James Bond’s SPECTRE Pre-Title Sequence Decoded!


The living dead! Skeletons on parade, assassin shots ringing out, a rogue Bond?, foot chases, and of course a fight aboard a helicopter! Join us as we decode the pre-title sequence of James Bond’s SPECTRE!

Join Dan and Tom and special guest, Mike Reyes of Cinemablend.com for a fun analysis of Craig’s set-up movie for NO TIME TO DIE.  Let’s join the dead on parade in SPECTRE!

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Episode Notes

In this episode, we look at the following from the pre-title sequence of SPECTRE:

  • The opening parade
  • Another James Bond “interesting” relationship with a woman.
  • The guy in the white suit
  • How did Bond hear what was being said in the room across the street?
  • Excellent explosions
  • Don’t touch your earpiece!
  • What is Bond’s mission?
  • Daniel Craig’s leg injury
  • The helicopter
  • And More…