Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Q Branch marvel assigned to Bond (PIERCE BROSNAN) in GoldenEye. It’s equipped with a self-destruct system and stinger missiles hidden behind the front headlights. But none of its weapons are deployed in the movie, making it a bit of a bust as a Bond car. Serves them right for bringing a German car into the family. Announced in London on January 22, 1995, the Bond-BMW relationship was a new one for the series, which had previously relied on Aston Martin and Lotus to supply automobiles to 007. As the press report said, “A roadster, a two-seat open sports car of the caliber of the new BMW, symbolizes freedom and active mobility, reflecting the essence of James Bond: smart, a little audacious, and always in control of the situation. The roadster will be built in BMW’s new plant in South Carolina.”


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