Dr. No – The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End

The finale is grand of course, and Bond somehow manages to escape and with Honey Ryder.  And Dr. No is, well, No-More.  Bond and Honey commandeer a small powerboat, throwing overboard the two men on the boat, and stopping one again from getting back on the boat – just in the nick of time, as the entire Dr. No complex explodes in glorious fashion, assuming all of Dr. No’s workers are lost or will be captured and dealt with later.  As Bond and Honey are motoring away, after a short while, Bond says they are out of fuel.   When Honey wonders what they do next, Bond says something like we can swim or. . . . “come here,” and she does.

To the rescue, Felix Leiter with a small powerboat and an armed crew sees Bond and Honey’s boat adrift.   They throw them a tow rope, and this begins a scene we will see in many more Bond films – Bond and the Bond-girl stranded somewhere, only to be rescued and discovered that they are um having some fun.    When Bond releases the tow rope, look at Honey’s eyes – she is approving.

So we see for the first time the ending of a Bond movie that we will become familiar with over the next decades.  Enjoy as we close out our first Bond film podcast.

Dr. No is a big YES for all spy movie fans! 

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