Spy Movie News Article -Sept 24 2020 : Black Widow, Mission Impossible, No Time To Die, Pinewood Studios, Red Notice, More!

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SPY MOVIE NEWS  9-24-2020 


Here’s our September 24th, 2020 edition of Spy Movie News with latest updates on Black Widow, Tom Cruise in space, Mission: Impossible 7, the Mission: Impossible theme, Red NoticeNTime To Die, Pinewood Studio news, and Lashana Lynch.  



This just in. According to cnbc.com, Disney pushed the debut of Black Widow to 2021, which is a huge blow. The theaters across the country ticket sales in the US after a soft reopening of the theaters in August have not been stellar.  

The article cites data from a global survey.  Only 22% feel comfortable returning to the theater.  The US still has daily increases of COVID-19 cases in many parts of the country.  You can read the full article on Cnbc.com here for all the details. 

Black Widow was the last tentpole movie planned to be released until No Time To Die.  This does not make us James Bond fans comfortable. 



Tom Cruise is teamed up with Elon Musk and NASA to film a movie in space. Yeah, talk about stunts. 

Doug Liman might direct the film.  

The launch is planned for October 2021 with filming theoretically aboard the Axiom Space Station.  

There’s still No title for the film, but Doug Liman is writing at least part of the script. Liman has worked with Cruise before on Edge of Tomorrow and American Made. He also directed The Bourne Identity. 

Our question at SpyMovieNavigator.com: Is this a Mission: Impossible? The website Deadline Hollywood reports that this movie will not be an installment of Mission: Impossible.  But with Tom Cruise, who knows, stay tuned 

Click here to see the details of this article on NME.com 




Speaking about Tom Cruise, we have to talk about Mission: Impossible 7 

First click here for a link to YouTube for a video where Tom Cruise talks about MIssion:Impossible 7 stunt.  In this interview with Tom Cruise, he discusses the latest aerial stunt with the motorcycle leaping off the ramp and over a Cliff like 600 feet and you see it all here so check it out. 

Independent.co.uk has an older article about the MissionImpossible music.  This is inspirational and worthy of a revisit.  Independent.co.uk interviewed Layla Schifrin about the MissionImpossible Theme that he wrote. 

Schifrin said Bruce Geller needed the music right away and didn’t really like his first take. So, Schifrin realized what he had to write had to be like a logo for MissionImpossible. And he claims once he sat down to write it, he wrote the entire thing. Everything we hear in about 3 minutes. This is genius. 

Click here to read the article on Independent.co.uk’s website for all the details.   



There are release-day concerns for No Time To Die.  Is James Bond headed for staggered debut like TENET  

George Simpson wrote about this in a September 22nd, 2020 article on Express.co.uk. But in this article, he talks about all the product placement in the movie and how all of these campaigns would need to be pushed back again.  That’s companies like Aston Martin, of course, Coca Cola, Omega, Nokia, and Heineken. 

Somaybe it will be staggered release dates. It’s all speculation at this point. As we know, anything can happen. So far publicly, they’re sticking to the November 2020 release dates, so let’s see. 

Click here to read Simpson’s article. 

The article bases some of this on a recent MGM call with investors that we mentioned in our September 1st Spy Movie News podcast.  Click here to hear that podcast. 



No Time To Die star, Lashana Lynch, spoke with TechRadar.com about her pivotal role in the new James Bond movie. 

Lashana plays Nomi, a 00 agent for MI 6.   In this article, she speaks of the relationship she has with Bond in the movie and describes it as evolving. They are two very different people trying to work together in the beginning – and grow closer.  

She feels the women are empowered in this movie.  As in her earlier conversations, while auditioning for this part they wanted to create a Badass Ninja, she says. 

The article is a fun read. So, click here to read the article on TechRadar.com’s website. 

And speaking of Lashana Lynchcheck out this link on dailymail.co.uk  for an article about Lashana Lynch promoting 007’s new SMARTPHONE! The picture of her and her 00 gear and the surrounds with fire, explosions the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, and the Triumph Thruxton RS motorcycle are spectacular.  And, she looks tough.  Go Lashana! 



Pinewood Studios 

It is reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Pinewood Studioswhere lots of Bond filming occurs, along with others, are planning a major visitor center as part of their over 500-million-dollar expansion. The article says the expansion would include an educational training and skills hub, a creative industries business growth hub and a green campus. It would be located on land adjacent to the existing Pinewood Studios. 

This is in the beginning phase and Pinewood is preparing an application for this and discussions with the community, etc. It’s a huge opportunity for job creation and positive economic impact. More later.  

Click this link to read the article on HollywoodReporter.com.  



The Bond Experience reports that in India a different NTime To Die trailer was released by Universal Pictures India 

Click here to watch this trailer on YouTube. 



We pushed this out through our social media outlets, but a major James Bondish heist occurred in the UK. Five James Bond movieused guns were stolen in the UK, including Roger Moore’s gun from View to a Kill (Walther PPK),  Halle Berry’s gun from Die Another Day (Beretta Tomcat), and from Live and Let Diethe Smith and Wesson Model .44 Magnum revolver! 

Click here to get the details in the article on the-sun.com.  





In sad Bond newsAs reportedMichael Lonsdale, who played Hugo Drax in Moonraker so brilliantly, has passed away at the age of 89. 

Click here to read the well-written article on movieweb.com. 





After lots of delays, cinemablend.com reports that Dwayne Johnson is back on the set of Red Notice, with costars Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. Safety measures are being taken, of course, as the pandemic risks continue. But they have had a very productive first week, it is reported.   

So, check out the details on cinemablend.com by clicking here. 






TENET continues to do well in the UK and Ireland.  It has not had a good run in the US, however. 




That wraps up our Spy Movie News for September 24th, 2020.  You can listen to these articles in a podcast on our show Called Cracking The Code Of Spy Movies in your favorite podcast app.   

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