Dalton As Bond With Film Prof/Author Dr. Cary Edwards


Today we are thrilled to talk with Dr. Cary Edwards who wrote the book on Timothy Dalton’s 2 Bond films called, “He Disagreed With Something That Ate Him” arguing that both films are a unique contribution to the series and form an important dialogue with the rest of the franchise.   Join Dan, Tom and Vicky!

Cary will reveal some interesting connections and insights into Dalton, Bond, The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill!  Today, Dr. Cary Edwards, a brilliant film prof, will be our Smartest Spy in the Room!

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In this interview with Dr. Cary Edwards, we discuss his book, “He Disagreed With Something That Ate Him”

  • Why he wrote the book
  • Why he thinks Timothy Dalton has been largely forgotten as Bond
  • The Bond series and “Survival, Resistance, and Revenge”
  • How the the Dalton movies break James Bond movie traditions
  • The villains in the Dalton movies and how they are different than pas Bond villains
  • The symbolism of Sanchez taking Bond’s Walther PPK and when he asks for Pam’s gun
  • How Cary sees the Bond girls evolving
  • Cary’s thoughts on the Daniel Craig Bond
  • How political context finds its way into Bond movies
  • How Bond’s habits ebb and flow
  • And More …