Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

The deadly hoods gallery that has been the Bond series’s hallmark. They include the following:

“Casino Royale” (TV) Le Chiffre/Peter Lorre Shot
Dr. No Dr: No/Joseph Wiseman Drowned
Professor Dent/Anthony Dawson Shot
Mr. Jones/Reggie Carter Poisoned
From Russia with Love Rosa Klebb/Lotte Lenya Shot
Kronsteen/Vladek Sheybal Stabbed and Poisoned
Red Grant/Robert Shaw Strangled
Morzeny/Walter Gotell Blown Up
Goldfinger Goldfinger/Gert Frobe Blown Out of a Jet Aircraft Window
Oddjob/Harold Sakata Electrocuted
Mr. Solo/Martin Benson Shot and Crushed
Thunderball Largo/ Adolfo Celi Speared
Fiona/Luciana Paluzzi Shot
Vargas/Philip Locke Speared
You Only Live Twice Blofeld/Donald Pleasence ?
Mr. Osato/Teru Shimada Shot
Helga Brandt/Karin Dor Eaten by Piranhas
Casino Royale (1967) Dr. Noah/Woody Allen Blown Up
Agent Mimi/Deborah Kerr Joined a Convent
Le Chiffre/0rson Welles Blown Up
Vesper Lynd/Ursula Andress Blown Up
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Service Blofeld/TeIly Savalas Survives
Irma Bunt/llse Steppat Survives
Diamonds Are Forever Blofeld / Charles Gray ?
Mr. Wint/Bruce Glover Blown Up
Mr. Kidd/Putter Smith Set Afire
Saxby/ Bruce Cabot Shot
Live and Let Die Kananga/Yaphet Kotto Blown Up
Tee Hee/Julius Harris Thrown Out of a Train Window
Whisper/Earl Jolly Btrn ?
Baron Samedi/ Geoffrey Holder Survives
The Man with the Golden Gun Scaramanga/ Christopher Lee Shot
Nick Nack/Herve Villechaize Captured
Hai Fat/Richard Loo Shot
The Spy Who Loved Me Stromberg/Curt Jurgens Shot
Jaws/Richard Kiel Survives
Sandor/Milton Reed Pushed Off Building
Moonraker Drax/Michael Lonsdale Tossed into Outer Space
Jaws/Richard Kiel Survives
Chang/Toshiro Suga Tossed Off Building
For Your Eyes Only Kristatos/Julian Glover Knifed
Locque/Michael Gothard Pushed Off Cliff in His Car
Kriegler/John Wyman Tossed Out of a Window
Gonzales/ Stefan Kalipha Shot with a Crossbow
Octopussy Kamal Khan/Louis Jourdan Died in a Plane Crash
Orlov/Steven Berkoff Shot
Gobinda/Kabir Bedi Fell to His Death
First Twin/David Meyer Crushed
Second Twin/ Tony Meyer Knifed
Never Say Never Again Largo/Klaus Maria Brandauer Speared
Fatima Blush/Barbara Carrera Blown Up
Lippe/Pat Roach Impaled
A View to a Kill Max Zorin Christopher Walken Fell to His Death
May Day/Grace Jones Blown Up
Scarpine/Pat Bauchau Blown Up
Karl Mortner/Willoughby Gray Blown Up
The Living Daylights Brad Whitaker/ Joe Don Baker Crushed
General Koskov/ Jeroen Krabbe Captured
Necros/Andreas Wisniewski Fell to His Death
Licence to Kill Sanchez/Robert Davi Burnt to Death
Milton Krest/ Anthony Zerbe Blown Up
Heller/Don Stroud Impaled on a Forklift
Joe Butcher/Wayne Newton Survives
Dario/Benicio Del Toro Shredded


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