Location Videos

SpyMovieNavigator and Your On Location Scenes!

Posting our videos of spy movie filming locations that we have visited, you will see what some of the famous film locations look like now. And you’ll see how much fun it is to visit these locations! To this end, we will continue to travel to additional spy movie locations in different parts of the world.

Additionally, our intent is to also produce videos showing what the locations looked like in the films, and what they look like now. Let’s have fun together! As part of that, we will have a section for your on-location photos and videos as well!

So, we want you to be a part of SpyMovieNavigator! When you travel, you can upload your videos and photos to us for possible inclusion on our website. Maybe even on our social media properties! That way, you have a way to potentially share your spy movie finds with the world!

Imagine, being on location in Sardinia, Italy, and finding some of the locations from The Spy Who Loved Me! Take some pics, some video and upload them to us and we will check them out and possibly post them! Our Facebook pages will be interactive too, and you can also post pics there. Fun!

We want to hear from you, so leave us a voice message through our website here and tell us where you are heading or ask questions about spy movies.

We are building a Worldwide Community of Spy Movie Fans and you’re invited!


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