Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

The supposed registration number on the back of James Bond’s (ROGER MOORE) watch in Live and Let Die. The number is mentioned by Kananga (YAPHET KOTTO) during a tense interrogation sequence in New Orleans.

Suspicious of Solitaire‘s (JANE SEYMOUR) allegiance, Kananga asks her if the number is correct. If she answers correctly, Tee Hee (JULIUS HARRIS) will not sever James Bond’s right pinkie finger. Solitaire carefully turns over a card and says that Kananga speaks the truth. Kananga doesn’t blink, and Tee Hee removes his claw from 007‘s finger.

Solitaire has answered correctly, so it seems, until Bond is knocked unconscious and is removed from the room. At that point, Kananga tells Solitaire that she was wrong. He slaps her and orders Baron Samedi (GEOFFREY HOLDER) to prepare her execution on San Monique island.


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