The Death of the Spy

Hannay is sleeping, when he sees Smith come into his room in this flat, with a piece of paper, stumbling, and saying, “You’re next!” She falls, revealing a knife sunk halfway into her back. She collapses and dies. Hannay does not know what to do next. He knows just enough about her to know he should do something to prevent this information from getting out of the country, which she alluded to, and that Scotland was going to be her intended destination.   Here, she dies with a piece of paper, a map, with a town in Scotland circled.   The local police will think he has killed her – it was in his flat, and he is a foreigner. And the two mysterious men, are still there.  Who killed her?  How?  Did she leave the apartment to find a map?

So he must flee – head to Scotland?  And he flees, remembering what she said about Scotland.

Not so easy to get out of his flat. The men are still there waiting for him now.  Police and spies after him!


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