinger’s Lockheed Jetstar private jet.  He had been knocked out with a tranquilizer gun, and his vision is blurry as he focuses on the face of a woman.

When she is in focus, he asks, “Who are you?”  When she answers, “My name is Pussy Galore” Bond delivers one of our favorite lines: “I must be dreaming.”   Pussy Galore, played by Honor Blackman, is one of the best Bond girls in the series.   She is sexy and strong.  In the book, she is a lesbian, in the film, it comes across that she might be, as she seems disinterested in men.  She tells, Bond, “You can turn off the charm.  I’m immune.”

It is a super clip, and Pussy is dominating in this scene and is in complete control.  Honey Rider, in Dr. No, was strong too, like Pussy.  So we are seeing strong female roles early in Bond movies, and we will see more in other spy movies to come.   For one, think of the 2017 movie, “Atomic Blonde.”

This clip reinforces just how wealthy Mr. Goldfinger: The Lockheed Jetstar was produced in the early 1960s to the 1970s.  In 1972, this model was worth $2.8 million dollars.  So in 1964, it was probably worth well over $1 million dollars.   Additionally, Goldfinger has a private pilot.  Plus an attendant aboard.   And he flew ahead – we’re thinking not coach on a commercial flight!  This gold passion of his has paid off handsomely as far as we can tell.

Bond orders a martini, shaken, not stirred, and tries to get Pussy to respond to his quips about Operation Grand Slam.  She is tough and does not fall for his advances.


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