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March – 2022

For more information, please contact:

Dan Silvestri and Tom Pizzato are the principles and primary podcasters, along with a guest host, Vicky Hodges from the UK.

Dan Silvestri Tom Pizzato
(773) 636-1980 (847) 778-0393

You can generally expect a response within 2 hours during normal business hours

Overview of is a media company all about spy movies from 1935’s Hitchcock spy thriller, The 39 Steps, to modern day spy movies and everything in between especially James Bond!

We reach spy movie fans around the world – those interested in classical spy movies, James Bond, Mission: Impossible, and current releases as well.

We do this with a variety of media:

    • Our media is distributed in podcast apps, YouTube and our website,
  • Podcasts & YouTube Videos 
    • Show/Channel Title: Cracking the Code of Spy Movies
    • Podcast
      • Podcast page on Spy Movie Podcasts – Cracking the Code of Spy Movies! (
      • We deliver weekly episodes digging deep into the movies, analyzing key scenes and relationships and influences from and on other spy movies – and real-world influences on the movies as well.
      • Spy movies, Spy movie topics, interviews & discussions
      • We podcast about spy movies, spy movie topics, and do interviews, like with Roberto Schaefer the Director of Photography for Quantum of Solace, and with authors like Steven Jay Rubin (The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia) and more!
      • Our podcast episodes have been downloaded in about 140 countries already!
      • Podcast Listener quotes
        • Hellmuth: Brikisak: “Your podcast is excellent. Very informative and fun to listen to. It is obvious a lot of passion for the genre and lots of research have gone in their production.”
        • Just a shout out: you guys are killing it lately with the great podcasts” –Shane!
        • “You’re the men with the Midas touch, engaging & fun, as always!” – Eddie
        • “If you’re a spy movie fan, you’re going to really enjoy these. The hosts make it fun and offer some fascinating trivia about the movies we all love.”  Apple Listener
      • Industry Recognition
        • Our Cracking the Code of Spy Movies show has been selected as one of the Top 10 Espionage and Spy Podcast shows by
    • Videos 
    • SPYmdb – Searchable James Bond database
      • SPYmdb page on SPY MOVIE DATABASE – Spy Movie Navigator
      • Our searchable James Bond database with data from Steven Jay Rubin’s book The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia.
      • There are over 2,200 entries for the James Bond fan.
    • Trivia Quizes
    • This media kit describes opportunities for advertisers to reach this unique, valuable audience. audience: Worldwide Community of Spy Movie Fans has seen traffic grow considerably since its launch in June 17, 2019. Visitors to are highly targeted, and arrive mainly via browser bookmarks, targeted search engine queries, social media interactions, and highly relevant inbound links. In short, our website is uniquely positioned to offer an audience that is receptive to your advertising message.

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Social Media


Audience Metrics:

The following information describes the size and scale of‘s audience.

Monthly Unique Pageviews   12,165
Monthly Pageviews 10,712
Pageviews Per Visit 1.24

Social Media Metrics:

Here is a breakdown of SPYMOVIENAVIGATOR.COM‘s presence on major social media platforms.

Twitter Followers  603
Twitter Mentions
Facebook Likes  12,485


Here is a breakdown of the demographics of Spymovienavigator.coms‘s audience

Top 5 countries of our listeners

United States 29%
Philippines 21%
India 14%
United Kingdom 12%
Canada 4%

Age Range/Gender


18-24 17.2%
25-34 22.1%
35-44 18.37%
45-54 16.23%
55-64 15.25%
65+ 10.86%
No College XX%
Some College XX%
College XX%
Graduate School XX%
Male 61%
Female 39%
Has Children
Yes XX%
No XX%
Browsing Location
Home XX%
School XX%
Work XX%
The above traffic and demographic information was sourced via Google Analytics on March 1, 2022 (Data for last 12 months).

Background of Principles

Dan and Tom at beach after boat ride to Hotel Cala di Volpe
Dan and Tom at beach after boat ride to Hotel Cala di Volpe

Dan and Tom have long loved spy movies and the spy movie genre.

Back to the high school days for Dan, he and a few buddies wanted to see Goldfinger.

So, one day, Dan and his buddies executed their own spy missions – they cut class – thinking they were very clever.  They took the bus to downtown Chicago and saw Goldfinger! Loved it – loved everything about it, hooked on Bond early!   But the only flaw in the plan, was the guy who was supposed to cover for us.  He was to doctor-up the attendance sheets, but he chickened out.

So Dan and his friends got caught by the school, who informed their parents.  Yeah,  they got punished by both – but oh my – but was it ever worth it!

That was the beginning, and then Dan watched all the spy TV shows that spun off the Bond success, like The Saint, The Man From Uncle The Avengers, and more.

Dan eventually graduated high school, Loyola University with a B.A., Marquette University with an M.A, and Kellogg Business School at Northwestern, with an MBA.

Tom loved the spy stuff too from early on.   Movies and TV shows – and Bond was dominant.   The high-level interest was brewing in the spy genre!

Tom graduated from Indiana University, and eventually, both Dan and Tom worked at Microsoft in various capacities – spending many years in the high-tech business – took some spy movie location scouting trips together and then decided it was time to retire from the corporate world and start up!  Dan had previously founded and managed, which was a huge success for 20 years.

Both Dan and Tom examined eleven of the original Ian Fleming James Bond manuscripts at the Lilly Library at Indiana University and have now visited well over 100 spy movie filming locations around the world.

Rates & Opportunities

YOURSITE.COM offers numerous advertising opportunities for advertisers to reach this valuable, targeted audience.

Standard Advertising Opportunities

Ad prices are listed in either CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions), CPC (cost per click), CPA (cost per action), or flat rate. Our site refers to the Interactive Advertising Bureau for standard ad sizes and file size limits. Please refer to for additional information on ad specifications.

Ad Unit Dimensions Pricing Rate
Leaderboard 728×90 CPM $RATE
Medium Rectangle 300×250 CPM $RATE
Skyscraper 160×600 CPM $RATE
Other Ad Unit 300×600 CPM $RATE

Other Opportunities

In addition to standard website banner advertising, YOURSITE.COM also offers the following:


These additional opportunities allow you to reach our targeted audience through non-traditional media. Often, the audience is more engaged when watching video or when on a mobile device. Contact us for additional information on how you can take advantage of these unique opportunities.


For more information, please contact: Dan Silvestri at or (773) 636-1980. Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 08:30 AM – 05:30 PM Central US. You can generally expect a response within 2hours.

Free sample media kit template courtesy of MonetizePros. in case you’d like to link to it. Thank you!


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