Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

(December 27, 1960–     ): British actress of Dutch and Russian heritage who portrayed Kara Milovy, the Czechoslovakian cellist who falls in love with James Bond (Timothy Dalton) in The Living Daylights. She had terrific chemistry with Dalton, who was making his auspicious debut as 007. D’Abo was the perfect mate—an elegant, well-mannered, soulful woman dedicated to her musical craft and dreams of a solo career, who is tossed headlong into the adventure of a lifetime. Their pairing infused the story with a sense of romance that had been missing from many of the Roger Moore 007 movies. Not since The Spy Who Loved Me had Bond been given the special time to develop a believable relationship with a woman.


Speaking in Vienna prior to the star of shooting on The Living Daylights, d’Abo said, “The first time I heard of James Bond, I must have been eleven or twelve, it was the [Sean Connery films] and I just loved it. The character of James Bond from the Ian Fleming books is a man who lives in a world where every day is unexpected.” She added, “I would never want to compare myself to any of the other Bond leading ladies, because every leading lady we’ve had in the Bond movies have had their own qualities. I’m not playing someone who is sophisticated and so and so, because I wouldn’t have been chosen otherwise. I’m a very natural girl. And I have a very genuine character and I think that I have been chosen for that reason.”[1] D’Abo, a native of London, made her feature film debut in the sci-fi horror film Xtro (1982).

[1] Special features, The Living Daylights, James Bond Ultimate Edition (1987; MGM, 2006), DVD.


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