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Here’s our Special October 27 2020 edition of Spy Movie News where we’ll look at Mission: Impossible news,  will No Time to Die to Stream??, the No Time to Die Sound track.  Jetpacks seen flying in Los Angeles?  And more!  




We’ll start out with a quick discussion about  No Time To Die and possible streaming of the movie!   In an article at imore.com, they claim there are rumors that MGM is in talks with Apple TV and Netflix about the streaming rights to No Time To Die, as MGM is under pressure to make some money after all the release delays!

Wow – this would be huge.   The rumor is Apple TV and Netflix are in the lead, and that the amounts of money being talked about are enormous.   There’s a bidding war going on, and we will see who the winner is if there is one.   Does this mean maybe both a theatrical release where possible AND streaming release?   Stay tuned to Spy Movie News for more news when it breaks!




Returning To Italy

After filming in Venice was shut-down early in the pandemic, the Mission Impossible 7 crew has returned to Italy – and Cruise and company have been spotted in Rome.

They had just shot scenes in Norway and in the UK and are now back in Italy.   Wow – they really ARE the Impossible Mission Force.

See this article in Collider.com for all the details.  Also see this article in EuroNews.com – for a similar story and video of Tom Cruise waving to the fans!


More Mission: Impossible News

And continuing our Mission: Impossible 7 coverage, CinemaBlend.com reports that Tom Cruise was seen atop a moving train and has now been seen doing a car crash scene, along with Hayley Atwell. What is seen, is after the crash, and Cruise trying to get Atwell out of the crashed car – hints at another great stunt. 

In our opinion, Tom Cruise is just amazing! He has done it all from flying jets, doing HALO dives, motorcycle stunts, climbing stunts, martial arts kicks. And now, at 58, is still at it strong.  

The hype building for Mission: Impossible 7 is tremendous and Cruise and Company can be a genuine threat to the Bond Franchise if they keep doing things right.   And don’t forget, Mission: Impossible 8 has already been announced and planned for about a year after the Mission: Impossible 7 release.  

    • Mission Impossible 7 has a current release date theoretically as November 19, 2021
    • Mission Impossible 8 is then currently scheduled for November 4, 2022.

Remember, in a CinemaBlend article on May 15, 2020, they, reminded us that:

    • “When we were officially told that Mission: Impossible 7 was on the way, we were also told that Mission: Impossible 8 was as well.” 
    • “Writer/director Christopher McQuarrie recently told the Light the Fuse podcast that the decision to go with two films came out of the need to have the space to tell a compelling emotional story, not simply for lead character Ethan Hunt, but the rest of the IMF team as well.”

But these days, who knows?!  What we think is that this puts a lot more pressure on the Bond franchise who has had to date about 6 years between the last Bond film and the tentative release date of April 2021 now for No Time To Die.  




No Time To Die


Article On Cary Fukunaga

OK, we’re still disappointed about another delay, but there is still news to talk about! 

The Wall Street Journal has a nice Feature article on Cary Fukunaga dated October 10, 2020.  It’s an enlightening article on the writer, director of the movie and his accomplishments, his feelings and what it was like filming a Bond movie.  It’s a fun read.

Sound Track For No Time To Die

You can pre-order the sound track for No Time to Die, as reported by The Spy Command in October.    They say that Hans Zimmer website  has a listing of the 21 track titles – so – that might be a bit of  spoiler for you – so proceed at your own risk!

Who Will Be The Next James Bond?

While there has been a lot of speculation on this, an article dated. October 14th 2020, on MovieWeb.com says that the Daniel Craig James Bond replacement hasn’t yet been chosen.  They report that Barbara Broccoli has confirmed that the next James Bond actor will be chosen after (emphasis added) No Time to Die comes out.  She further claims that EON and the powers that be have not decided yet on who will succeed Craig in the role.  They say they will not make that decision until after No Time to Die is released, hinting that the role will be once again be reimagined. 

So, here’s our opinion: Even if they have someone in mind for the next James Bond, there is no way that is going to be announced prior to Daniel Craig finishing off his role as 007.  This means it will be after the big splash of No Time To Die’s release and run.  They can’t diminish No Time To Die considering everything that has happened already.  

Daniel Craig Has Simple Advice for the Next James Bond

In another MovieWeb.com article, Daniel Craig has some simple advice for the next James Bond, whoever it is:  “Don’t F–k it up”. 

He did offer a bit more:  “It’s a beautiful, amazing thing. Leave it better than when you found it.”



Check New.Yahoo.com for this one!  https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-09-01/fbi-investigating-man-flying-jet-pack-near-lax-jets

Check this article on LATimes.com for this one.  Recently, in Los Angeles California in the US, there was a report from a pilot near LAX International Airport that read, ““Tower, American 1997.  We just passed a guy in a jet pack,”   and a few moments later, a Jet Blue airliner: “We just saw the guy pass us by in the jet pack.” 

OK – we all remember Thunderball and Bond’s escape from the French Chateau via jet pack!   But . . . this is for real?   

There are lots of investigations going on.  But in reality, there are very few jet packs around.  One company, JetPack Aviation has created five jet packs that are worn like Bond wore his, on the back. According to this article on news.yahoo.com about this topic, JetPack Aviation says they know where all of there jet packs are and they cannot fly as high as report because of fuel consumption. There just is not enough fuel to fly that high (one report said it was at 6,000 feet!) and land. 

Maybe it was a drone with a dummy attached?  That’s one theory – but who knows!   


HollywoodReport.com just published an article about a patent granted to the technology company Christie.  It claims to “enable exhibitors to securely show customers premium cinematic content on their own terms, opening an additional potential revenue stream, in these difficult times.”  This technology basically is set up “to allow the theater to deliver content over IP networks directly from the cinema to consumers’ homes”.

Wow – check out this HollywoodReport.com article from October 15th  for more exciting details.  



THIS MIGHT be a spoiler alert – so proceed at your own risk!  But it is in the public at CinemaBlend.com.


We are going to end this edition of Spy Movie News with a potential spoiler/rumor on No Time To Die.  If you don’t want to read the speculation, we’ll hope you’ll be back for our next article.


According to this article in CinemaBlend.Com by Mike Reyes, the opening for No Time To Die will not be that face-paced or action pre-title sequence that we have come accustomed to. Rather, we are going to see something of a slower-paced opening, even devoid of Bond.   Something much more emotional might be coming our way. Of course, in From Russia With Love, “James Bond” wasn’t in the pre-title sequence as well.

It will be the longest pre-title sequence of any James Bond movie.

So, even more with the SPOILER ALERT, the article reports that the pre-title might be a very long sequence of flashbacks of Madeleine Swann’s childhood.  It reminds us that in SPECTRE, Swann refers to something traumatic that happened in her childhood.  

There is a lot of detail in the article with some quotes from Cary Fukunaga – revealing in some ways what might be happening.   So, so head to the article if you will!  

Also see IndieWire.com for another well-written article on the same subject.  This article gives us even more details on Cary Fukunaga’spre-title sequence concept.


So, in our opinion:  This makes us wonder what other icons and things we have come to expect in a Bond movie will be busted in No Time To Die . . . and who will die? Or not?  And will the audience like it?  We still have to wait.

That wraps up our Spy Movie News for October 27, 2020 and our focus on Mission: Impossible, No Time To Die and James Bond and some industry news!  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@SpyNavigator) and InstaGram too!  Subscribe right now to our Cracking the Code of Spy Movies show on your favorite podcast app!



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