Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Spirited thoroughbred owned by Max Zorin (CHRISTOPHER WALKEN) in A View to a Kill and controlled by a microchip that has been surgically implanted in its leg. Given to Bond (ROGER MOORE) for a workout on Zorin’s steeplechase course, the horse suddenly bolts and leads 007 on a frantic ride through the countryside, where Zorin’s henchmen attempt to unseat him at every turn.

It’s all part of Zorin’s attempt to kill 007, now that he’s been identified as a member of the British Secret Service. Bond somehow survives the wayward run, only to be knocked unconscious and thrown into the back of his Rolls-Royce, where he joins the dead Sir Godfrey Tibbett (PATRICK MACNEE). When the car is ditched in a lake, Bond escapes from the sinking automobile and survives underwater by sucking the air out of one of the Michelin tires.


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