Love At First Sight

Here is the scene from “West Side Story”

The isolation of Tony and Maria is much more dramatic than what Woo did with Ethan and Nyah, but there is definitely a similar feel.

As part of the heist, Ethan and Nyah end up in a bathtub lying in it to hide. The dialogue here is rather cheeky. Nyah asks Ethan “Do you mind if I’m on top”. This scene feels more like a scene from a Pierce Brosnan James Bond film than most Mission: Impossible scenes. Nyah comes off like a Bond girl. In the first film, there really isn’t a female role like this. Maybe you can say Claire, but that was a totally different feel. In the bathtub, there is an innocent, yet teasing conversation between Ethan and Nyah. When the guards come, Ethan passes the lock picking kit she used to Nyah behind his back. The banter, sexual overtones and overall cheekiness of this scene really feel like Bond interacting with a Bond girl. It is a very different feel than the first film but feels more in place if you are a Bond fan.


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