James Bond’s QUANTUM OF SOLACE Pre-Title Sequence Decoded!


Car chases! Aston Martins! Alfa Romeos! Land Rovers! Lake Garda Italy and Carrara marble – all part of the pre-title sequence in James Bond’s QUANTUM OF SOLACE!

We even have a piece from Roberto Schaeffer, ASC, AIC – the Director of Photography for QUANTUM OF SOLACE!

Join Dan, Tom, and Vicky of SpyMovieNavigator.com – and our Cracking the Code of Spy Movies show!  Jump behind the wheel  with us and let’s race into QUANTUM OF SOLACE!  On your mark! Set! Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Episode Notes

In this episode, we look at the following from the pre-title sequence of Quantum of Solace (QoS):

  • QoS is a continuation of Casino Royale
  • The car chase
  • Don’t catch your breath
  • Ammunition Belts
  • Lake Garda, Italy
  • How the cinematography changes our points of view
  • The torn-off door
  • The costs of the chase
  • Where is that marble quarry?
  • and More…