NO TIME TO DIE –Theater Viewing Formats Guide: 2D, 4DX, Imax, 3D – NO SPOILERS has seen No Time To Die in most available formats! Tom discusses here: 2D, Dolby Cinema, 3D, 4DX (seat movement & atmospheric effects), IMAX!

We only talk about the theater experience; nothing about the content. So, there are no spoilers in this podcast.

Listen and decide even if you have seen the movie already, you may choose to see it a second or third time – this will help! And if you have not seen it yet, this will help you decide which format to see it in first!

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Episode Notes

This episode talks about the experience of seeing No Time To Die on the following theater formats:

  • Standard 2D
  • Dolby Cinema
  • IMAX
  • 3D
  • 4DX

All without talking about the movie’s plot.  There are no spoilers here. We just discuss the theater’s experience.