Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

License plate of General Orlov‘s (STEVEN BERKOFF) Mercedes in Octopussy. After Soviet troops load a cache of stolen Kremlin jewels into the trunk, the car is stolen by Bond (ROGER MOORE), who attempts to follow the Octopussy Circus train.

When his tires are shot to shreds by enemy machine-gunners, Bond amazingly maneuvers the car’s steel wheels onto a railroad track and continues the chase. Climbing onto the train, Bond leaves the car just seconds before an oncoming train strikes it head-on, catapulting the Mercedes into a nearby lake.

Raised quickly by Russian salvagers, the Mercedes is plucked out of the water and placed on land, where General Gogol (WALTER GOTELL) finds the stolen cache of Kremlin jewels. He then orders Orlov’s arrest.


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