Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

A funny off-screen incident in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service that involved actors George Lazenby and Diana Rigg. The incident supposedly took place in the Pinewood Studios commissary on a Wednesday afternoon prior to their first love scene. As Lazenby told it, midway through their lunch, Rigg called over to him and jokingly shouted, “Hey George, I’m having garlic with my pâté; I hope you are too.” Lazenby smiled and went back to his meal. The headlines the next day read, Diana Rigg Eats Garlic Before Kiss with George Lazenby.

“The press kept feeding the fire to keep the story going,” said Lazenby. “Contrary to the newspaper accounts, Diana and I didn’t hate each other. But Diana did have a big ego—after all, she had been around for a while, and I was just an upstart. I’m sure she didn’t like us being treated on the same level. Also, the press was very interested in me because I was new, while they had all done interviews with Diana before. Even Telly Savalas was affected. He kept saying, ‘Why am I the best-kept secret on this picture?’”[1]

[1] George Lazenby, interview by Steven Jay Rubin, Los Angeles, July 1, 1981.


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