Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Dr. No’s chief operative in Jamaica, portrayed by Anthony Dawson in Dr. No. An oily-haired, suspicious-looking local geologist who runs Dent Laboratories in Kingston, Dent leads a team of assassins that kills John Strangways (Tim Moxon) and his new secretary (Dolores Keator) but bungles all attempts to take out Bond (Sean Connery).

After Bond disposes of the famous tarantula in his bed, Dent tries again to kill Bond at Miss Taro’s cottage in the Blue Mountains. But 007 is sitting behind Dent in the darkened bedroom as the assassin pumps six shots from his Smith & Wesson automatic into a bundle of sheets and pillows designed to look like Bond and Taro. Ordered to drop his gun, Dent confesses that Strangways was killed and starts to explain other details in the hopes of distracting Bond long enough so that he can retrieve his pistol.

Finally diving for his gun, Dent comes up empty, prompting 007’s classic remark: “That’s a Smith & Wesson. You’ve had your six.” Dent is then promptly blown away by Bond in a manner that pretty much defines his double-0 prefix—licensed to kill. It would, however, be one of the last times that 007 would shoot down an unarmed assailant. The series would head in a lighter direction—until Daniel Craig assumed the Bond helm in 2006.


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