Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

(1930–     ): Irish screenwriter, playwright, and former script supervisor who worked with Bond director Terence Young and received cowriting credit on Dr. No and an adaptation credit on From Russia with Love. According to Young, it was Harwood who suggested that they feature the stolen Goya portrait of the Duke of Wellington for use in Dr. No’s living room in the first film—a painting that everyone in England at the time would recognize.

Harwood began her career as a continuity assistant on Paratrooper (1953), a.k.a. The Red Beret, one of producer Albert R. Broccoli’s early producing credits with partner Irving Allen. She later received a cowriting credit on Broccoli and Saltzman’s Call Me Bwana (1963), the billboard of which figures into Krilencu’s death in From Russia with Love. She was married to French director René Clément (Forbidden Games) until his death in 1996.


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