Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Where James Bond movies invariably end, as shown in the following chart:

Location of Ending
Dr. No The Caribbean, with Bond and Honey in a motorboat
From Russia with Love A canal in Venice, with Bond and Tania in a gondola
Thunderball The Caribbean, with Bond and Domino in a life raft that is lifted out of the water by a Coast Guard B-17
You Only Live Twice The Sea of Japan, with Bond and Kissy in a life raft that ends up on the deck of a British nuclear submarine
Diamonds Are Forever On an ocean liner, where Bond and Tiffany dispose of assassins Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd
The Man with the Golden Gun On a Chinese junk with Bond and Mary Goodnight
The Spy Who Loved Me In the Atlantic, with Bond and Major Amasova floating toward a British warship in the Atlantis escape pod
For Your Eyes Only In the Aegean, with Bond and Melina diving off the Havelock yacht
Octopussy On India’s Lake Pichola, down which Octopussy’s barge floats, while Bond and she make love
Never Say Never Again In a Nassau Jacuzzi with Bond and Domino
A View to a Kill Above San Francisco Bay, where Bond and Stacey prepare to descend from the top of the Golden Gate Bridge
Licence to Kill In Sanchez’s indoor pool with Bond and Pam Bouvier


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