Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

One of Dr. No‘s (JOSEPH WISEMAN) rocket technicians, in charge of controlling the fuel elements of the nuclear reactor. Bond (SEAN CONNERY) knocks him out, dons his radiation suit, gains entry to Dr. No’s reactor room, and destroys the reactor by raising the temperature of the atomic pile beyond the danger level

Chang is also the name of Hugo Drax’s (MICHAEL LONSDALE) bodyguard in Moonraker, portrayed by Toshiro Suga. Chang’s first job, on Drax’s orders, is to “see that some harm” comes to James Bond (ROGER MOORE). Following these orders, Chang sabotages the centrifuge trainer that is taking 007 on what is supposedly a sample journey. Thanks to his wristwatch dart gun, however, the controls are shot away before 007 loses consciousness and his life.

Later in Venice, Chang, equipped with a mighty samurai sword, battles Bond in the Venice Glass Museum, a sequence that was originally written as a Cairo Museum of Antiquities “mummy room” fight in The Spy Who Loved Me. Bond wins that fight, tossing Chang through an upper-story window and onto the piano of an outdoor evening concert.


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