Jason and The Professor

The next morning Jason senses a problem. The family dog is not around. Jason tells the family to get down to the basement. The phone line has been cut. Jason knows and that an assassin is waiting for them outside. This scene picks up where Jason goes out to kill the assassin. He hunts The Professor down and shoots him. He has a conversation with The Professor before he dies. “I work alone like you. … Who are you, Rome? Paris? Treadstone, both of us” . . . “Do you get the headaches”. Jason asks him “What is Treadstone?” So now Jason knows the project name Treadstone but doesn’t know what it means.

Eamon takes the kids and Marie off. Jason leaves Marie with Eamon and says he is going to “end it”. He looks through The Professor’s bag and finds his cell phone. Jason calls the last number from this which gets him routed to Conklin. Bourne asks “Who is this. Who the hell are you? The man you sent is dead”. Conklin tries to coax Jason into coming in with Marie. Bourne tells Conklin that Marie is dead. He sets up a meeting with Conklin in Paris. He tells Conklin to come alone, which of course Conklin disobeys. Jason calls him and tells him he’s leaving. He then places a locator on one of the trucks he identifies as a CIA vehicle and follows it to the CIA safe house when Conklin is.


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