Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

(1936–September 2, 1995): Jamaican actor who portrayed Mr. Jones, the mysterious chauffeur who poisons himself with cyanide rather than submit to interrogation by 007 (Sean Connery) in Dr. No.

According to the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper, Carter was also a journalist, and in 1959 he was the first on-air announcer for the Jamaican Broadcasting Corporation. He later became a partner in the advertising firm PKC Advertising and a founding director of CGR Communications.[1] Though a leading man in the Jamaican theater, Carter made only three other on-screen appearances following his debut in Dr. No: the miniseries Return to Treasure Island (1986) and two features, The Lunatic (1991) and Sankofa (1993).

[1] “Icon: Reggie Carter—the Famous Mr Blackburn,” Jamaica Gleaner, April 15, 2008,


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