In the apartment

Once they get into Jason’s apartment in Paris, he calls the last number dialed and gets a hotel. The hotel tells him that they don’t have any record of him there. He then asks for a different name (John Michael Kane) which was a name in the safe deposit box.  He is told that the person was killed in a car accident two weeks before. The hotel tells him that the man’s brother came to pick up his things. This really sets Jason on edge and he grabs a knife from the kitchen which he drops when Marie walks into the room.

Jason nervously looks around when an assassin breaks through his window and tries to shoot him. There is a good fight that ensues with Jason knocking the guy out while using a pen. While the guy is on the ground and Jason is asking for who the guy is, Marie looks through his bag and sees pictures from the embassy of both of them. Marie is very upset and Jason has to physically move her away from the assassin. While he is doing this, the guy he had been fighting stands up, jumps out the window and gets hit by a car.

Again, this fight seems to introduce new items in film fights: Jason’s use of the pen as a weapon and the assassin jumping out the window to his death.


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